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911 Call

Mike Tyson's Daughter

5/29/2009 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got the transcript of the 911 call in Phoenix last Monday, when the mother of Mike Tyson's child sounded the alarm.

Mike Tyson: Click to view!

Click on "View Docs" to read the transcript. Warning -- it's extremely graphic.


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cant read it without cryin...come on ,this is low guys

1936 days ago


seriously this is really distasteful....and the "baby;s mama" and "kid" remarks are terrible. i have really lost respect for this website. i dont understand how you would try and write sumthing amusing about the deathe of a 4year old child. this sucks tmz!

1936 days ago

jenny porchia    

Im ashamed of the ignorance of this story. You need to take it down. Its disrespectful, racist, and immoral. I hope each of you get a chance to go through what this family did, then you can take turns writing about it on your f'd up site. Never again will I click on this site or watch the program. Again, with the warmist wishes this will happen to each of you.

1936 days ago


Wow you should all be ashamed of yourselves TMZ, disgusting and classless to post this.

1936 days ago


Wow...who knew TMZ could take it too far? Regardless of the parent, that little girl is someone's baby, and you just exploited and 4 year old little girl,AFTER her tragic death.

1936 days ago


As much as I read TMZ to keep updated, I am so terrible upset of how you could possibly publish the 911 transcript. Do you know that you do not need to publish these sorts of things to keep being number one source of celebrity updates? How cold of you.

My sympathy to the family, I will never know the pain you feel but I feel for you, I have two kids and cannot imagine my life without them. God will make you strong.

1936 days ago


This is the lowest TMZ has ever stooped! I can't believe sensible men and women would sit and agree to publish such a graphic call by a very distraught mother. Sick as you all are, i hope you never have to go through this, because no one deserves to go through it.

1936 days ago


tragic. RIP baby girl and God bless the family.

1936 days ago


TMZ made a mistake posting this. No one should have their privacy invaded in a situation like this no matter how famous they are.

TMZ should take this down immediately.

1936 days ago


This is in extremely poor taste. TMZ, does your exploitive nature know no bounds?

1936 days ago


This is absolutley horrible that TMZ would post such a horrific tragic event in this families life..I am SICK that you would choose to post this.

1936 days ago


Harvey, this is poor taste! This was a tragic event. This should not have been posted here. TAKE THIS DOWN!

1936 days ago


TMZ IS SATAN on the internet.
You all should go to HELL for posting this tragedy like this.
Consider yourselves deleted from my favorites.


1936 days ago


This is so very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Tyson, the mother of this poor child, and to the rest of the family. Nothing could be harder than losing a child to an accident such as this. Goes to show that you have to have your eyes on your child every minute of the day. Little ones tend to go straight for the things that you try to kee them away from. I feel so sorry for this mother -- sounds like she did everything she could have.

1936 days ago


That was absolutely heartbreaking. I feel sick with myself that I looked, even though I read it more from a maternal standpoint, curious as to how someone deals when they deal with a situation like that. I looked so I might walk away with something on how to function in shock like that.

That being said, and as a faithful TMZ reader for years I never thought I would say this, but I'm out. I've always been of the "If you don't like something don't look" belief, but you guys have pushed too far this time. To post this to up your numbers is disgusting. Mike Tyson is hardly anybody's favorite person, but what did his little girl ever do to you to deserve this disrespect?

Just remember, you reap what you sow. I, however, won't be back.

1936 days ago
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