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Teri Hatcher -- They're Still Real, Still Spectacular

5/29/2009 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Teri Hatcher showed off her God-given talents on the beach in Miami this week.

Teri Hatcher

The 44-year-old turned the shore into her own personal catwalk. Walk!Launch Photos


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I'd love to knock on her doors. I'm sure back in her hey-day she got very full of herself, Hollywood is well know for creating over the top ego & Persona & the actor comes to believe their persona is who they are. From the sound of it she has humbled herself, The New Adventures of Superman, when the show ended, so did her career basically, It seems the reality of not being a bigwig in the business helped her wise up & grow-up. Your in demand & beloved for awhile, Then suddenly Your just another name in the crowd. Fame & celebrity Isn't always what you think it'll be. In an interview I saw her in, She said she learned that fact the hard way & was humbled by it.

1908 days ago


Still Spectacular??!! Have you seen her topless? Check out "Heaven's Prisoners" for her pancakes. And she was 31 when she did the movie.

1908 days ago


I'm not a fan of grouchy women that are way too high on themselves. Teri wouldn't make my top 100 or even 200 women over 40.

1908 days ago


top and bottom parts of that bikini are way too big for her, she looks great -for any age-, and it's refreshing to see she doesn't have fake breasts (I thought she did, they always look fake on desperate housewives).

1908 days ago


She looks hot!

And CUTE bathing suit!

1908 days ago


everyone staring at her boobies and never noticed the belly ring?

i'd hate to see you lot 100 years from now; the posts will probably be "omg, she doesn't even have genetic enhanced body parts, she was made 'the normal way' and not 'engineered'"....

the boobies are natural and quite normal; those half-cut bowling balls plopped on a girl's chest, are not... get over yourselves....

1908 days ago

Simply Bohemian    

That my friends will NEVER be a desperate house wife!

1908 days ago


She is sucking in her stomach so hard that her face is about it split.

1908 days ago


Hot body. Nice boobs. A class-A cougar.

1908 days ago


I almost forgot what natural looks like, We should put her in a time capsule.

1908 days ago


Spectacular --- NOT!!!!!

Saggy --- OH YEAH!!!!!

1908 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

Teri is REAL in every sense of the word. She's a californian and a SF Bay area native, who has a better sense of being honest and the real deal than those in fake-tan-baked-silicon-sister-floatation-device-fake-boob-heads, too often fond trolling in "Hell-a" for a sugar daddy, or some pervert producer or director.

Terri needs her own show and a great script, because the audience will follow her. Trust in that.

Stay true to yourself, Terri. The public knows a fake in more ways than one. I hope you find Love. Perhaps, an engineer in Silicon Valley is what you need :) Plenty of good males in the world, perhaps not in LA, but you know this already, I'm sure.

1906 days ago


She looks great!
If only we all looked as good at 44.
I'd date her.

1906 days ago


Are her pants high enough? Granny.

1905 days ago


I'd still hit it. What normal guy wouldn't?

1903 days ago
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