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Jon and Kate Plus a Lot of Space

5/28/2009 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On Top: Jon Gosselin knockin' back a beer with two ladies at Front Street bar and grill in Newburgh, New York on Memorial Day.

On Bottom: Kate plus most of the eight getting off a ferry on Bald Head Island, North Carolina yesterday morning.

Jon and Kate

Dude was biggest flirt at his high school. We'll see how long he remains on top.


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This is insane...When the marriage is on the rocks -- it's Kate's fault; when Jon steps out on his wife the first time -- it's Kate's fault; now when he doesn't learn a lesson and goes drinking with women AGAIN -- it's Kate's fault. You people have got to get a grip. He is doing a very good job at making sure his marriage fails. Why should Kate be nice and sweet and take him back? He is making a fool out of her and his family. It is bad enough when a man/women runs around on their spouse, but when your are famous and do it so blatantly without disregard for anyone else you need a wakeup call. Put the blame where it belongs, in Jon's pants.

1982 days ago


I've watched the show from the beginning....very cute children. Kate, in my opinion, is nothing but a shrew....she is really the only person on the show that never does anything wrong while the others (JON) doesn't seem to be able to do any thing right! That being said....Jon really acts like his marriage and the kids are not high on his list of important things....more the pity. I think the money they have coming into the household really got to the two of the country house they just many shows did they have to make to pay that house off? She doesn't need to be flying all over pitching her book or giving advice to the octomom like she was....she belongs at home ! He needs to find himself a job out of the house and if she's so all fired up to be important...let her go back to nursing. I think he has lost his manhood and she is really wearing the pants in the family and he doesn't have to guts to admit it other than to go out drinking. They both have a lot of growing up to do yet!!!

1982 days ago


I felt sick watching the season premier episode this week. Maybe because it just felt way too private and intrusive, but also because just a few months ago they loved each other! They were in Hawaii getting re-married right before our trip to the same hotel, so it wasn't too long ago. Something obviously happened with them. Something big. Jon seems very angry. It's really sad. REALLY sad. They are a very nice family, and I hope they can get through this. Not many marriages go the distance without at least one really hard time.

1982 days ago

bad sandy    

Lori - what you just wrote was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfectly stated!

1982 days ago

Amy in Ky    

This is an awful story to watch unfold. For starters, I love their little show! They set out to chronicle the lives of their children, the good moments and the bad. As a mom myself, I enjoy watching b/c I experience a lot of what she does, but she does it with 8! So regardless of having help from a Nanny, she is crazy busy! AND she works outside the home too, which people have also slammed her for! There are many working moms who have no full time care and a dad who doesn't work. The kids are not being harmed in any way, they are not being exploited. And speaking of a dad who doesn't work......that is his problem if you ask me. NOT Kate being b**chy, it's being home with her day in and day out and having that many kids, men just simply aren't as good at that as women! And you can have too much of a good thing, i would love for my husband to be home more, but every day? We would both go crazy. I love Kate, hair and all. She's a cool mom, she's funny, sarcastic, she's REAL! A real woman, wife and mom, she is 100% devoted to her family, you don't see her out having beers with friends, no, that 's Jon. The disgusting paparazzi had a bunch of pics w/that body guard and decided to fabricate a story of an affair!

1982 days ago


Looks like a man who is worried his kids are going to google him in the future and he'll have to explain and just hopes they will understand. I wonder if they understand why you weren't with them over Memorial weekend. Time to grow up!!

1982 days ago


This woman is a poor excuse for a mother, period. I don't understand how anyone can support her after watching the way she treats her children. As for the way she treats her husband, it's disgusting. She berates him and belittles him every chance she gets. The last show I watched she sat on the interview couch with him, and hurled horrible insults his way repeatedly. She started off by telling him not to breathe, because his breathing was to loud! She then took jabs, at his weight, and then his receding hairline. I felt awful for him. It was truly hard to watch. As far as her saying she is an inspiration to mothers, what a crock. Her husband gets up with the children, bathes them, dresses them, takes them to school and picks them up. She does nothing with those children unless the red light on the camera is on. Karma is a bitch!

1982 days ago

Renee Okc    

I dont think he will ever divorce kate because that would mean he would have to do more work it is always easier to stay with someone who is doing most of the work why shouldnt she hire outside help to care for the kids it is no different then people who send there kids to daycare hell mothers have nannies and they only got one kid so what is she doing that is so wrong i also have heard him say mean things to her as far and her weight and how her stomach looked she probably had a tummy tuck for the both of them and i think she looks great and she shouldnt have to apologize for that , why is everyone talking about her hair it looks fine nothing special and he do be looking like a bum on the show, some of you are talking about how she is so controlling and doesnt give him any money but hell he driving a sports car she needs to pay him to go away and have you ever thought maybe her family doesnt want to be on tv or his either not everyone wants people talking about them like a dog like yall do on here it is very hurtful i blame the both of them but she cant make him want to be with her i think she is very smart and lets look back maybe they only got married because she got knocked up because they seem like such different people. Those kids aren't unhappy to them there lives are normal they have been on tv since they were born so they dont know how to live any other way. I do agree there kids need some friends but then again there are 8 of them come on getting lonely and being miserable isnt a problem some of you are just being dramatic i think they will be fine if there parents get it together but if they do divorce i bet he will try to get custody so he wont have to get off his partying ass and get a job. there are all type of different mothers in the world and maybe this is how she was raised strict and stern but there kids get away with murder because how those twins talk to their parents they need to be punished is really running the show they seem spoiled rotten and always get there way through a tantrum i would have my foot in there butt but you see niether kate or john say anything they just let them have there way and walk off LEARN TO PARENT YOUR KIDS INSTEAD OF TRYIN TO BE STARS BECAUSE YOU BOTH WILL SUFFER WHEN THEY BECOME TEENAGERS AND RUNNING WITH THE WRONG CROWD

1982 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

omgosh K-Fed must be happy ! lmao

1982 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

If I had her I would be at the Bar also,she would drive a nun to drinking

1982 days ago

Jeff Musial    

WHY does only Kate have Steve the body guard around, and you never see Jon with a bodyguard? Begining to be leif this marriage is doomed and Kate and the Body guard are together. And they don't want to admit it to thier fans, because, then no show.

1982 days ago


::Leave them alone already! how can you even sleep at night knowing that you are destroying a family? Do you even think of the small children involved? Did you see the scene in the season opener when one of the little girls hugs her Daddy::

Hypocrite. What, like you watching the show isn't contributing to the destruction of the family? I agree the paparazzi and media are invading their space, but the largest invasion of their space was their own choice which is the camera crew sitting there recording their most private moments. Clearly, cameras following around doesn't bother them in the least. Just because you are sitting comfy in anonymity behind a TV set watching doesn't make you any less guilty than the media and Jon and Kate. Anyone dumb enough to watch this show is contributing to the supply and demand required to keep it on the air and exploit those poor kids even more. Pathetic.

1982 days ago

Jeff Musial    

DID anyone else notice that all of the crowd is OUTSIDE, not inside, so why the bodyguards anyway? NO one is bothering either of them, what gives? I guess Kate can't handle all her kids, Does this mean that Jon doesn't need a body guard?

1982 days ago


Jon just wants to be a "regular guy" and Kate wants to be a celebrity, you know, just like Obama. Apparently she bitch slapped Jon just one too many times, and now he's enjoying his "solo" time. He loves the kids a whole lot more than she does and I hope that if there is a divorce, he gets full custody of them. Thank God they all look like Jon and none look like Kate. She is just one sorry b*tch!

1982 days ago


Jon Plus Eight Minus Kate! Now that's a show I would definitely watch!!!

1982 days ago
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