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Jon Gosselin to Barney: I Love You ...

5/30/2009 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin was apparently trying to put out a fire in his pants yesterday -- a fire that was clearly burning a hole in his pocket, because he was spending like a mutha.

Now we find out he dropped more than $2,000 Friday at the Barneys CO-OP in the Riverside Square Mall in New Jersey. It's the same mall where one of the two women he was with dropped $595 at Tumi -- on a purse.

And spies at the mall tell us Jon and the two girls dropped in on Louis Vuitton, Cole Haan and Godiva. As one dude put it, Jon was decked out in cheesy Ed Hardy duds.

And now we're told the two women who accompanied Jon were the two chicks with whom he spent Memorial Day. We got this pic of the trio at Front Street Bar and Grill in Newburgh, NY.

From the looks of it, Jon was spending on Jon but not Kate Plus 8.


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polly purebred    

Get real here - they couldn't get a picture of him actually shopping, so they put the shopping bags on yesterday's picture. Is it that hard to figure out? Doesn't mean he did or didn't go shopping. TMZ isn't trying to fool anyone with the picture, but obviously, they did.

After living for years on the allowance Kate dished out, BRAVO for Jon.

1941 days ago


My dearest"Huh"...
I dont know about you but the last time I looked down I seen hills and no package if you catch my drift.... and as I said in my statement this was before their so called fame and fortune....tsk tsk....Yes the dude is now a stay at home dad and he can do whatever his heart desires...seems theres a little wee wee envy / contest happening here with him and you...yikes!...either way;the guy makes enough money to do whatever he pleases and if it breaks your heart as you seem to want me to believe- I can tell you too :suck it up

1941 days ago


Hey Amanda- me thinks youre soooo right...:)

1941 days ago


PlatinumGal/Jon -- HE doesn't make money. He pimps his kids out for money. And I'll bet you don't have a steady job, either.

Let me guess, you're a prison-wife type, aren't you?

1941 days ago


My dearest technology allows us to voice opinions it also allows some to cover their real personalities as you have chosen to for me telling you what I do and whatnot I would rather just say stick to the story headlines/topic ,rather then me telling you how to rather quickly to get there...smille and be grateful someones responded to you princess.

1941 days ago



1941 days ago


An Amazing father doesn't show up to his kids birthday and play victim. He is acting like a spoiled baby. He needs to remember where his obligations are. EIght kids is hard stressful and not always fun.

Remember their show only shows slices of what happens the day to day stuff is boring.

As for those cheering his teenage behavior on. If he were my brother I would kick his azz and I would also tell Kate to lighten the hell up. Kids are made to get dirty.

The tabloids need to leave them alone.

1941 days ago


This picture is doctored. Those are staffers from the show and in some photos THERE ARE NO HANDBAGS. TMZ prints lies because they want to get people riled about about nothing. As Jon has been stuck at home with the kids for months while Kate has been off promoting her book, it is only fair he have a few days off. Trust TMZ to falsify whatever they possibly can to try and lure people to this lame website.

1941 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

Platinum Gal wins ! funny stuff

1941 days ago


where the hell was his balls to sit and take it without a , "Are you stressed out hun, lets talk about it",


Annie I have a feeling you’re not married….or you live on another planet. Don’t know a single man who would say such a thing.

1941 days ago


This picture is obviously altered. If you look closely at Jon's hand, you can see that he's holding a beer, not shopping bags. Also, the bags are of a different photo quality than the rest of the picture. To top it all off, this picture (minus the shopping bags) was in the most recent Life & Style magazine. Nice try TMZ.

1941 days ago


I'm getting the distinct impression TMZ wants them to divorce. Hey lets take a picture of him with two random chicks and make a big deal out of it.

1941 days ago


If I had the money he has, I would be spending it on what I wanted sometimes, too. Unfortunately I'm poor and my money goes to bills, so I have a lot of wants, I guess. Anyway, I could care less how any of them spend their money. There are people who drop money like that ALL the time, but you don't see news about it. As long as their bills and children are taken care of (which I'm pretty sure they are), then I could care less. I guess I should also point out that if I were rich I wouldn't throw my money away like a lot of people, but I don't see the Gosselins doing that, really.

What I DO have a problem with is a sinlge mom with 14 kids who relies on government welfare and such, but goes out and buys thousands of dollars on makeup and other junk. Yes, I'm referring to the OctoMom. Don't EVEN get me started on her. She is relying on the government while Jon & Kate (who has written two books) are just doing a job they started (which I think Jon wants out of at this point.)

Also, a guy having female friends doesn't mean a darn thing. I have friends of both genders that I would love to be able to travel around with.

Anyway, I shall stop rambling. I'm just saying yet again, leave them alone. The media isn't helping any of what's going on with them right now. Honestly, I'm sick of hearing about all of this.

1941 days ago


If he were a smart man, which I don't believe he is. He would NOT let himself be alone with ANY female to be photographed.

He did say he was SORRY for the pain he hailed upon his family, clearly he doesn't know what that word means.

1941 days ago


Is it just me or do those bags(at least one) look like they were photoshopped on?

1941 days ago
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