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911 Call

Mike Tyson's Daughter

5/29/2009 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got the transcript of the 911 call in Phoenix last Monday, when the mother of Mike Tyson's child sounded the alarm.

Mike Tyson: Click to view!

Click on "View Docs" to read the transcript. Warning -- it's extremely graphic.


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I just want to say this is a pathetic story, i didn't even read the transcript.

1973 days ago


Sad how TMZ is promote'n this matter... no privacy!

1973 days ago


i do have to say that posting a frantic call from a mother who is losing her child is beyond disgusting and unethical. i hope you make the decision to take it down immediately like you have done with other stories of poor taste. i don't remember any of those past ones you took down to be anywhere near as disturbing as this. i have no respect for these actions at all. take it down.

1973 days ago

eyes glued opened    

All you "upright b&tches" who keep saying to leave him alone and then protest that TMZ remove the post, why are reading it if you are sooo sickened by it? Give me a break and don't read it.. Go to Oprah or Moron's Dumb A-S-Ses... He got was he deserved..

1973 days ago

eyes glued opened    

Um, Losers, this is a gossip site low lifes.. Take your arses somewhere else if you don't want to see what's posted.. I bet ya'll read and loved every word hypocrites and I bet you're the same A-S-S H-O-L-E hillbillies that voted for bush too.. Buch of white trash.... LOL.. .

1973 days ago


How disgusting TMZ. WHY do we need to read this?? WHY do we need to see what this poor mother was feeling at those terrible moments? I SWEAR YOU BETTER NOT HAVE PICTURES OF HER TINY CASKET! LEAVE THEM ALONE

1973 days ago


i have to add that having this transcript and 911 call replayed on the news is completely different from having this posted on an ENTERTAINMENT website. what you find entertaining is twisted. posting the news of the loss of a loved one here is marginally understandable, as in there's no graphic details. but posting this for us to have a front-row seat to death is over the line.

1973 days ago

eyes glued opened    

Hey manCHILD, wow your a P-u-ssy dude... get a life low life and a back bone... Cry'n??? huh, over what - get a grip wimp!!!!

1973 days ago


Take it off..........this transcript should not be for one needs to see this........a child has died..............

1973 days ago


Come on TMZ... seriously. This is so not cool. Have a little respect for a grieving family. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You need to draw the line somewhere.

1973 days ago


I don't know which is worst, the fact that they posted that or that I read it! If you haven't read it than don't! It is sick and so heartbreaking! That poor woman! That poor child!

1973 days ago


I refuse to look at it! just wanted to say that this is the type of thing that SHOULD NOT be let out to the public!!!

1973 days ago

eyes glued opened    

Hmmm.. something sounds awfully strange.. so the mother asks the 911 operator if she should "throw her" on her back??? why would you even think of that word, to "throw" your child?? hmm says a lot to me.. A loving caregiver normally does not think of the word THROW when thinking about handling a loved one.. The word place or turn or move would come to mind before the word THROW... That says a lot to me.. I guess she was upset because she couldn't get the 7yo brother to call the 911 operator and she had to stop doing whatever it was she was doing in the first place that took her attention away from WATCHING HER OWN CHILD AND NOT PLACING THE RESPONSIBILITY ON A 7YO WHO WILL NEVER EVER FORGIVE THEMSELVES. Mother should be put in jail for negligence. Why is it when you hit and kill someone with your car by accident, again by accident, that you're charged with involuntary manslaughter but when you don't keep your eye on your child and they die, you get off with no accountability whatsoever?? I guess it's because the defense lawyers, insurance companies, other victims families and prosecutors can't make as much money off of this type of crime then they can when you hit someone with your car. It's all a big scam.. Now a days parents are too busy surfing the internet looking for the next pair of shoes or chatting it up with their internet flings all while the other kids in the house are baring the burden of having to raise themselves and each other, and in some examples their own parents. Shameful!!!!!

1973 days ago

Tony B    

Come on, TMZ. This is pushing it way too far. I love Hollywood and celebs and all that fun stuff, but this is too much. It's in poor taste.

My thoughts and prayers are with this family.

1973 days ago


I'm definitely not looking at that but good lord! TMZ can be very disgusting but this is just going overboard. Their whole family is going through hell and will be for the rest of their lives and you people post this on here? People trying to make a buck over an absolute tragedy always floors me. That should not be public and I find the media disgusting. Its no ones business but their own and let them please be in peace!

1973 days ago
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