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Jon and Kate Plus a Lot of Space

5/28/2009 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On Top: Jon Gosselin knockin' back a beer with two ladies at Front Street bar and grill in Newburgh, New York on Memorial Day.

On Bottom: Kate plus most of the eight getting off a ferry on Bald Head Island, North Carolina yesterday morning.

Jon and Kate

Dude was biggest flirt at his high school. We'll see how long he remains on top.


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4 PEOPLE for 8 little children?

Kate, how about the premise of your show. We are a family, crazy life, but OUR life? Remember those words?

Redo your introduction:

We wander aimlessly looking like we are important, dragging 8 kids here and there, and Jon is drinking with "girls", a
CRAZY life, but it's a life we are trying to SELL to all you dumb TV viewers of fat cat corporate TLC and Jon & Kate Plus 8, so yeah, Kate Plus 8 and 2 male bodyguards, Nannies, Housekeepers, which I have but don't want you to see, you losers who watch MY SHOW.

1973 days ago


I can bet Jon would NEVER take full custody of the kids he is in party mode believing all the hype that he is sooo hot. Kate may be a Bit#h but I bet she has to take care of everything because she can not count on him. I know I had a husband just like him -7 kids ,made me do everything and didn't want to work. If Jon felt his ego was deflated because he gave up his job to be with the kids why is he not working now??? obvious he is not in the home so who is is watching?
Kate you did treat him like a kid but now I get it. Dump him to the curb like I did my lazy husband ,you can do it and will be better off for it. Trust me they never change my ex hasn't in 15 years.

1973 days ago


Go into therapy Kate, you need it. Life does not revolved around YOU only lady, you have to consider your kids and Jon too. I think that your brother is right lady, your kids need protection from YOU.

1973 days ago


While I agree Kate is no saint I have to say that Jon is a horn-dog! Why in the world isn't he spending time with his family instead of seeing how much booty he can get while the cat's away. While I see both sides to the story I still lean more to Kate's side because being a mother myself we do what we have to do to make our kids happy, healthy, and taken care of. I think she's doing what she thinks is right to make sure the kids have every possible opportunity. Meagan I completely agree with everything you said to. I feel the same way.

1973 days ago


HEY 15!!!

Kate has her hand on a little boy's head....

I don't even like the show but I hate it when people just assume stuff without actually looking at the freaking picture.


1973 days ago


Why the hell does Kate Gosselin have a bodyguard? Brad Pitt doesn't have a a bodyguard! Oh, he's only got 6 kids and she's got 8 moneymakers. Hmmm...

1973 days ago


TYAO JON- Take Your Ass Home to those Eight Children.

1973 days ago


IF THEY REALLY CARED ABOUT THEIR MARRAIGE AND KIDS, THEY WOULD PULL THE PLUG ON THE SHOW. Simple. And they could go off into the sunset being a 'normal' family. But, I don't see that happening as the parents have come to rely solely on the show to support THEIR lifestyles. I think that the mom made the comment that 'she felt she owed it to the public to let the public watch the kids grow up'. Screw the public. You owe your kids a normal life.

1973 days ago


---He should have been on that ferry with his KIDS---

Kate doesn't want him around! He can't just "be with them." She's the boss and she calls the shots.

Notice how she's only with the girls. Boys are just so "gross and icky." Great mom. Give her a freaking medal
for child exploiter of the year.

Are you blind or just a raging idiot? I see 2 of the boys in the picture. The 3rd one probably just isn't in the shot. Dumbass.

1973 days ago

Stop worshipping celebrities    

Kate is manipulative & toxic. She has worked the system to gain Medicaid and state college funds for those kids plus a huge salary & every kind of perk from this show. Why do you think she is estranged from her entire family & Jon's? And now Jon. In the future, it will be the kids. Stop supporting this abuse.

1973 days ago

I'm Back Biatches    

As someone who went through this privately, this is one of the most painful times in a marriage. Their marriage can be rebuilt, but not with all of you hoping for the to fail and judging them at every corner. If I were them, instead of taking time apart, I would plant myself on a couch of the best marriage counselor FAR from the gossip crazy masses!!!! If their marriage fails...I blame all of you and someone's desire to get some TANG from his media hype.

1973 days ago


Really..SO WHAT I know lots of people who kicked back on Memorial day and had a beer while TALKING with friends. that doesn't mean anything!!!!!!!!!!!!

1973 days ago


I gotta admit, Kates looking kinda hot lately.

1973 days ago


Jon and Kate made a deal with the devil when they chose to put themselves and their 8 kids on the tube. The kids had no say in they are the ones who pay the price for their parents greed. I feel very sorry for the kids who will be taunted by other children no matter where they go. Jon and kate need to pull the plug on the show, get everyone into therapy and quit blaming everyone but themselves for where they are at. Money does not buy happiness and they have not been happy for years...look at their body language. Kate loves the camera and the attention unless she can call the shots...Jon obviously sick of it. The children nothing but little money makers.

1973 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I don't think we should be bashing Jon - I think he is truly suffering from depression. I think he finally snapped after all of the abuse he took from Kate. While she did admit to not treating Jon very respectfully over the years, she didn't actually apologize. I don't think she is a very maternal or loving person. I would hope that if my husband were suffering from depression, I would really look into family therapy, not criticism and martyrdom.
Do I think he is behaving badly? Sure. But when one is depressed, you don't always make the best choices.
The fact that Kate has chosen the money and exploitation of her kids over fixing her marriage really tells me what a controlling, selfish rag she must have been to live with.
I would like to see the state of Pennsylvania dept of children look into the whole child labor law thing and shut down the show. What both parents are doing is really going to affect those kids, and it's sick to watch it. Neither one is putting the kids first.

1973 days ago
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