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911 Call

Mike Tyson's Daughter

5/29/2009 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got the transcript of the 911 call in Phoenix last Monday, when the mother of Mike Tyson's child sounded the alarm.

Mike Tyson: Click to view!

Click on "View Docs" to read the transcript. Warning -- it's extremely graphic.


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Well after seeing this one TMZ, I can tell you that you pretty much sunk to the lowest levels of hell. You guys are awful. Their baby just died! You have kids???? Your f%&*ing sick!

1973 days ago


What pain she felt--my heart goes out to her--may the lord put his arms around her and her baby-also rest of family Many prayers going out----Bless you my dear for your loss

1973 days ago


Why the hell would you post the transcipts.. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! I can't beliebe how furious I am right now... TAKE IT OFF...

1973 days ago


That's horrible.
I feel so sorry for the mother.
It just goes to show every parent that there are hidden dangers all over the home. Even if we think a child can't reach something or get into something, children are capable of more than we think.
While it isn't their fault what happened to Exodus, it's a lesson for the rest of us to make sure we do all we can to keep our children safe.
While we may not be able to protect them 24/7, there are things we can do to make them safer.
Best wishes to the Tyson family.

1973 days ago


As if losing his daughter wasn't bad enough you guys have to glorify something as horrible as the mother's 911 call. I'm sure they really appreciate you publisizing her heartbreaking attempt to save her daughters life. There is a point where TMZ should realize they've stepped over the line.

Take it down and leave the family grieve for their daughters loss in private.

TMZ I am disappointed in you!

1973 days ago


You are a sick group of people. Im not judging but this Family has just lost a child and you post the 911 call on the internet for thousands to read. I f that happened to me I would sue until you would be broke and for everybody who doesn't agree and just wants to read gossip there's certain stuff you read and certain stuff you don't. My prayers go out to the family

1973 days ago


If I had my way this website would be shut down. I can not believe that you posted the 911 transcript! You obviously don't believe in God. What goes around comes around. One day you or one of your children just might be the breaking news.

1973 days ago


Obviously you guys amended the first release of this call. Even after changing the "baby's mama" and "the kid" it is still disgusting, wrong, and horrendous for you guys to post this. Disgusting. Harvey, you really are a bastard. You post Rihanna's face after her incident, and this.....this isn't journalism. It's exploitation.

1973 days ago


Very sad! I can't imagine losing a child. Really poor tasted to post this on a gossip site. I love me some TMZ, but this is just going to far.

1973 days ago

yadda yadda    

That poor baby girl and poor mom for having to go through all that. Sounds like the police were placing blame and looking for evidence before that baby was even put in the truck. I hope they all can get through such a horrible tragedy.

1973 days ago

shann d    

Why would you put the 911 phone call of mr and mrs tyson's baby up on tmz like that shame on you TMZ!Yes your the tell all people but the right to respect at this time would be nice.IF that was your child would you post this on your web page?I think not shame we all come on to get the new info on the cleb's but this takes it to far.OUT OF RESPECT YOU SHOULD REMOVE THIS TO THE FAMLY I AS A PERSON AND A MOTHER HAVE NOT READ THE 911 CALL TMZ NIGHT OF PUT THIS UP BUT WE THE PPL DO NOT NEED TO ACT ON IT AND READ IT.I FOR ONE THIS THIS IS RUDE HURTFULL AND SICK IT'S A CHILD A BABY SHAME TO TMZ!!!

1973 days ago


I am a mother and a Midwife & could not imagine having to perform CPR on one of my boys. I log on to your site to have a good laugh, please take it down.

1973 days ago


I am soooo sadden and disgusted by this post.

Being a mother of a 4 year old girl myself I cannot begin to imagine the terror and pain this mother went through and will continue to go through her entire life. It literally turns my stomach to think a staff member of satanic TMZ would think to (and be approved to) post something as terrible as this. This is by far the worst thing IN THE WORLD a parent could go through and only someone at TMZ would find a way to make a buck off of it.

This heartless, cruel and poor excuse of a person driven by the all might penny at TMZ should think twice and seek repent.

My question to them ..... Heaven forbid if something this tragic should ever happen to them or another staff member of TMZ would they jump on the opportunity to exploit it for a quick buck. Would they in fact put it out there for others to find entertainment in someone else’s pain?

My god have mercy on you all.....

1973 days ago

Oh well    

Why would you do this tmz? ...this is a tragedy in every way.And you think it is ok to talk down on these people. Life is funny, just dont be surprize when it comes back around ten folds on you.
Good luck

1973 days ago


can we please all send tmz an email!!
dis is just sick and disgusting , i cannot believe this website is exploiting this grieving family in this way!!!!
pls everyone send an email dis is sick!!!!!

1973 days ago
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