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911 Call

Mike Tyson's Daughter

5/29/2009 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got the transcript of the 911 call in Phoenix last Monday, when the mother of Mike Tyson's child sounded the alarm.

Mike Tyson: Click to view!

Click on "View Docs" to read the transcript. Warning -- it's extremely graphic.


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I think it should be illegal to make 911 calls public record. How many families have been traumatized from listening to themselves crying in a panic during a moment of crisis and calling 911? This is disgusting. It made ME cry.. imagine how the family will feel

1971 days ago

bored with this    

this was unnecessary... the poor mom... TMZ is showing no resecpt...... isn't their some sex scandal or bi sexualy encounter you all need to repoprt on.... i hope Mike beats your A** to whom ever thought this was a good idea

1971 days ago

bored with this    

if this doesn't come down.... i wil no longer be a fan of this site.........

1971 days ago


That is completely disrespectful & a disgrace. That poor child died and you broadcast the mother's grief in attempting her to get her child to breathe? Come on TMZ! Some things are common sense...

1971 days ago

Now what now?    

That is the most heartbreaking thing I have ever read in my life. I had to hold back the tears.

I must say I am proud of TMZ readers today. By the time I got here the outrageously offensive story was removed and I only knew of it's existance because of the comments. Out of 75 I have read only one was ignorant. Good job TMZ readers. You are not as evil as I thought, but clearly TMZ is. They owe Mike, his family and the readers a serious apology complete with the assurance that the writer was fired and physically thrown out the building on his ass. Not cool TMZ.

1971 days ago

bored with this    

TMZ is F*cked up- one word for ya... KARMA

1971 days ago


I cannot believe the transcript is still up. Harvey, you are a SATANIC BASTARD. TAKE IT DOWN.

1971 days ago


I couldn't even bare reading the pdf version of this incident, cause it's such a private and sad matter. I usually love TMZ but this is beyond cold-hearted. Can you guys be that disconnected from human emotions that you actually could careless if this hurts the family? All I can say is WOW! Sad.

1971 days ago


I know, Mommyof 2.

It is pathetic that we got on and read it anyway. I guess sometimes it is just morbid curiosity to see how low TMZ will stoop. Living in the Phoenix area I have already read about all I can take anyway. This was a new low for all of us I guess. If we don't read it and rip TMZ a new a$$hole, though, they will likely continue to post idiotic and tasteless articles such as this.

Memo to TMZ writers:
I understand you guys are in the biz of quick, snappy, up to the minute gossip and you have a lot of competition you are racing against. I have a little helpful hint for you. Perhaps every cubicle could be provided with a "Reverse Thesaurus" for your imbecilic writers. For example, when their brains come up with the term "baby mama" they can look it up and next to that word it can provide them with some MATURE alternatives such as "child's mother" or "mother of the child"...if they look up "kid" they would find, "child", "toddler", "little one", etc. Get it?? Jesus H!

1971 days ago


Unless TMZ removes this article I AM NEVER COMING BACK AGAIN. Remove this story PLEASE.

1971 days ago


I hope they investigate this.... The mother should be charged for leaving a 4 year old unattended next to a treadmill alone with a cord. What was the mother doing? And how long what that child left alone, that she was choking?

1971 days ago


You know how tmz loves to edit any hate remarks against them on any given thread, with that practice- this entire thread would have to wiped out , lol.
People are finally figuring out what bottom dwellers the whole lot of tmz is...
From harvey to that blonde guy that they have in front of the camera ...that is the best they have out of the whole ugly group, yet he always seems like he is in need of a bath and flea spray ...

1971 days ago


i'm saddened that any site would post this women's pain...this was in such bad taste..shame on this site and the other sites that TOOK it from tmz and posted it as disgusting

1971 days ago


TMZ, are you READING YOUR COMMENTS??? disgusting. take it down. this is so disrespectful to the family - absolutely intrusive and horrible. this is NOT ENTERTAINMENT. it's outrage.

1971 days ago


And why do you guys have this on here? Does this look or sound like NEWS????????????????/ Shame on you people. God forbid this ever happened to one of your children, would you want the world hearing how your child DIED???/ TAKE IT OFF TAKE IT OFF TAKE IT OFF SICKOSSS

1971 days ago
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