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Adam Lambert Mani's Up

5/30/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert in West Hollywood yesterday getting his groom on.


Bring it on, Clay Aiken ...


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Did you see HRH Prince Harry with red fingernails in a recent magazine too!!! I was getting my mani yesterday and happen to see it. I am sure if you goggle for the picture you'll find it!!!!

1939 days ago


I ADORE-ADORE-ADORE Adam! Who cares if he is gay, how often do people actually hook up in real life with a singer they like? Some people just don't get how you can be in love with a persons singing and personality and feel sexually attracted to them (because they exude sexiness) with out having a need to ever actually act it out with that person. I enjoy the feelings this guy makes me feel and have no problem knowing he enjoys men in his real life! Gay guys are often very sexy, even to straight or bi women. IT'S ALL GOOD PEOPLE!

1939 days ago


I would kill to be his manicurist...soooo many thoughts go through my mind. I'm a straight woman but i DON'T CARE if he's gay, he's an angel with no sex!!!

1939 days ago


So what if Adam gets a mani/pedi? What is wrong with it? Is it really a problem to anybody? Get a life if this is all you have to worry about. It doesnt matter if he is gay or whatever, he is stil the sexiest guy on the planet besides being well groomed and beautiful. He is also extemely talented and millions of us cant wait for his album or to see him on tour.

1939 days ago


I think it's very hot! Men who take an interest in their own apperance have go it "goin on". The losers who bash him are either jealous of him or intimedated by him. He is talented, sexy, brilliant, smart and funny. What's not to love about this guy? I am grateful we have been LUCKY enough to be witness to this rising STAR!

1939 days ago


I wish I was sitting in that chair next to him. I wonder what we would talk about.

1939 days ago


It is a proven study that men who have the most violent reaction to a gay man is because they are the most strongly attracted to the gay man and these so called he men do not know how to deal with their emotions so they strike out with hate and violence!! Oh yeah, thats the kind of guy I really want .....NOT!! Adam has so many female fans drooling over him and don't care one wit if he is gay, and you homophobe manly men couldn't get a date unless you paid for it ...LOL..keep on hating because what you put out there comes back at you. LOL..........

1939 days ago

Dean Donato    

See how phobic America is. Everyone wants to sing with Adam. For poor Kris, after Huckabee, obscurity beckons.

People that call him names are simply insecure or perhaps they have "something" to hide?

1939 days ago


Go Adam! You deserve a day off......
Ok, if you didn't know ...then your clueless and now go check your brothers room...hee hee
When this lovely MAN makes a professional move I'll be there for support.....other than that.....I could care less about his personal life...

1939 days ago

samantha t    

Could care less if he gets his nails done or not, still can't stand him.. All the homo's know how to do anymore is cry!!! God made Adam & EVE!!! NOT Adam & Micheal...

1939 days ago


Lot of so call Straight, Married (and with Children) Men get pedicures, too. You gonna call a Mafioso a Homo to his face, just cause he's getting his toes done? Good luck with that.

1939 days ago


I just love Adam. What the heck is wrong with getting a manicure or a pedicure? It's extremely relaxing and fun. But if I was one of those other customers I would have probably hyperventilated. He's so dang cute!

1939 days ago


he is so cute!! I love him!!

1939 days ago


Although I am a huge Adam fan, I also like Kris. However, it was painful watching Kris sing the Beatle's "Yesterday" at the Huckabee show. He had many bum notes and was really straining. If he had sung that on American Idol, I am sure he would have been voted off right away. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and attribute it to fatigue. Get some rest Kris.

Anyway, I digress from the topic on hand. You can tell a lot about men (or women for that matter) by the way they take care of themselves. Sloppy on the outside, also sloppy on the inside. Enough said! Go ADAM!

1939 days ago


#26...the only stipulation besides age is that they can't currently have a recording contract...which he didn't, so he was perfectly eligible...

1939 days ago
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