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911 Call

Mike Tyson's Daughter

5/29/2009 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got the transcript of the 911 call in Phoenix last Monday, when the mother of Mike Tyson's child sounded the alarm.

Mike Tyson: Click to view!

Click on "View Docs" to read the transcript. Warning -- it's extremely graphic.


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What kind of monsters are you people ..Jesus Christ !!! What if this happened to one of your children ????? what goes around comes around

1975 days ago


Everyone should send a direct email to TMZ tip email to take this posting down!

1975 days ago


Honestly, the whole writing staff at TMZ should be ashamed at how this article was written. Someone's child died; regardless of who the parents are, a little respect should be demonstrated. Wait..this is TMZ...a website that has exhibited a blatant disregard for all the ethics pertaining to journalism. This website is a sham-if it weren't for people being bored at work and delusional individuals wanting to be like celebrities, this site would be non existent. Your souls are like the pictures you buy off the creeps in the street...willing to sell them for the highest price.

1975 days ago


Totally Inappropriate to post this. They just lost a child. TMZ and Harvey Levin, Karma and negative energy work in strange ways. You reap what you sow.
Condolences to Mike Tyson and his family.
This is the last time I will visit this site.

1975 days ago

Poor Taste    

The person who wrote this should be fired.

1975 days ago


" The Kid died the next day" How cold . I feel sorry for you guys when or if Mike Tyson reads this crap. There should be a line drawn when it comes to these innocent children. Disgusting!

1975 days ago

Take off, eh?    

The "KID"?? Who the Hell writes for TMZ when it comes to announcing the death of a CHILD??? "The KID???!!" I can't believe the adacity. The very LEAST the writer of this story SHOULD have done was use the baby's name out of respect for the Tyson family, in the last sentence and been a bit more subtle.

Here, let me help the writer: "Sadly, their young daughter Exodus, passed away the following day as a result of the injury. Our thoughts are with the Tyson family."

Idiots. Let me guess, the writer isn't a parent and probably 22 with a finger up his nose.

1975 days ago

Charlie Terry    

One of the big problems here is that we actually give this fu*king website hits. TMZ is a group of holier-than-thou douchebags who deserve to have sh*t kicked out of them. I pray for the day they really cross the line (which they do on a daily basis), when a fed-up mob finally forms to go to their office, unplug their computers, and drag these a**holes out into the street. Everything that's wrong with this country is embodied in their attitude, their taste, and their very purpose. Just imagine who works in their office: a group of self-serving adolescents who really don't give a f*ck about anything but themselves, smirking at the rest of us. You can hear it whenever you hear a TMZ cameraman talk. Honestly, who do they think they are? Starve the company by ignoring them. Impossible, I know, especially when idiots like me actually come back to see what new lows they've sunk. Depressing.

1975 days ago


TMZ - You should really be ashamed of yourselves! Mike Tyson and his family are currently grieving the loss of a child. This happened only a few days ago and you are posting words and comments from the 911 call. The child's mother will be forever haunted my her words on that 911 call and now she will be reminded of it by complete strangers! I know the name of the mother has not been released but I don't think her name is Mike Tyson's "BABY MOMMA"----RUDE!!! There are plenty of other things you all could have found to post rather than this---- like who has the latest Louis bag!!! Things that don't matter!
How would you like for someone tell the public this personal and heart breaking information about your mother, daughter, child, sister or brother? JUST SICK!

1975 days ago

Capt. Howdy    

I know how she feels. I lost my son to SIDS and when we called 911 ur like come on don't ask stupid ?'s. You want them to help so bad but u know there just on the phone. We did cpr on my boy. I know about the fluids in the mouth, blood and yellow stuff was coming from his mouth and nose. Its not cool when your hold holding a dead child in your arms RIP Tyson's lil angel and my boy Joshua. Your in God's hands now and at peace. We will always love are children.

1975 days ago


PLEASE TAKE THIS DOWN!!! It's so sad. No one who visits a gossip blog should have to see something like this when they are not expecting it. Please do the right thing. Go find a funny Britney story or something. Let the little girl rest in peace.

1975 days ago


Take this down! This is not entertainment. It is a tradegy, and shame on you for posting this.

1975 days ago


What a bunch of disrespectful douchebags. Never again TMZ.

1975 days ago


Oh, and as my last ever comment on this craphole site: What Charlie Terry said.

1975 days ago


No matter what kind of person he might be, no parent should suffer the tragedy of a child's death. My prayers are with him & his family.

1975 days ago
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