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Jon and Kate Plus a Lot of Space

5/28/2009 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On Top: Jon Gosselin knockin' back a beer with two ladies at Front Street bar and grill in Newburgh, New York on Memorial Day.

On Bottom: Kate plus most of the eight getting off a ferry on Bald Head Island, North Carolina yesterday morning.

Jon and Kate

Dude was biggest flirt at his high school. We'll see how long he remains on top.


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Does anyone notice in the picture of Jon that the lady on the left is blatantly old?? And it's not like he does not have relatives or friends and stuff. He did seem to be drunk during the season opener scenes on the couch though. I think Kate is just too harsh and should have chosen to give up the limelight of the television show to avoid a spectacle being made of her every move. It's sad to a family like that fall apart, but they are just not making the correct steps to mend the family relationship...

I will still watch the show though hypocritcal? yes I know

1975 days ago


TLC..........SHUT "EM DOWN!!!!!!!!!

1975 days ago


leave them alone you freaks!!!! stop wrecking those kids lives. You tmz freaks and everyone else following them are just GROSS!!!!!!

1975 days ago


Interesting how all these folks seem to be caught up in the demise of a marriage which is truly a sad thing. I don't think either one of Jon or Kate wanted this to happen. Celebrity can be pretty overwhelming as we have seen but Jon, knowingthat, why would you put yourself and your family in such a situation as to be misinterpreted to such a large scale??? Are you nuts?? Regarding the exploitation - come on. Do Mat & Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World do the same thing by exploiting their "little person" status. They get all the perks that J&K do - trips, housing expansion. Maybe not all free but most of it at a significant saving as it is great advertising for others. Think before criticising, people. Walk a mile once in awhile. All the child labor laws of the Jon & Kate show have been met and exceed to ensure the safety of these kids so this really shouldn't be an issue. It seems that these rag magazines are not happy unless they are trashing people's lives and those of their families. To be proud I'm sure. In that light, regarding Jodi & Kevin - you two should be ashamed of yourselves trashing Kate they way you have - nice brother you are dude. You didn't seem to mind when the cameras were in your house - sour grapes on both your parts - no money, so trash your sister is that how it works? You both need to take a good look at yourselves as well because most of us don't like what we see in you either.

1975 days ago


i think everyone needs to leave them alone and let them live their lifes. jon really needs to think about what really is important in his life, his family and kids or going out with his freinds. he needs to go back to work and live his life like they did before. i think jon has to much free time on his hands and doesn't know what to do with it.

1974 days ago


I think Kate brought it on herself. she is a mean spirited spoiled person who has no consideration ,tact ,or understanding of how to treat a husband. Insults , sarcasm, and put downs do not inspire a man. He truly loves his children , she doesn't have a monopoly on that. It is so sad for the little ones. No matter how they coat it, their problems are felt by the kids and will affect their lives as well.

1974 days ago



OH PLEASE !!! Destroying the family ?? They are doing that themselves !! They have chosen to go public with their family lives AND their privacy. They shouldn't seek out fame if they can't handle what comes with it !! This marriage is a sham and it's fake. They are only together because it would ruin their possible earnings !! This whole thing is a joke and I feel sorry for the kids. Both parents look miserable !! Personally, I don't like any of those two. Cute kids though !!

1974 days ago

Concerned NOT    

Has anyone even thought these women could be family of Jon's? I don't blame the guy one bit. They have lost all friends and family. Even at the birthday party there were only PAID employees, no family no friends. I sure would not want to be around someone who talks to me like she does him. Gee this bodyguard of Kate's sure works a lot of hours. Even holidays? Thought HE had a family?

1974 days ago


TO Save8in'09: Regarding your post:
He should have been on that ferry with his KIDS---
Kate doesn't want him around! He can't just "be with them." She's the boss and she calls the shots.
Notice how she's only with the girls. Boys are just so "gross and icky." Great mom. Give her a freaking medal
for child exploiter of the year.
Posted at 3:56AM on May 28th 2009 by Save8in'09


1973 days ago


TO FedupwithJon&Kate REGARDING:
Personally I am fed up with Jon and Kate. I only watch the show because of the 8 kids. I couldn't care less if Jon or Kate either one were not even shown on the show. I think Kate thinks she is a 'star', of what who knows. Jon is just a poor guy that got tired of being hen-pecked by Kate. Kate comes across as a cold, domineering, woman shouting orders to who ever is around her. Hopefully before much longer she won't have anyone around her, TLC, Jon, or the bodyguard. Get a hint TLC, everyone is tired of Jon and Kate.
Posted at 9:08PM on May 29th 2009 by FedupwithJon&Kate

AMEN! I AGREE! TLC Please drop this show already! I worry for those children who will be able to watch the episodes and see their parents marriage falling apart before their eyes. They will blame themselves because they will think the abnormality of them being multiples did this to their parents...that their parents couldn't take the stress of all of them or something. It is all so sad~ THE CHILDREN ARE THE ONES WHO WILL SUFFER HERE PEOPLE~

There must be something wrong with Kate mentally....she isn't even close to her parents as far as the show shows. What's up with that?

Run John....Run.....

1973 days ago

Big Chris    

I was at Front street with him yesterday in Newburgh and have a pic with him. He's a nice guy, very sad because the press wont leave him alone.

1973 days ago


Why can't Kate ever stay home with her Children???

Team JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1973 days ago


Remember, don't watch TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8 Monday night.

Ratings drop, advertisers withdraw, money train stops dead in its track.

Kate will now have time to be the Mother she has professed to be all these years. Kate and Jon's scam will end.

1973 days ago


Gosselinswithoutpity/blogspot writers and especially Julie,Jodi and Kevin....shame on you guys- now we know where the exploitation crap came from..nothing like posting the address of where you guys went to complain about Jon and Kate- if family is like this who in the h!ll need enemies?!?!?!?!?

1973 days ago


Forgot to add- - - - - - - Kate has the "Martha Stewart" syndrome. Martha is also extremely controlling, money, fame and power hungry - - - - - - - she also booted her spouse to the curb as well. READ "Just Desserts" about Martha Stewart - it's an eye-opener.

1973 days ago
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