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Boyle Gets Beat By Dance Crew

5/30/2009 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan BoyleIn the upset of the century, Susan Boyle just lost "Britain's Got Talent" to the 10-person dance crew Diversity.

It looks like Boyle's reported diva antics may have caught up with her.

Check out her runner-up performance here.


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Please dont say anything about Susan. She has an amazing talent and sincerness about her. I agree with #6!! SUSAN WAS DEFINETLY ROBBED BY THE MEDIA!!!!!! And yea I bet they didnt recieve that many hits on their video. Matter of fact I am going to see right now..........

1882 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    


1882 days ago


Susan Boyle A Loser? Pish Posh! This Is The Prime Of Miss Susan Boyle. The world is full of late bloomers whose personal suns only start to shine in the second half of their lives. Susan reminds us once again that our lives do not end when youth fades. And soon, her dream of singing music will be realized. CrabbyGolightly dot com!

1882 days ago


well, at the end of the day, susan wll be getting visits from the likes of andrew lloyd webber. i do agree the susan should have sung another song like "may it be".

1882 days ago


Hey, guys, not to worry!!!

Someone else came in second here in the States a few days ago ..... his name is ..... um ... something Lambert???


Susan Rules!!!!!!

1882 days ago

Christian Seaborn    

It is hard to believe that in 2009 there are still idiot racists out there...not only racists but ones who want to share their hate by wrapping their comments around the talented Ms. Boyle.

First, because I was/am inspired by Ms. Boyle's story and efforts I have followed this Britain's Got Talent competition religiously from the first week. I am not one to usually get wrapped up in any of these talent competition shows. But, for me, Ms. Boyle made this different.

I am not of the opinion that somebody deserves to lose. Just that somebody might be better and, therefore, deserve the win. Again, I am, indeed, a Susan Boyle fan. But - in looking (several times) at the tapes of both her performance tonight and Diversity's - I do think that Diversity was the more entertaining act this evening. And that, really, is what the voting should be about. Who was, this evening, the more entertaining performance.

(As for Diversity and the racist comments made here, folks go back and look at their performance and see that the group is not just black-skinned performers. And please do not drag the lovely Ms. Boyle into your web of hate.)

I am sure - as many others have said here - that Susan Boyle is about to have a very wonderful career...even if it has come at mid-life.

1882 days ago


Susan's talent will insure her dream of being a professional singer, regardless of being a so called runner-up. She should be proud of what she's accomplished and know she is truly "one special lady".

1882 days ago


Whatever happens now Susan Boyle is the ultimate winner of the competition. She achieved the impossible - reaching an enormous audience all over the world - and is rumoured to have a signed record contract. Ms. Boyle will earn a lot of money from her appearances and will be able to ensure her financial future.

The whole "Diva" thing was hardly surprising, considering the appalling media coverage she had to endure during the competition. First of all the heroine and then the villain, just tactics of the media, and probably the show itself, to ensure bigger ratings. She reacted as anyone would in her situation.

I adore her voice and will certainly buy her music in the future. I wish her happiness and health and hope that she will enjoy her success without too much media hassle.

1882 days ago


Come on people get a grip....Susan is a good singer but the other acts were great too....All those unkind things said about the boys.....We are presently facing a crisis where our young people have turn to CRIME and VIOLENCE...Now seeing those guys make me very proud....Its people like us and unkind comments that has caused so much crazy things in this world......DIVERSITY you were all great >Susan i wish you all the best >and to all the other contestant you did well.....
Im sorry if i don't see eye to eye with some of these comment but this for me means a very good thing.....No matter what race they are they are an insipiration to the young generation coming up......If all our youngsters were forming a dance group in their spare time instead of crime and voilence.....just imagine the type of world we would have ....CRIME FREE

1882 days ago


Susan Boyle was robbed. She will always be the "Winner" in my estimation. What exactly is "talent"...? Can anyone learn to street dance? Is that talent or just dedication. Diversity was entertaining. Like most Pop singers today that entertain, they can't really sing with the talent of a Susan Boyle. They have to have a troupe behind them so you don't pay good atttention to their lack of true singing ability...Susan has a God given talent. I love her..and will buy her CD's. To those who question her singing I Dreamed A Dream again, reminder: Paul Potts sang the same song twice and won the competition. I bought Paul's first CD but after hearing his remarks (which were totally unprofessional) about Susan I will not be buying his next. Good Luck Susan and God Bless

1882 days ago


all statements on here are futile.........noone cares enough to respond...cept for me....handymikeforever on the you tube

1882 days ago


Whether or not Susan should/should not have taken first is history now. I think she probably is better off emotioanlly to have taken second place. She will succeed and I am sure will sing for the Queen. She is a lovely woman with a beautiful voice and I wish her all the happiness and success.

And for you cruel bloggers, why don't you sit back and take a look at yourself.....(I have) . Pick a trait from Susan..... whether it be her voice, kindness, caring for others, being a genuine person, or whatever, it just might be a better world.

1882 days ago


Word of caution - the above link from "Telling Like it Is" contains a stupid video not pertaining to Ms. Boyle. Contains a farce from "Aliens" don't bother opening it.

1882 days ago


Dance was way much better!

1882 days ago


I think Susan should have won.Her voice is one of a kind.She's great...............

1882 days ago
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