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Jon and Kate Plus a Lot of Space

5/28/2009 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On Top: Jon Gosselin knockin' back a beer with two ladies at Front Street bar and grill in Newburgh, New York on Memorial Day.

On Bottom: Kate plus most of the eight getting off a ferry on Bald Head Island, North Carolina yesterday morning.

Jon and Kate

Dude was biggest flirt at his high school. We'll see how long he remains on top.


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Illinois person    

Pudintang: You know you seem to have this backwards. You're blaming TMZ for the life these two crave. When you bop from talk show to talk show while discussing their own marriage, plus their own reality show and then there's the matter of them being on the cover of People for the last two weeks in a row - well it seems it's they who crave the spotlight. Reporting on celebs including the faux ones is what TMZ does for its living. How can Jon and Kate sleep at night knowing they've whored themselves out along with their children to the max on a daily basis? Once you want to go public, you're now fair game. They can always stop the cameras from rolling but they don't seem to much in a rush to do that, are they? It will be hard for them to go back to being Jon & Kate plus boresville, won't it? That's not TMZ's fault, it's their own!

1938 days ago


I am glad that Jon is finally getting away from Kate. Kate needs to stop mentally abusing Jon, when you get mentally abused like Jon did, of course he was bound to finally say, enough is enough. On the episode that aired on Tuesday, Kate had said that she knows that she is hard on Jon and she regrets being hard on him, well, maybe she should have thought about that before it esclated into this and she shouldn't have treated him like that in the first place. One of the most disturbing episodes of the show was when they were in believe it was at a walmart and Kate kept yelling at Jon saying "hello, we are over here" and she kept yelling at him for other things too in the store, how embarrassing for him and for her. I am totally taking Jon's side in this whole situation because for one, Kate needs to stop treating him like a dog and two she needs to put herself in therapy to help her stop being so demanding and mentally abusive torwards Jon or even anyone else for that matter.

1938 days ago


It is so sad how everyone just seems to be judging these people. Does anyone see how this is affecting the kids? it angers me that people have no sympathy and have forgotten family values! I just went through a separation a few months ago and is heartbreakign seeing my son suffer, because towards the end that's who suffers the most and ends up paying our irresponsabilities, the kids! Instead of judging them, why dont' you pray for them! Pray that they will remain strong. These is EIGHT kids lifes! Give them a break!

1938 days ago


Leave the guy alone! I'm glad he has some kind of life beside that hag he's still married to. I couldn't live on $5.oo dollars a day she gave him before this mess started. I wonder what was in that shopping bag, and how much of it was hers?

1938 days ago


Leave them alone! They don't need your stalkers in their face while they're trying to figure out their lives.

1938 days ago


man this sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!! the mom has to be the responsible one and take care of the kids while the dad is out living it up. and this happens in every single situation where parents split up. mom has to go on and deal with it so she can be strong for her kids, she don't get to go out and drink and meet new people or have even a minute to relax or deal with what is going on because she is too busy doing all the things parents should be doing and yet the dad is out partying, drinking and has no worries or responsibilities. he knows he don't have to get up early, fix breakfast, bathe and dress the kids, clean, cook, or do anything but lay around. this is so freaking unfair i love kate and i hope she takes his ass to court for billions !!!!!

1938 days ago


Hey deena,

5 bucks a day was when he was the sole breadwinner and they were living on ONE paycheck with the six pack on the way. Maybe you need to learn to read the facts, this was not about their income NOW but before they had six babies at once.

IT is called budgeting. I would be tight too. IN fact, When we were expecting our twin we lived bare bones, bagged lunches and eating out was on payday only with a 20 dollar cap..

1938 days ago



1938 days ago


I noticed the bodyguard, STEVE, is also in the photo.

KATE is the one who changed.... She used to be a "Plain Jane" who was only interested in her family. Now she is fashion plate and loves being a celebrity! She travels around trying to peddle her book about her family - a family that is nothing special! Why do people love them? What is so admirable about them? Don't they realize that the big ratings this week were simply because the family is an attraction like a freak show in a circus.

1938 days ago

Leave him alone.....    

OMG, leave poor Jon alone....he is only standing in thesee pictures talking. He's not rouching or doing anything inappropriate that we don't do everyday which is talk to people. Leave him alone...he isn't doind anything wrong. As for Kate, I used to really like her, but based on the episode that just aired, I have lost any respect for her because she has her new "diva" attitude. Kate, you are no Julia Roberts and stop acting like you are that important. You are always the victim. Stop it and work things out with Jon and be done with it. We see you with your "body guard" and we don't accuse you of doing anything but you see Jon with a girl and automatically your mind is in the gutter as to what he was doing.

1938 days ago


Jon is a giant jackazz. He says he is "sorry" for the hurt he caused his family then turns around and is seen with "other women". I don't give a damn if it is just fans. He should not be alone with any women at this point IF he truly wants things to work with his family.

Kate has a bag with some towels on the top. DUH! That is what you take when you go to an island with BEACHES. She is with the kids and you take a lot of crap with you to the beach.

1938 days ago


Kate NEEDS 2 bodyguards (men) and 1 Nanny? She really NEEDS Jon to be there.

They have become robots with strangers roaming the Earth. It is as if Kate believes if she keeps MOVING ABOUT, it will appear they are still a family.

They are a broken family that could heal. Kate and Jon are now lost souls. That's not the worst of it. The 8 little children will become lost souls as well. Busy work is not healing the family. Kate is only in MOTION, mindless MOTION. Dragging 8 little children here and there, isn't parenting. It is RUNNING FROM THE TRUTH!

When Jon and Kate face the truth, the healing, together or not, can be achieved.

1938 days ago


It's all an act - the witch is Kate - if a man had degraded and debased and hit her like she does Jon, it would be called spousal abuse. He is an abused husband! The 'girls' were going on vacation in that picture, and she has a sitter with her - so much for 'I do it all alone'. Previews show her sitting on the beach drinking, telling her daughter what a good girl time they are having. NO ONE saw Jon have sex with this woman! Grow up!

1938 days ago


And you see how Kate is doing this "all alone"!!! Good lord, look at all the support staff she has with her - poor thing, suffering and having to do it herself. Oh please. I'm just as bad as everyone else - I want them to "go away" yet, I'm intrigued with all the gossip writings! I guess it's the "enjoying seeing others suffer" syndrome. Except - I don't think they're suffering. They're wallowing in the money they're making off this whole mess - whether they're together or separated. He just had a Harley (or large bike of some brand) GIVEN to him - wow, that's being miserable if I ever saw it. Yank the show - and in a few weeks, no one would give a hoot what they're up to. Kate had better relish this while it lasts - I'm not sure this has longevity written all over it.

1938 days ago

pretty is as pretty does    

Jon looks good, I hope he gets out of the marriage with his share of the money. She is going to keep milking those little cash cows till, well the cows come home! He is a good dad and deserves to have a life with a real woman or women and not a shrew like Kate. I wonder where the bodyguards wife is, guess she is at home all alone taking care of their kids. Jon ge out of there but make sure you have a dam good lawyer do not be the martyr and let Kate take it all$$$$$.

1938 days ago
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