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Adam Lambert Mani's Up

5/30/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert in West Hollywood yesterday getting his groom on.


Bring it on, Clay Aiken ...


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Love guys who keeps healthy nails. Don't care if he is gay. What is not nice is people not taking time out to clean their toes. Especially if you are a guy. So GO GLAMBERT!!

And for the "haters", i also believe that they are the biggest fans. As they take time out to ensure that they post pictures and make bad no-brainer comments. There is a fine line between love and hate. :-)

1970 days ago



All of you American homophobes go home. Look at your constitution and see what Obama and others are doing with your psuedo freedom. This country is so screwed up, I cannot believe it.

Adam keep rocking. World loves you.

1970 days ago


Does it really matter that Adam is taking the time to relax and enjoy himself? That's just how he is and maybe he wants to look nice for an event or something. I see no problem with that. And to # 14 people like myself don't care that David Cook doesn't have six pack, ok? What I care about and am a fan of is his talent and personality and compassion for his music and love for his fans.

1970 days ago

Melissa Sue Anderson    

Oh Adam, you sound like a fool
They're turning you into a tool.
Keep running your mouth,
And your fame will go south,
'Cause arrogance is just plain not cool.

You're buying into your own hype,
But you'll have to earn your stripes.
When America voted
It should be noted
That Kris won, if I remember right.

1970 days ago


I cannot believe I live in such a homophobic country. This is sickening. All you Americans think you have freedom of speech.
This is no freedom at all. Look what NObama is doing. People open your eyes,and look at your constitutional rights.

As far as Adam goes... Go Adam, only sophisticated guys do mani's and pedi's. I love you. You are the best, and yes... you are the one and only World Idol.

1970 days ago


He is so freaking gorgeous - literally from top to toe. Best thang to ever come out of idol - a true original. I would pay to hear him sing the phonebook his voice is that beautiful. You ROCK Adam - continue to be yourself - millions worldwide love you for it and will support everything you do. Your true fans don't need any statements about your personal life - just give us the music

1970 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

Is he gettin his lips waxed?

1970 days ago


Go Adam, you are truly unique, sophisticated person. World loves you.

1970 days ago


HOLY COW. Adam Lambert does not have privacy in his life anymore. What's next, a picture of Adam in the restroom?
Lots of actors get manicures and pedicures.

1970 days ago

Wake up people!    

Meh. Hope he doesn't get a nail infection from them like I did. >:|

1970 days ago

Paula Carr    

I love this picture, he really did need some professional help with his nails. In NY he picked them to pieces. I love it that he takes such good care of himself.

1970 days ago


That is one creepy looking...whatever it is. Almost as creepy as it looks in its tight little dresses and wigs and fishnet pantyhose. LOL. Weird weird little drag queen.

1970 days ago


It isn't that he's gay that in any way bothers me. Its the pictures of him all over the internet in his female impersonator getups. There are LOTS of gay men that I find really really attractive, (and complain how unfair it is, LOL) but this one kind of repulses me. He was a professional "entertainer" if you call drag queen revues entertainment. He still has the drag queen look about him....can he make it in regular show biz...who knows.

1970 days ago


can someone say 'gayyyyyy'...........enjoy yer '15mins' of fame you no talent loser!!

1970 days ago

Bipolar is like any other disease she needs medication    

Oh, how I love love LOVE Adam Lambert! It's amazing to me how many people are threatened by his very existence. Why do y'all care so much if you don't like him? If you don't like him, don't look. I'll do ALL THE LOOKING needed - he is SOOOO fine. He is so comfortable with himself, I doubt he cares what the haters think. It's not like he hasn't had to deal with hate his whole life, as most LGBT people have. Go Adam!

1970 days ago
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