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Jon and Kate Plus a Lot of Space

5/28/2009 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On Top: Jon Gosselin knockin' back a beer with two ladies at Front Street bar and grill in Newburgh, New York on Memorial Day.

On Bottom: Kate plus most of the eight getting off a ferry on Bald Head Island, North Carolina yesterday morning.

Jon and Kate

Dude was biggest flirt at his high school. We'll see how long he remains on top.


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Just stop. Please?? They have kids

1974 days ago


I think that it is sad that this man who claims to be only concerend for his children is not spending any time with them. You know what Jon, you made the decision to marry at such a young age, and you made the decision to have these children. Now grow up and take care of them. While this may not be the career you say you chose, I can't believe that all this is Kate's fault (and I am not particularly a fan of hers either). You both need to sit down, go to counseling, do something but try to put your family and marriage back together. You have 8 children who need both of you, not just one of you some of the time. To Kate I say, you need to deal with whatever issues you have that make you treat your husband so poorly (and you do treat him poorly). If that means you need to go to counseling separate from Jon to deal, then do it woman. While I can understand you need to make a living and that you enjoy your speaking engagements, etc. Right now, you need to focus on repairing your marriage and being there for your children. Up until all this came to light (and don't worry, I don't believe everything the media prints), I truly enjoyed watching your show for the most part. I think your children are adorable. Now the two of you need to stop acting like children and remember what it was that brought you both together in the first place. Don't be cop outs. Divorce is so easy and that seems to be what everyone does today when things get tough. Make an attempt to make it work, if not for each other, then for those 8 beautiful children.

1974 days ago


you people should all shut the eff up!

1974 days ago


I agree with puddintang.......the tearing apart of this family is major crucifiction of this family.....i would imagine that plenty of people have had problems like these two.........and have they ever thought of what it would be like if this were their family.........i bet if they saw a drowning person.....they would throw more water on them knock it off....let them have a chance to repair the family..........

1974 days ago


GOOD FOR JON!!! Im glad he is out and about. Instead of being with that mean ugly controlling hoebag of a soon to be ex wife. She drove him OUT and she knows it. I feel SO bad for Jon.. And Im sure that the trip to NC was FREE ( just like all the stuff the she devil gets) STAY OUT JON and HAVE SOME MUCH NEEDED FUN!! Im sure its only a matter of time she is going to be banging the new body guard. FUNNY how the new dude is pictured and not Steve. Nice work loser Kate.

1974 days ago

Mom of 3 girls    

The woman in the hat is hardly his "girlfriend". Does she look like a 23 year old??

These two need to get their act together, if he was my husband, I'd tell him to suck it up for a couple more years, their making enough money to last the rest of their lives. As far as people blaming her, that's crazy. If you've ever watched the show before, you'll see that half the time Jon stood there with his finger up his ass and she did everything, I'd yell at him too!!

1974 days ago


First, to the person that said Kate is there only with the girls. Look at the pic again and you can see one of the boys there. Also, everyone saying Jon should be there with Kate and not standing with other women these photos are taken on two different days. The women could have just walked up to him. Even though they have a drink already that doesn't mean anything. Everyone commenting on this saying people need to leave them alone. well this is a tabloid website. does everyone believe the tabloids.

1974 days ago


They are ridiculous, idiots and all they think about are themselves, not those adorable kids.

1974 days ago


what kind of job does Kate have to do that requires that she is away from home and requires her to have a body guard.....and if she does need one. why didn't she chose a female body my opinion. leaving a spouse all the time is just asking for trouble............

1974 days ago

Kelly in the Mile High City    

As much as I don't like how RICH these people have gotten off their REALITY show. I wish they could apologize to each other and get back together for their children's sake. Kate needs deep counseling on how NOT to treat her husband like HIRED help. She is pretty mean to him and needs to take some meds & get a good shrink. The show, money and attention has gone to Kate's head not Jon's. I think they (mainly Kate & TLC) are LOVING the ratings boost from the controversy! Jon TRY one more time to work it out with Kate, if she seeks help ;)

1974 days ago


I feel so sorry for those children. As for Jon & Kate, I am totally sick of both of them. They are well aware that every move they make in public is photographed and feed on it to boost ratings. Shame on the 9.8 Million people who are contributing to the exploitation of those kids. You couldn't pay me to watch. Never have and never will.

1974 days ago


My heart goes out to this family. It is obvious that they are not addressing the issues in their marriage, but are substituting their issues by focusing on the children. This classic in marriages. Jon and Kate will have to forgive and move on instead of ignoring one another and making the other feel reduced and insignificant. This is not right. If they love each other, better or worse, get through it. The longer they take not working on their marriage, the harder it will be to work for it.

Another thing, if Kate gives her husband an allowance that is ridculous. It is not fair for a husband to give his wife an allowance, why would it be fair in reverse. Clearly control issues need to resolve. If not, Jon pursue a divorce decree, seek full custody and have Kate pay child support and alimony, since you quit your job so she can have a career writing a book on their family.

1974 days ago


All the negative publicity sure has helped their ratings.

1974 days ago


Harvey, 86 the pap photos of the kids. They did nothing to deserve you're making big bucks off of them. Kate is fair game. Jon is fair game. Leave the kids ALONE.

1974 days ago


This is NOT how you act when you CARE about YOUR family!!! Honestly, what are you doing?
Again, it's time for you to grow up! You're acting like an unmarried teenager! Sorry, should of added, and "unmarried irresponsible teenager"
The teenagers I know, wouldn't act like this, so I had to clarify.
If you don't like just staying home, and not doing anything, why not take the money, and use it to go to college, and get a degree? Nothing is stopping you from doing that!!!
It's time to put the matchbox cars on the shelf, and grow up!

1974 days ago
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