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Gokey Voters Sided With Kris Allen

5/28/2009 1:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

American Idol Kris Allen Adam LambertSources at "American Idol" tell us the margin between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert "wasn't even close" -- and the biggest factor in Allen's win was Danny Gokey.

Here's what we know. The "lion's share" of Gokey's votes went to Kris Allen. The extent of the lopsidedness surprised a lot of the big wigs at "A.I." We were not told the exact votes but our sources say the AT&T scandal had no impact on the outcome -- the spread was that wide.

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Every story that has come out has said Kris won by a landslide. Whenever its a close contest Ryan has made a point of saying this so when he didnt mention it at the finale or subsequently on his show you know it wasnt close. Danny Gokey had a lot of fans & their votes were going somewhere & its only logical it would end up with the less flamboyant singer.Adam is great but he was about the performance, while Danny was about the singing. Once he left those voters probably went with another singer more about the voice ,Kris. In the end now its no longer a competiton..each person just wants a career so the fans need to grow up & just support who they like.

1952 days ago

Rip It Up    

Hey #2, toofastforyou!-You're not that fast.
Hey #42, Linda-You're delusional. Kris won, end of story. Give it up, you look like a putz.

Hey AT&T, you're rates are too high!

1952 days ago


#38, you're an idiot. Glambert calls himself Glambert, you tool. I don't "doth protest" diddly squat, and if you're going to come across as "intelligent", you shoud at least quote Shakespeare right, you moron. It's "The lady doth protest too much, methinks". You're just another one of those idiot Adam fans who can't believe that, week after week after week of this guy getting shoved in our faces and getting his butt kissed by the AI judges didn't win. You'll probably be one of those weirdos that gives up their whole life to follow Adam around the country. You're stupid, and you're just like the rest of the sheep in America doing "the cool thing". If it's true (which I doubt) that 38 million votes came out of Arkansas, then why didn't the 37 million California residents vote for Glambert TWO TIMES? That would have counteracted this little "AT&T conspiracy" twofold. And as for the "flipping" Christian comment, I said that because what the HELL does that have to do with voting for Kris? I'm sick of being called a "homophobe" or a bible thumper, because I'm neither because I voted for the SINGER IN A SINGING COMPETITION that I liked the best. Idiot.

1952 days ago


Pft! I liked them BOTH! They are both winners.

1952 days ago


The right person won so get over it!!!!

1952 days ago


It is what it is! Kris has been declared the AI winner. The auditing process of the votes have been left to the expertise of capable due diligence. Adam and Kris are both outstanding performers, in their own rights. Speculations are not valid, sound judgement and a waste of time and energy. Kris and Adam will have the opportunity to utilize endless venues to pursue their careers.

1952 days ago


Adam Lambert lost because he was all hype. Just like the "bible thumpers" voted for Gokey and Chris all of the gays voted for Adam Lambert. FYI 85% of this country is Christian and they have just as much right to vote as everyone else so get over it. Chris a a hottie and the fact that he stayed so classy during the fawning over Adam b.s. is bonus for him. He has delt with the media so beauifly and I hope he stays grounded.

1952 days ago


Just Noticing, your hate and anger cloud what bit of better judgement you may have. Gay marriage will never be accepted in this nation. You can't even get it to pass in one of the most blue states in the country, so please, stop your lying. The only states it's legal in now is because radical liberal judges in those states overturned the PEOPLE's vote. Your Nazism will never win, you'll always lose.

Yes, Kris does know why he won, because he was the better singer and didn't need to dress up like a late 80's glam singer poser. Can Adam even play a single instrument? Poor guy. He was a back up to a back up for Wicked in LA, not Broadway, but LA, for a reason.

1952 days ago


I want to see Kris swap some spit with Adam.

1952 days ago


It may be true that a small percentage of Gokey supporters were spewing hateful homophobic stuff, but how about the Glambert squads posting that Danny 1) killed his wife in order to pimp her out on Idol, 2) is a pedophile, 3) was shiling for Lens Crafters 4) was pretending to be in grief over the loss of his wife, when in "fact" he was on the prowl in la...and lots more really ugly defaming patently untrue allegations.

I'm sure that both Lambert and Gokey do not care to associate themselves with the kind of people who say any of the ugly things written about the other contestants. They both seem to be absolutely stand-up guys. Very different musically and personally, but hey, this is a BIG COUNTRY!

1952 days ago


Even though they're styles were so differnt, I thought both Adam and Kris were very likable individuals. I felt confident that Adam would have a great career regardless of the AI outcome. It think he knew that as well. He looked releived that the competition is over, so he can get on with his life. I wouldn't be surprised if he had folks from the music biz knocking on his door for weeks.

I think Kris will do fine. He's not as hungry as Adam, so that could be a determining factor in how far he goes.

Something about Gokey bothered me from the beginning. He didn't come across as sincere as some of the other contestants I've seen that also suffered major losses....and the way Paul and Cara swooned over him made me ill. He also didn't seem listen much to the advice of the guests that they worked with each week. For example, Smokey Robinson advised him not to move his hands about so much -- what does he do -- he waves them throughout the entire song. I thought that was arrogant and obnoxious.

1952 days ago


Wow, I really liked Adam so much before I started reading all these comments on here from the obvious leftwing kooks that support him. Just like how you freaks turned me off on him, you turn Americans off with your lies and propaganda.

And for all the idiots on here talking about how we live in a "bigoted, racist nation," hmm....HELLO!!! We just elected President the most unqualified, undeserving candidate in our nation's history because he is a "black." So shut up please, you only make yourselves look more and more foolish.

1952 days ago



1952 days ago


I voted for Danny from the very beginning because he was the best singer and my favorite. After Danny left I then voted for Adam because he was my 2nd favorite. I think what you have stated in your article is bs but what do I expect from tmz anyway lol. The reason they didn't divulge the number is because it was very close and they didn't want to do a recount. Also AI is very satisfied that a plain boring Christian musician won because he's safe. It was all part of their master plan and they got what they wanted in Kris a dime a dozen.

1952 days ago


hey hahahaha!!!! You're a frigging nazi racist jetk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1952 days ago
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