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Gokey Voters Sided With Kris Allen

5/28/2009 1:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

American Idol Kris Allen Adam LambertSources at "American Idol" tell us the margin between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert "wasn't even close" -- and the biggest factor in Allen's win was Danny Gokey.

Here's what we know. The "lion's share" of Gokey's votes went to Kris Allen. The extent of the lopsidedness surprised a lot of the big wigs at "A.I." We were not told the exact votes but our sources say the AT&T scandal had no impact on the outcome -- the spread was that wide.

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Just Noticing    

Dee, Simon gave his opinion as a judge to all the contestants. And Katy Perry said who she liked. Other artists could have said they liked Kris. But a whole multi million dollar company with shwag to pass out is a whole different ball game.

1972 days ago


Funny how people want to chastize the "bible thumpers" for not voting for Lambert. HE chose to be the flamboyant one, and that comes with risks. In fact, most gay people I know don't like flamboyant gays.

Doesn't matter. It's a singing competition, and people voted for the best SINGER. Adam has to glam it up to be noticed as a singer. That's why I think he will not do as well as a recording artist. Without the glam, he's just a screechy Ethel Merman.

1972 days ago

Pls don't make me feel sorry for Ryan!    

This is a f*king sham ... disgusting!
agree with #14 ... explain the 38 million votes from Arkansas, please??
Adam screeched no more than David Cook last year who was the #1 screecher of AI.
A lot of rock songs are screeching type songs anyway.
Did you hear MAD WORLD? ONE? that wasn't screeching at all.
The hillbilly haters from the Midwest don't like gays ... trailer trash homophobic hick town f*cks!

1972 days ago


Of course Kris won. Only fat homophobic wannabes watch this crap!!

1972 days ago


#32 - Right on! ITA

1972 days ago


Adam will recieve a Tony Award, And YEAH for him! He might even get a Grammy, go Glam bert! Kris will do ok, there is a big audience for him, he'll make a mark in our Music world. Danny Gokey will be a artist of great value to our world also! I voted for Danny, when he was out I voted for Kris because I, myself appreciate their style more. I will go see Adam in a show one day and I'll enjoy it. I don't like to hear Danny & Kris more or less because they sleep with women! I don't like Adam more or less because he may (or may not) sleep with men!
I AM tired of ppl thinking we have to be PC and vote Race, or Gender preference-lets give this a on merit of what You need from the artist. Now, if our new Supreme Court Judge, soto was a judge--she'd have tossed the competion OUT with NO winner if Allison (hispanic) Adam (gay) or Lil (black) didn't win, cause it is simply UNFAIR that some of us like White Straight Men music more... don't ya think?

1972 days ago


Here's a little newsflash. I voted for Kris BECAUSE I LIKED HIM THE BEST. I'm not "afraid" of gays, I'm not a flipping Christian, I'm not in on some kind of conspiracy. I voted for Kris from day one because I liked him the best!! Go figure, I'm one of the people that wasn't caught up in the hype for that freaky Glambert. Kris is a college kid with a guitar and and awesome voice who made it through the thousands of people who audition for AI, and he made it to the top. What's so darned hard to believe about that? You take away Adam's costumes, his layers of makeup (what's up with that?), take away the band and the backgroud singers, and what you got in Adam is a mediocre singer who is better off where he came from, and that's musical theater. He's NO different than the countless other stage performers out there. I hated seeing him every week, and I hated listening to him even more. What the heck is America's infatuation with this guy? Is he like the second coming for you people? He's not that good, seriously. He'll be fading out soon, thank God!

1972 days ago

Zonny VanRant    

They both suck.... each other.... get over it

1972 days ago

Nyte Tyger    

Get Real....Get real. You say you are not homophobic, yet you make fun of Adam calling him Freaking Glambert, you insult Christians by calling them flippin....yet Kris is just a guitar playing college kid.

Me thinks thou dost protest too much! You are afraid of gays...or you wouldn't have called Adam names, mentioned his makeup or clothing.

You know what I voted for Adam, yet I have never called Kris any names. You are entitled to your opinion, but the people who know music, who have worked in the music business and actually know what they are talking about all love Adam and his voice which you call mediocre. Since you hate his voice I assume you also hate Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Freddie Mercury....David Lee Roth etc. etc.

You are what most people would call a DH. (And I don't mean designated hitter)

1972 days ago


Good Old HOMO phobic America don't pick the one with all the talent go for the safe lil bible reader I sure he uses his piss pipe too!!!

1972 days ago

Bash a Pap    

#23 you are so full of hate. more often than not, those who bash gays verbally and physically are actually angry with their own same sex desires and act out in just the same way you are. I suggest you get psychiatric help in dealing with your latent homosexual tendencies and self hatred for who you really are. good luck with that.

1972 days ago


Congrats, Kris you won the popularity contest! Adam has obviously the better voice, but it's not about that, is it! I'm glad the Kris voters were irrelevant during the last presidential election.

1972 days ago


AT&T is clearly in the wrong here and that makes every elimination and every Idol title suspect. It was dishionest and we have no idea how widespread this cheating was. Naturally, AI and AT&T are going to make the claim that the contest was not ever close; they want this to go away! This should be investigated and heads should roll. After all, AT&T has a monopoly on the text votes.

ADAM WON and Kris knows it!

1972 days ago


Get Over it! Not everybody likes Adam, or has to. It's not the fact that he's gay or not; it's the way he screeches. It's annoying having to hear him scream and screech every song he sings. I prefer people singing songs not screaming them. I was so fed up of people promoting this guy. He sang one good song.....Mad word, and it still wasn't as good as Jules version. It was merely a copy cat version of his.

People, don't you have anything else better to do then cry over a singing competition? You people sound like a bunch of retards. You make it sound as if Adam is a God! He's not, and far from. I'm fed up of people stuffing it in our faces. Win or lose, does it make a difference in your lives? No! Get over it you bunch of cry babies.

1972 days ago


You have to remember we live in AMERICA. Ground zero for bigotry, hate-mongering, and discrimination. Lambert did deserve to win the show from what he did over the 10 weeks with the songs he turned around and made his own. Kris only did that with a few songs. BUT.... the people who voted for Kris, voted for him based on him being a christian and being straight. They all know Adam was the more talented of the two, but unfortunatley they voted based on bigotry, and discriminating views. It is sad. I think Kris did deserve to be in the top two. But the winner?? No. He was a very boring entertainer. BUT.. he was srt8, AND for alot, he goes to church, so that is where his votes came from. Becasue being a PROUD American, I know we are alot of bad things, again... hate-mongers, hyprocrits, etc...but I refuse to believe the the majority of us are tone deaf.

1972 days ago
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