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Ziggy Marley -- Weed is Our Redemption!

5/29/2009 5:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A love of Mary Jane definitely runs in the family -- because according to Ziggy Marley, Bob's son, cannabis is the only thing that'll stop the world from going up in smoke.


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so many reasons to legalize hemp - hemp fuel, hemp paper, hemp fabric.. etc..etc. do the research.

marijuana is more benign than alcohol.

exodus - movement of jah people. I feel you have disrespected the zig man. How can you? The son of the late great bob marley.

I personally gave up pot cause it made me lazy, but like the zig man said. legalize it for more than the reasons of smoking it. Do it for enviromental reasons.


1971 days ago


Addicts are all the same.

1971 days ago


You'll see someone freak out and take off your head from not getting their cig break before you will ever see a pot smoker freak out because he can't get any pot. Nyquil and booze are way more dangerous and mind altering than pot ever could be. Lose the stigma and let people use the 'plant' God gave us for the benefits it can offer. .. and yeah the revenue from taxing and regulating it would sure do this country a world of good.

1971 days ago

Cliff Barnes    

i luv me some happy smoke after a hard day at Ewing Oil.

1971 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

#19 marijuana is not an addictive drug. You probably drink like a fish!

Some people like it and some don't.
Free weed from prosecution!

1971 days ago


respect rasta-livity n nah diss no dread!

1971 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

damn weed smokers want to create a global Oakland!! have you ever been to Oakland?? yeah, see.

1971 days ago

just saying    

AMEN Ziggy....ONE LOVE BABY Do you think there would be any bar fights if everyone was stoned. I think not. People would be more loving. just saying

1971 days ago


ok I have a question~>> Why do all the celebrities go into that same building? And of course that homeless lady always sits in front of that building. I'm assuming they all live there?

1971 days ago

NY Mom    

Have you ever heard about any problems in Amsterdam? In every movie and TV show when someone is smoking a joint, they are depicted as being happy relaxed, and laughing their asses off. A much different scenario than when someone is drunk. A lot of people get really nasty when drinking, not so with weed. Alas, they don't want us happy and relaxed, they WANT us to be stressed out. Then the pharmaceutical companies can hawk their latest "wonder drug" to us. Don't you just love it when in one breath they tell you how much it will help you, then follow that up with a laundry list of side effects that sometimes include death!? Only to be followed months later with commercials from law firms that are willing to represent you after those "wonder drugs" have caused all kinds of problems to your body.

They'll never legalize it, because it would make too much sense.

1971 days ago


Thankyou for your comment(s) !
What a breath of fresh air you are...............
Truly !
Alcohol is the amazing LEGAL scourge of the world.................!
And whats worse, our supposed Government Leaders, I think, are some of the worst offenders !

1970 days ago


“The more people smoke herb, the more Babylon fall.” - Bob Marley

1970 days ago


I think the culture is definitely changing. There is a new web site called They were featured in the May issue of High Times Magazine too. The concept It's pretty brilliant. They've created an online motion comic with these group of super heroes (Captain Chronic, Major Munchies, C-Weed, Sergeant Spliff, etc.) that fight an evil pharmaceutical company whose goal is to keep people hooked on pharmeceutical drugs vs natural remedies for profit. It's a clever way to get the message across about the reason the government has criminalized marijuana in the first place. It's not about our brain cells, it's about money.

1970 days ago


geez, I can see a whole lot of potheads come here! Darn shame the boasting that drug addicts do to create a cause?

"its good for you"... "it's healing".. "it's amazing".. blah blah bah. ANYONE with an ounce of common sense would know that inhaling smoke of ANY kind into your body is NOT HEALTHY!! Stop making EXCUSES for your ADDICTION and just admit you use the DRUG to GET HIGH!! That's IT in a NUTSHELL... you do it for the HIGH you get. And next you'll say it's NON-ADDICTIVE... DUH, it's a DRUG OF COURSE IT'S ADDICTIVE! It's a convenient DRUG of choice to temporarily remove you from something called REALITY!! If it's NOT addictive then simply STOP using it. You wasn't BORN with this NEED for this DRUG, you CREATED this ADDICTION for yourself.

To EACH his OWN of course.. but attacking the NON-DRUG users is laughable and pointless!! Hate on someone for wanting to lead a HEALTHY life?? That's RICH!!!

POT is an escape.. I see it as an excuse to get away from lifes problems.. guess what when you come down off that cloud those same problems you had before are now magnified. It's a waste... they don't call it DOPE for nothing!!?

It's a waste of time, a waste of money, waste of lung tissue, and a waste of brain matter...... WHY? Because you get WASTED!!!

And you truly think they're gonna legalize this crap?? Look at all the COSTS and EFFORTS put forth in attempts to get ADDICTED smokers to quit smoking?? Look at HEALTHCARE COSTS due to CIGARETTE SMOKE and those ADDICTED to it!?? Addiction to ANYTHING is unhealthy. POT, (in my humble opinion- like so many others here have shared THEIR OWN,.. ) is part of the MORAL DECAY of a society, in this country!! Stop making EXCUSES and admit already that you smoke pot to GET HIGH.. because that's the truth. And some of you that feel the "need" to defend it's use are some of the most pathetic reads in this place. I'm LMAO!! People will always jump to defend their addictions. Pot is not necessary to sustain LIFE?

1969 days ago

Jamaica Lover    

Yeh Mon..Now that's what I am talking about!! Right on brethern!!

1969 days ago
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