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Jon and Kate Plus a Lot of Space

5/28/2009 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On Top: Jon Gosselin knockin' back a beer with two ladies at Front Street bar and grill in Newburgh, New York on Memorial Day.

On Bottom: Kate plus most of the eight getting off a ferry on Bald Head Island, North Carolina yesterday morning.

Jon and Kate

Dude was biggest flirt at his high school. We'll see how long he remains on top.


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For all we know those to women maybe family or simply asking Jon a question. Let's don't always jump to conclusions just because Jon is around someone besides Kate. And the picture of Kate and the kids, Jon maybe going to join them later. I think the whole family needs to go quietly just disapprear. Let the little ones start school this fall without a camera crew going with them. With all the kids in school what are they going to film? Kate waiting for the lady to fold her laundry and Jon putting together another piece of furniture. How many times can we watch that? They need to take time and hopeful heal their troubled marriage and be parents to those children they have been blessed to have. I can only hope for the best for all of them

1953 days ago


What a good Christian he is! Jon's actions in the last few weeks:

1) Has an affair with a woman 10 years younger while Kate is away for the first time from their family on tour.

2) Refuses to help Kate with the sextuplets 5th birthday party. Shows up on his own to the party, in his 2 seater sports car.

3) Lies to 10 million people saying he never cheated on Kate.

4) Spends Memorial Day with some women, instead of his wife and children.

1953 days ago


I can't believe people watch their show. They ahould be ashamed for using their kids for fame.

1953 days ago


Who the heck could find the time or energy to cheat with all those kids?

1953 days ago


Jon is a serious loser...thinks he's a celeb and wants to live his life like he's a teenager. He looked bloated on the show the other night, like he's partying hard. Grow up Jon, you have 8 kids and you are a nobody without Kate and the children. And think about your kids loser, and how this will affect them when they read about it in a couple of years.

1953 days ago


Kate is gross. There she is with all the hired help dragging those kids all over the freaking place (School is NOT OUT) so she can collect her $73,000 episode check. She doesn't give a fig if the girls fail 2nd grade or that the kids don't want to be out freezing their assess off in the Outer Banks so the Figure 8 folks can be closer to home for a few days. Kate just wants the money. I'd rather Jon not play a part in the farce and I'd drink too if my wife was the vile Katie Irene. Get out of NC and take the creepy freaks from Figure 8 with you, Kate, you all SUCK.

1953 days ago


It's time for Jon to end this madness, and put the shrew where she belongs. Check out this article - it's the best I've found on the whole situation.

An Open Letter to Jon Gosselin"

1953 days ago


Jodi and Kevin...thank you for speaking out about the truth about Kate!
I love you guys for being so brave! You are both a hero!!!!
You did the RIGHT thing!

1953 days ago


Neither one is acting like they are working on their marriage. Both are being immature. He's just adding fuel to the fire by continuing to hang with the single crowd. If there is no chance of reconciliation, get on with the divorce and move forward. Pray for the children.

1953 days ago


I saw Kate's brother and sister in law on TV and agree that the children are not the first concern in this situation. I watched the show for the first time last week and thought that John and Kate were pigs. They have no regard for their children or each other. I believe that she is no better than the octo-mom....she used fertility drugs hoping that they would hit the jack, nice house, cars without ever having to work for it. There should be a law against prostituting your children in this manner.

1953 days ago



1953 days ago


Did it ever dawn upon anyone that those ladies in the picture might just be old friends? As I recall, he was pretty much chained to Kate and none of the episodes this past year had them visiting with any friends or family.
Also, I would bet all of the money in the world that Jon was not invited because why on earth would Kate want him to be there getting all of the attention from the kids who miss him dearly. He's dealing with a very narcissistic woman who is going to have to own up to the truth one of these days- if she gets the right therapy. The show is ALL about her and the kids have Jon's pleasant disposition. As for Maddy, she unfortunately has inherited Kate's personality but unlike Kate, she is crazy about her dad.
What a mess and I feel so for the kids because God only knows what she says in front of them about their dad who did more for them in 5 years than she'll ever do in a lifetime. I am always suspicious of people who always toot how busy they are, how tired they are, and what all they do for people. Kate certainly does have a major problem with that. It's very clear how the kids do favor their dad and unfortunately Kate is making it even worse by now turning it into a competition. I wouldn't be surprised if she's asked them who do they love more.

1953 days ago


This comment is regaurding a post by puddintang, just to let you know that you may not like the photo's by TMZ but by being on there site reading about Jon and Kate you are promoting TMZ and the slander to Jon and what gives you the right to judge....and by the way Jon and Kate are wrecking there marriage not the public, no one has forsed them into this situation maybe instead of drinking at a bar Jon should be at home working on the marriage he is destroying.

1953 days ago

bad sandy    

Jon is an absolute loser and jerk! He doesn't deserve the title of father. Kate's better off without him - kick him to the curb! Jodie is so jealous of Kate it's ridiculous! She doesn't care about the kids - she's just on a mission to tear Kate apart. She made herself look like an idiot with all her spiteful remarks about Kate. Kate can manage without all these negative people.

1953 days ago
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