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Boyle Gets Beat By Dance Crew

5/30/2009 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan BoyleIn the upset of the century, Susan Boyle just lost "Britain's Got Talent" to the 10-person dance crew Diversity.

It looks like Boyle's reported diva antics may have caught up with her.

Check out her runner-up performance here.


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I think she should release an album soon and come to America and perform on Broadway in Cats! Good luck Susan. You've touched so many hearts!

1918 days ago


Her voice is beautiful, and she should have won but I guarantee you people will not forget her more than I can say for the dance team. They may be brilliant but you cannot hear them daily on the radio and how many people out there actually go to the theatre to watch a dance show anymore and the occasional spot on television just won't keep them up front long.
They both did extremely well and if it wasn't for the show would never, never have made it this far. Good Luck to all.

1918 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

I want to see 'The Paul Potts Story' made into a movie.
I also want to see 'The Susan Boyle Story' made into a movie.

And I want Jack Black to play the lead rolls in both.

1918 days ago


I don't believe Susan was a diva!!! I think if she farted out loud, the media would say she did it intentionally to (no pun) blow them away. The pressure she was under was incredible, I couldn't even begin to imagine how hounded she must have been and all this talk about her looks, etc. LOOK AT HOLLYWOOD, MOST BEAUTIFUL LOOKS, NO BRAINS AND VERY LITTLE TALENT IN MOST.

1918 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

I'd hit it.....
wrong thread.

1918 days ago


I watched both on utube and not saying that the dance troup wasn't good but really. What more can they do and how can they make a living with the 'talent'. Susan can sing. I believe she will go farther regardless of being first or second. The cash up front would have been nice I'm sure but I thought the group that won is ridiculous.

1918 days ago


She did not place first for one of 3 reasons:

1.) Overexposure. fifteen minutes has become what, ten seconds nowadays?

2.) Racism--voter might have disliked her for being Scottish and white, and thus not "diverse" enough.

3.) As a shoo-in for millionairism, and thus and no longer an underdog, voters might have felt justified in voting for the next best underdog on the list.

1918 days ago


I live in the UK and have watched all of the show. I think Susan Boyle was great but having watched all of it, especially the finale, I really believe Diversity deserved to win. For those who commented that street dancing isnt as much of a "talent" as singing, that is just naive. Anyone would be lucky to have as much talent as either Susan Boyle OR Diversity.
And as for them winning because they're black, that is ridiculous! It hasn't and shouldn't matter what race or colour they are. at the end of day, its the TALENT that matters.

1918 days ago

Big Bear    

Susan Boyle and Diversity perform on the same night. Which one would you spend your money to go see perform?? I would rather go hear Susan as watch a bunch of folks junp and skip around on the stage.

1918 days ago


Come on people get a grip....Susan is a good singer but the other acts were great too....All those unkind things said about the boys.....We are presently facing a crisis where our young people have turn to CRIME and VIOLENCE...Now seeing those guys make me very proud....Its people like us and unkind comments that has caused so much crazy things in this world......DIVERSITY you were all great >Susan i wish you all the best >and to all the other contestant you did well.....
Im sorry if i don't see eye to eye with some of these comment but this for me means a very good thing.....No matter what race they are they are an insipiration to the young generation coming up......If all our youngsters were forming a dance group in their spare time instead of crime and voilence.....just imagine the type of world we would have ....CRIME FREE

1918 days ago


AFter watching the video's of the final performances, I find it SO hard to believe that the dance troupe beat Susan Boyle. *shakes head* The performances weren't even in the same league.

1917 days ago


What no one here is bothering to mention is that Brits are begrudgers. They love to see people a degree. They very likely turned on Susan, because she had become so wildly celebrated. Needed to take her down a peg. Sorry but true. Don't bother to make the ridiculous claim that some predictably silly ("Diversity"??? OH, COME ON!) dance group skipping around can claim parity with someone with a remarkable gift. BTW I don't like the kind of thing Susan does but I can freeely acknowledge her unique talent.

1917 days ago


Susan was brilliant, but her performance in the semi finals wasnt great which made u feel that she is over rated :( , she was under the most pressure for sure. the final was so so tight, there were 10 excellent acts, it really could have went either way! Even the Judges couldnt tell who the winner could be? but Diversity's performance was so orginal, it got top votes from all the judges. Last year George Samson won, with his amazing dance routines, so what if another dance act wins this year? do americans even know what the Royal Variety Performance is about? Variety not just singers.They had it weeks ago that Susan was going to walk this competition not knowing who she is up against. I wish American's would let this go. The woman got millions of hits because of the way the crowd and judges reacted to her appearance and crazy personality before she even sang. This is what amazed the world, not that shes the best singer ever! She has made world wide fame already!!!I honestly thought Shaheen would have won. The litttle boy. wow... hes an amazing singer. But happy for Diversity :-) excellent, creative and really nice guys. I wish people would leave race out of it. anyway, diversity are all different races, mixed, white black, ages etc. Dont be so rediculous. They won with the most votes. end off

1915 days ago


LOL why are american's so over dramatic lol oh my god.. The only contestant they knew in the final was susan boyle lol so off course they think she should have won. They are known around the world to be the most arrgant nation and are not even aware that there is a world outside america. lol, Then telling others they know it all and what the UK SHOULD have voted? It's a TV show you idoits. And bringing race into it... typical americans. Thats them all over... The group that won are all different races together.. maybe americans could learn from this. Doubt groups like that even assist in their divided country.

1915 days ago


wow...can't believe it's 2 years since bgt 09. and u know what subo now becoming boring & diversity currently hot in britain. that's it...

1057 days ago
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