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Adam Lambert Mani's Up

5/30/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert in West Hollywood yesterday getting his groom on.


Bring it on, Clay Aiken ...


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Uh Its Called Manscaping .
And Girls find It Attractive .


1940 days ago


Some of you complaining about the "haters" of Adam sure didn't mind demonizing Clay Aiken. So you're just a bunch of hypocrites.

1940 days ago


haha, oh adam. you have no right to be this extremely GORGEOUS!! you're kind of sort of like edward unintentionally dazzle people :)
(not saying straight guys aren't ever as wonderful as adam...but as an entirety, i've met no one who impresses me like adam)

oh, and why are there so many haters who comment on this? They clearly have to google it to find these things too...are they even more OBSESSED with him than some of his fans? i guess i understand...he just kind of hypnotizes you, and you HAVE to look him up. :)
love ya Adam ;)

1939 days ago


Adam is the sexiest man alive!!! and all you haters can just go blow. We should just ship all you pitiful little runt haters to an island where you can all stay together and bash each other, cause you are just miserable losers who hate everything, even yourselves , misery loves company. Adam will go on to superstardom and he doesn't really care what you idiots think

1939 days ago


this guy is so sexy, can do what he wants and he never was in the closet.

1939 days ago


hater go away, you are losers and when the albums come out Adam will rule and all you idiot homophobes can just go blow, you hate everything, even yourselves and who wants you around.

1939 days ago


#101 - how can you make such a generalized statement, did you talk to everyone that you are accusing, what a stupid idiot you are, man blogging sure shows how stupid most of the public is.

1939 days ago


can we have an island where adam lovers just sit around and talk about how awesome adam is all the time? that would probably be my dream world...
(especially if adam made a guest appearance every now and then)

1939 days ago


I'm just shocked he's not in a more upscale spa...evey spa I've been to has a Men's menu, big deal, and I'm here in Vancouver Canada EH - aren't you LA people supposed to be a lot hipper than that?! Get better photos next time...

1939 days ago


Get a life people! He's a celebrity now. Celebrities do get pedicure and manicure! Who cares abot his sexual orientation. Just leave him alone. Gosh. He's been so patient with the media. One thing after another. Of all things, you guys decided to dig him having his pedicure. Gross! I'm starting to get ANNOYED with TMZ. Very low class.

1939 days ago


Who's the Elvis impersonator in that picture?

1939 days ago


He looks like he's trying to make it on Elvis' coat tails.
But then, Elvis was a winner.

1939 days ago


1) Is this an old pix or a fake one? I cannot imagine these ladies just sitting there like zombies with ADAM right next to them! I'd go totally bananas.
2) Haters, Thou Protest Too Much! What is it about Adam that makes you spew so much hatred? Is he getting to you? Do you feel an urge? Do you feel a yearning whenever you think of him? This probably scares you to no end, otherwise you would simply shake your shoulders and not give him a second thought.
3) Ashamed gays and lesbians: Wow, you seem to be a rather selfish bunch. How dare you DEMAND that Adam work on your social acceptance or some such thing. Adam participated in a singing contest, that's all. He does not owe you a thing, besides, he has already done more than anybody else for you ungrateful people, so back off!

1939 days ago

Pauline from Singapore    

That's cute! And what's the big effing deal - its just a mani/pedi. Adam-bashers, you gotta chill just cos you don't have the guts to go into a salon and get your nails done. Deal with your own insecurities first before attacking pple who are more confident, more talented and more successful than you'll ever be.

1939 days ago


Is there anything else can you talk about Adam Lambert other than his orientation? We don't care about his sexuality. This does not apply to what Adam wants to do in the music industry. It's irrelevant to tell you the truth. Nobody cares, this is something that nobody else business but Adam himself.
So what if his flamboyant, wear black polish, put eyeliner. It's 21st freaking century. Adam wants to show he is passionate about fashion let him be. There's a lot celebrity are that way these days. Nobody ask them about their sexuality. They should ask Whoopie Goldberg is she is gay, she sure seems gay to me, she dreses like one, she act like one. That is stereo type isn't it?
At this point the United States MEDIA, especially the NOSEY one should remains mind your own business about the orientation of any person all over the world period. This is something the media should not make a Big deal about.
Is that the only news you guys can care about? Why don't you investigate how the HELL The Arkansas came out with 38 millions votes in 4 hours, the votes came there is bigger than the population itself. Oh even shocking it's larger than the population in California alone.. California population is 36 million. The entire Arkansas State population is only 2.8 million, and Conway is approximately 50 thousand only. So that is interesting isn't it. I know it's old news but hell, this is something should investigate.
Why not go to American Idol Producer and pound them the question is the American Idol winner is fixed? I bet it is, why do you think they don't want to reveal the percentage of each contestants votes? Don't you think the AI producer did infact wants to add a little drama to the finale? Why America never get the right winner every finale, it seems that most of the winner aren't that good of a singer.
Also, on the side note, when did America votes for a contestants that forgot the lyrics singing the coronation song, and the judges kept silent about it? Yeah Kris forgot the lyrics watch the video again and see it for yourself.
My point of this whole thing is .. you are so interested about Adam sexuality which is irrelevant to begin with, we could careless about that.
This is a questionable Kris messed up the song yet he get praise left and rigth. Kris admit it himself during Larry King interview by Ryan Seacrest that he forgot the lyrics, and he felt that he should have voted off a few times.
Why the good singer always get voted off most of the time?
Do you think the Producer had an eye on Kris all along to keep him going, since they have no idea who can compete with Adam's talent? So, ofcourse they have to come out with strategy like, let's make Kris as the guy next door, Christian guy(which Kris made an indication that he won not cuz of the Christian votes, common if u are a true Christian you should say suchs a thing)and he is likable. Better looking than Danny Gokey. No offense to Gokey's fans, I'm afraid that Geeks looks doesn't appeal to most of the fans and when it comes in selling the records. Danny Gokey is a little irritating during the show. So the schemes was, then we have a reason why Adam lost, cuz the Gokey's votes went to Kris plust both of them are Christian, then there's this issue with Adam orientation, and Adam is declare a winner since the beginning of the Season and the judges favorite, plus Adam has a lot of experienced already compare to Kris . Why not give the title to Kris, since Adam doesn't really need it, he is already a rising star. It will be more realistic and appealing to the public eye if Kris won, instead of Gokey(lets' eliminate Gokey). I believe the producer reading all the blogs or his family what we say about all the contestants. Besides Kris is making a momentum, and people are in for a Shock of the results. Which it works perfectly. So.... the question remains why Adam lost? Is it really about his sexuality or was it truly rigged?
We are smart people we know talents and who works hard there during the entire season. We know Adam's performance are flawless the whole time. Even Kris Allen knows it, that title should go to Adam.
Why aren't the media press that issue to the American Idol producer. Tell them that the public has the right to know about the votes. We want them publicized the results and how many votes came in from Eash States. Also, how many votes or even text came in exacly per minute in Arkansas.
That is the story you should be reporting to us. NOT Adam's sexuality. What he does behind closed door is his business, not mine, not you, Especially NOT the MEDIA. It is unpolite, and ridiculous to ask that silly question to someone. May I remind you that is harrassment!!
So Adam get

1939 days ago
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