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Courtney Love: The AmEx Charges Are a Fraud!

5/28/2009 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney LoveCourtney Love is firing back at American Express for suing her, claiming she owes more than $350,000 in credit card debt.

Love's lawyer sent TMZ a statement claiming the suit is bogus, and that she's been beating her head against the wall for a long time now trying to reason with the credit card company.

Love's lawyer writes: "AmEx knows the claim has no merit. We have told them this for a long time. AmEx's lax policies allowed fraudulent transactions to be charged to my client's card."

UPDATE -- Keith Fink, Courtney's lawyer, tells us that 104 AmEx credit cards were taken out under Courtney's name or the name of her business -- and that all the charges attributed to Courtney weren't made by her. He also said it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out nobody takes out 104 credit cards!


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Charles Anderson    

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he is staying It is his house why should'nt he have a place to stay with his family martha stewart spent her down time at her home, he was fighting dogs he was not killing people they even go to a half way house, ahlf they serve thrir time you people are showing your true color need to pu8t hole in your sheets bet he has made you plenty money betting on his games so shut up dope

1938 days ago


Courtney Love is one of the ugliest humans alive,,,,She should be in Jail for life for (in my opinion, and many others) conspiring to kill Kurt Cobain ( listen to "Heart Shaped Box" and how Kurt felt about Courtney) She can get all the plastic surgery she wants with Cobains money---but she will always be an ugly, nasty, beast!!!

1938 days ago


BS...I had a fraudulent charge on my Amex card, it didn't take 5 minutes on the phone for them to remove the charge and change my number..

1938 days ago


Courtney Cox is kind of America's Amy Winehouse. We have trouble believing her even when she's being genuine, although she's seemed to do better in the last few years. Hopefully, she can clear all of this up. From what I can tell, Frances has turnded out really well, thanks to Grandma.

1938 days ago

Linda Mott    

Courtney... the idea is to help the economy by spending money and paying the bill, not putting us in a worse economic mess. I cut my plastic credit cards up years ago and use my debit card or don't buy what I can't afford. We should not be stupid with money. We have more money to spend and help others, if we don't have all that interest every month.

1938 days ago


Come on people! I know everyone is down on credit cards these days and if it was Tom Hanks or someone claiming that it was fraud then I would be sympathetic, but this is Courtney Love. She is a master of the Blame Game. EVERYTHING is someone elses, anyone elses fault in her world. She blames dishonest bankers for raiding her daughter's trust fund. Whenever there is any sort of accusation against her regarding unpaid bills (and it occurs frequently) she comes up with some sort of fraud claim. She once claimed that she was such a huge target for fraud that "(On) any given day... you can find me on a private plane from Tucson to Dallas, tooling around London... and LA - and four C Cobains on a Virgin flight to (London airport) Heathrow all on the same day." and that Kurt's name was used to buy a house in New Jersey. Yeah, right. I am quite sure that a few red flags might be be raised by someone going into a mortgage company and trying to get a loan under the name and social security of a dead person, especially with the name and social security number of someone who is so famous that his estate makes as much (and at least once more) money as Elvis! Identity thieves sophisticated enough to buy a house fraudulently know enough to not use the name and social of such a huge name.

1938 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

You can't rationalize with the credit card companies... they're like the mob: impossible to get rid of and always wanting more and more money.

I hope President Obama regulates credit card companies and their predatory lending practices.

1938 days ago


Oh Please we all know through her pathetic and incoherent Myspace blogs that she loves to shop, ETSY ETSY designer this, designer that, she has a really bad internet shopping addiction, add that with some pills and drugs and i am sure she racked up all those bills..she's notorius for not paying her staff and rehabs who have sued her in the past. COURTNEY LOVE HAS NO MERIT, she needs a one way ticket back to Bellevue mental ward

1938 days ago


If she weren't rich, credit card fraud might be the only career option open to her.

1938 days ago


Can't stand C. Love but AMEX deserves to be burned for this one. 104 credit cards from one company to one person? Come on. Just up the limit on the first one or cancel and reissue. Do you really think anyone would even look at 104 statements each month to pay them? Yes she was probably banging her head against the wall about which bill she was talking about. Oh and if there is a fraudulent card many companies continue the card until a police report is filed. Oh and that she needs to do in person in many localities.
In fact I've had collection agencies after me for having nothing more in common than same first initial last name and address (dorm that housed 600 students per semester) as someone with a bad credit card. I had never even had a cc at that point in my life.

1938 days ago

To hell with her    

Sorry, gotta call BS on this one. Courtney love has a LONG history of mental problems, coupled with severe drug addiction & totally erratic behavior. Remember when, for no reason, she blocked the last release of Nirvana for something like 10 years, only to relinquish it when it wouldn't sell as well? Remember how she's claiming that the Cobain estate has something like $70 million stolen out of it, including 10 rental properties? She's out of her mind on drugs; she has no idea how idiotic she looks or sounds.

I'm sure the first thing AMEX did was check the signatures on the original application she signed to the receipts that were signed for. AMEX is one of the most proactive credit card companies, when it comes to identity fraud (they saved my credit rating last year, when someone stole my card; they're helping me get the jerk who stole it put in jail). Bottom line: the charges are hers, she's too retarded or drugged out to remember what she charged. What a retarded dumbass...

1938 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Isnt that the woman that killed Kurt Cobain ?

1938 days ago

Terry Avant    

Well she has had a lot of problem with the people that werer managing her estate and they were running wild with the money and as far as the credit card companies they are all crooks looking for ways to steal the money out of your pocket and AMEX is not any better at all and people should be more concerned about the well being that to set here and point at someeone that has problems I am sure 100% without doubt everyone that left shome msg passing blame lets go look in your closet and see what you have hiding I am sure their is something txz might find good to bring you out in to the light there always is

1938 days ago


I and my husband both work for amex and he worked on this case a year ago. She claims that the transactions are fraud but infact they are valid! Most of the merchants saw her coming to pick up product! Lies!

1937 days ago
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