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Jon and Kate Plus a Lot of Space

5/28/2009 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On Top: Jon Gosselin knockin' back a beer with two ladies at Front Street bar and grill in Newburgh, New York on Memorial Day.

On Bottom: Kate plus most of the eight getting off a ferry on Bald Head Island, North Carolina yesterday morning.

Jon and Kate

Dude was biggest flirt at his high school. We'll see how long he remains on top.


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To TMZ staff: I don't get the hair/ mullett comments. When Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice was sporting the same 'do', everyone said it was soooo cutting edge. You can pick on Kate for a lot of things but considering the fact that there is one staffer who is wearing Sandy Duncan's hairstyle, another that is wearing the Mama's hairstyle from What's Happening, and another that looks like he never washes his hair,it is just a silly thing to criticize, Let it go. Love you all! Really.

1939 days ago

linette browley    

Kate Gosselin is the poorest excuse for a mom yet. Oh she says "everything is for the kids" but she is a narcissistic person who can't see beyond her own reflection in the mirror. I don't agree with what Jon is doing but, on the other hand, Kate has to take some responsibility for that - Jon never wanted more kids after the twins and I am sure he is totally embarrassed by the way his wife treats him in front of millions and the kids. Stop this child slavery now and go back to your professed Christian roots and be parents to them. They don't need a mom and dad who are celebrities - they need parents who care about them.

1938 days ago

linette browley    

Kate Gosselin is a narcissistic mother of eight. If she would spend more time caring for her 8 children and less time looking in the mirror all would be well. Remember when she said, "I don't care about the latest fashions - it doesn't interest me and I don't know anything about fashion." Go back to your Christian values and become a mother of eight young children. If you do that, you won't have time to run all over the country looking for accolades and your children will be mentally healthy.

1938 days ago


I don't have any sympathy for either one of them!! This is ALL ABOUT MONEY and it stinks! They have been on TV for 4 seasons but have only been in the spotlight for about 4 weeks?? They are not being stalked or targeted...they make themselves a target with their own childish diva like behavior! Kate with the way that she talks At her husband as though he was an inconvenience to her and Jon with his foolish choices. Having 8 kids is tough and having the reality show was a smart move to make the money necessary to provide for the kids but when it becomes this intrusive on your life; it's time to pull the plug and focus on the family. I foresee that the show will be plugged because after this drama works it's way out then people will lose interest. Let's be honest...this would be a perversion to see the Gosselins' going through this. People who value their marriage and family DO NOT act it out in front of cameras. I find this perverted, disgusting, and personally have no respect for either one of them. After all, it's about MONEY MONEY MONEY. Shame on them both!

1937 days ago

Amused At Society    

Its stupid that everyone is publisizing these multiple births, like Jon and Kate or the Octo-Mom! Seriously what message do you think we are sending the little teens that are watching this publicity?Oh Ya thats right- lets go have a bunch of kids so that we can be famous and get a tv show and a house and a bunch of free crap so that we dont have to get jobs! And what happens when they dont get the lime light they expected? Abandond babies, welfare spikes and the worst thought of all- more dead children when the babies having them cant take the reality! This is just sick- Kate, grow up and get a real job! Jon, stop encouraging her! and Octo -Mom, stop crying cus you being an attention hoe too! Shame on the media companies that are drumming up these stupid storie lines just for a tv show that nobody likes any ways!

1936 days ago


kate is not a bitch!
evryone on here needs to shut up she is not a dead beat mother. she provides for her children anyway she can and that's a real damn mother!!! for all these people on jon's side quit babying him my god he's a big boy he'll get over the fact that he's sleeping with a young girl who should be conpletely ashamed of her self! us normal women have a word fror hthese whores, it's called HOMEWRECKER stupid bitch need's her ass beat, and believe me i wish i could do it!

1935 days ago

cindy SWEET    

Kate and jon are all about the money. They don't care about their children. How much surgery do you think that kate had like try 15. Jon is A PUPPET ON A STRING ... The show should be cancelled. No-one is watching it any-more because it is all FAKE JUST LIKE KATE.........................Those poor children deserve a real childhood out of the lime light. I feel bad for the children I hope some-one cancel's there show. Her book stinks. And her cook book lol she hire's a cook she is a money hungry person. In the end she will lose it all

1935 days ago


Kate needs to go home and stay home!!
Fire Her "bodyguard" lol
Jon will follow Her like a puppy,
like He use to!

1934 days ago

Heidi Miller - Ardmore, OK    

I feel that this shows needs to be taken off the air!!!! This is unfair for these children! Why do you TV people pack up & come to a real families home & help the poor families make money. Don't you think its time to move on...? I could really give you a good story just come and video tape my family, my home, give someone else a chance to make money.
Its us poor people that don't get noticed!!! Come on world wake up!!! Stop this crap!!! Think about the children!!! It needs to stop now!!!
Kate....haven't you had enough???? Share the wealth!!! What more do you want, we all have kids too, and need money. God help this family!!!
Maybe we should start a petition!!!! Us women out here that work, & raise a family w/ kids too. Not counting raising & helping other families, when we only make a lousy $5.00 an hr.

1930 days ago


I think it is disgusting that the media has the right to publish what ever smut they wish to. And what is even more disgusting is that the general public join in and assist in making such a scene about other people's problems.
Point one finger, but three point right back at you. Clean your own nest before you try and fix the ruffled one of others. I do not watch the Goselin's show because I do not like that kind of thing.

How many of you out there actually know these people well enough to be able to pass fair comment on either one of them. You don't have the whole picture of their lives, although you might think so. Leave these people alone, and allow them time to sort out their problems. Give them some peace and space. If anything, allow the kids to go through this without unnecessary taunting and judgement of the people who are of most importance in their lives right now.

1896 days ago


SHE deserves better. HIS less than adequate salary as a father of eight when they first started the show is why he had a 5.00 a day allowance. HER deciding to continue the show and writing books is why HE now can wear Ed Hardy sweatshirts, drive a new sports car to carry HIS hooch around, look for a new home(and not any home....he's spending his children's money on an expensive N.Y apartment), and let's not forget the hair plugs. He's a guy looking to find HIS youth(not through raising his kids) but by going through a mid life crisis and spending the money THEY deserve on his own search for an identity. If He wasn't such a puss....SHE would have never had to take the wheel and drive the ship in the first place.)))))))And as far as I'm concerened...the very show he complains about is the only reason a balding man of eight can now act like a completely irresponsible putz.
As for her brother and his annoying wife.....if they cared so much about the kids and their privacy...they would have never allowed TLC into their home in the first place; and kept it as a source of refuge for their neices and nephews. Her brother is a putz and puss as well.

1917 days ago


to comment number 14, it you actually look at the picture, Kate has her hand on a boys head that is standing behind Cara and then another boy is standing behind Alexis. They are just humans nobody is perfect. Just leave them alone.

1895 days ago


I feel so bad for those kids, I went through a bad divorce and it forever affected my children. I can only imagine the damage to those children with this all being played out on national TV. On last nights show Kate alluded that Jon wanted a dissolution of their marriage yet today I read it was she who filed. She is such a prima donna and is willing to throw Jon under the bus to make herself look better.

What I want to know is why in the last few episodes the bodyguard's face is blurred out? I am of the thought that Jon is not the only one who cheated. That bodyguard should have has head handed to him for ruining any chance of them reconsiling. Like Steve, I am a retired Detective also and we used to have a name for guys like him..."A Snake".

1917 days ago
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