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Jon and Kate Plus a Lot of Space

5/28/2009 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On Top: Jon Gosselin knockin' back a beer with two ladies at Front Street bar and grill in Newburgh, New York on Memorial Day.

On Bottom: Kate plus most of the eight getting off a ferry on Bald Head Island, North Carolina yesterday morning.

Jon and Kate

Dude was biggest flirt at his high school. We'll see how long he remains on top.


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Wow; scorned women can be soooooooooooooooo nasty. Hello people Kate is not a saint.

1919 days ago


why aren't those kids in school? why are they always traveling, and not in school. they need a normal life. did you see the birthday party? where are all their friends? Kate made some lame excuse about not getting invitations out, but really, those kids can't have any friends, they are never seen with other kids.

1919 days ago


Another vacation for this fool? She really has some brass ones, dosent she? Cant stand the woman.

1919 days ago



1919 days ago


The media didnt destroy the family, neither did Jon.
The person sho created this mess is KATE, she constantly bossed Jon around and humiliated him, she bosses everybody around and walks all over people. I have no pity for Kate. Kate...what goes around comes around, YOU have been throwing crap in everyones faces for years, now its getting thrown back at you! You deserve it Kate.
What did you expect Kate???? Did you expect Jon to continue to take your abuse???? What is it you dont get Kate???
Your greedy, selfish, bossy and nobody wants to be around you.

1919 days ago


To the person that said there were only the girls traveling with Kate ( becasue she thinks boys are icky )...there are CLEARLY two of her boys with her in the picture! (wearing the red shirts ) It also looks like Maddy is in the picture standing by the bodyguard. I can't believe all the trash talking this family is having to endure! I would only assume that the people leaving the horrible comments are neither mothers nor fathers. Because as a mother of 3 I could never say such horrible things about a family that I KNOW one day these kids will be able to read !! If you dont like the parents thats fine... but these kids dont deserve the horrible attention they are recieving. I think tabloids are trashy... yes I am guilty of reading them. I also know to take each story with a grain of salt. Why dont you people do the same... just because the media says it..doesnt mean it to be true. Let this family have some peace!!!

1919 days ago


Watched this show a couple of times and could not believe the humiliation Kate dished out to Jon. There is absolutely no reason to treat another human being that way, especially in front of your children. And in front of the nation. So sad that she is a money grubbing, insecure bitch. I saw her a minute on Larry King and I thought what the hell is going on? Pathetic!

1919 days ago


I think Kate has never looked better. I think shes relieved a littl. Her personality seems more laid back and happy also!

1919 days ago


The kids will remember things like Christmas gift exchange being held weeks before the holiday to accommodate the shooting schedule. 'Reaction' shots of the kids sitting the van taking an hour to shoot; with the kids forced to remain seated the whole time. Their mother and father's non-stop fighting and the mother's badgering of the 40 some-odd servants she has fired over the past five years.

I hold TLC, the production company and the state of Pennsylvania responsible for what these children are becoming. Jon and Kate are not absolved but it is clear that he is bored with staying at home, going through an early mid-life crisis, and wants some strange. Kate is a psychotic monster.

You can see someone getting hurt here in the near future and then TLC will cover the tragic murder/suicide/disappearance possibly with a special appearance by Emeril or Clinton and Stacy.

1919 days ago


Get some Jon! Good move ditchin that arny of brats and fugly wife.
Enjoy that paper!

1919 days ago

blah blah blah    

I am sick of Kate getting all the blame.Yes, she can be a b@tch. Yes, she needs a reality check. Yes, she is rude and snarky and gets on my nerves so bad I couldn't imagine living with her. But GOOD GRIEF. Jon Gosselin is as much to blame as this as Kate is. No one put a gun to his head and forced him to cheat. No one forced him to go out and show the world he is having an early mid life crisis, b/c that is exactly what is going on. I used to love Jon to death when I first watched the show. But he snarks on her just has much as she does him. I've heard him say some very rude things about her as well. They are BOTH to blame for this whole thing. And standing out in public, talking to MORE WOMEN with a beer bottle in his hand isn't helping matters. If he wanted to be a free man, there is always divorce. What he's doing now is just tacky and disrespectful, if to no one else but his kids.

1919 days ago


After watching the show on Monday, Kate probably could have rambled on and on and on forever negatively about Jon.
At my age, anyone who is so desperate to say so many bad things about her husband and a few little peeps about herself- is definitely narcissistic. She needs help badly and mainly fails to recognize that it has been Jon who has bathed, dressed, clothed, etc... the children for all of these years. I guess you could call him "the old help". I also do believe that the kids are much more themselves and relaxed around him. It made me sick to think that next week's episode has Kate taking Maddy to a spa in California (hmmm, who likes spas?? A nine year old girl- don't think so) to help with the stress in Maddy's life.
I am not sure that Kate will ever get it in addition to the fact that she keeps emphasizing the show is her job and it takes so much time. A ton of time that she should be devoting to Jon and the kids. Having said all of this, Jon is not acting appropriately at this time and needs to get a grip himself.
Time to exit stage left and end the show- for the children's sake.

1919 days ago


Just a question but are the Duggars and the Roloffs also evil for "exploiting their children??

1919 days ago


Now Kate has 8 kids instead of 9. Jon never took charge or acted like a man. He stood around like he didn't know what to do so Kate HAD to give him instructions. He is blaming her for being bossy but someone had to be an adult in that marriage. He is now exiting his adulthood "ROLE". I noticed he is dressed better in New York with the ladies than he dresses with Kate on the show. He looks like a bum at his house when they are filming the show. As for Kate's money hungry brother and lying sister in law, Jodi. They have changed their story since their interview on Radar Online. It was all about how horrible Kate is on Radar Online and that she did not realize her marriage is in shambles and that they would not watch the show. After the show they say they watched and now it is all about saving the children. They did not feel the need to save the children when THEIR CHILDREN were on the show for 3 years. They loved it then. Now they feel it is wrong. IF they loved their nieces and nephews then they would not be bashing their mother on blog videos and live TV. I can't stand those 2. With relatives like that, it makes being an orphan wonderful.

1919 days ago


Exploitation of children is never good. Kate loves the limelight no matter what the cost.

1919 days ago
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