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Jon Gosselin to Barney: I Love You ...

5/30/2009 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin was apparently trying to put out a fire in his pants yesterday -- a fire that was clearly burning a hole in his pocket, because he was spending like a mutha.

Now we find out he dropped more than $2,000 Friday at the Barneys CO-OP in the Riverside Square Mall in New Jersey. It's the same mall where one of the two women he was with dropped $595 at Tumi -- on a purse.

And spies at the mall tell us Jon and the two girls dropped in on Louis Vuitton, Cole Haan and Godiva. As one dude put it, Jon was decked out in cheesy Ed Hardy duds.

And now we're told the two women who accompanied Jon were the two chicks with whom he spent Memorial Day. We got this pic of the trio at Front Street Bar and Grill in Newburgh, NY.

From the looks of it, Jon was spending on Jon but not Kate Plus 8.


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J D    

I can't say I blam Jon if I had to put up with Kate and look at her all the time

1936 days ago


Jon I watched your first show this season and you looked so sad. You need to stand up and be a MAN. A man does not live off of his kids he makes a living for them. You act like you are such a victim in all of this. I am so sorry that you don't have privacy anymore. What did you and Kate think when you both started this show? Fame is two sided, one side there is all the money on the other you have to give up your soul. You and Kate asked for this but your kids did not. They had no voice. Stop this show get your personal life back in order. If the money runs out do like most of the people in this country do GET A REAL JOB. Both you and Kate have the skills to make a nice living without all of the lights,camera and action stuff. Think about your kids and let the fame go. In the end you will be better off for it.

1936 days ago


Has it occurred to anyone that maybe Jon is no longer 'filming' with the family? Filming the new season is still in process and he wasn't around much in the first episode. He made it perfectly clear in the season finale that he wasn't sure he wanted to continue this show. Maybe Kate and Jon agreed to disagree about continuing the show and part of that agreement was he could be away when the cameras were rolling.

If you really think about NO ONE *really* knows what is going on in their relationship.
Leave them alone!

1936 days ago


That pic is a fake man...taken from where do you see designer tags with shadows covering up the ladies' 'assets' lol

1936 days ago


Jon is a...loser, plain and simple. Your a DAD, there is no more "you time" till they are all off to college. Didn't you read the pamphlet? You make me sick. Kate, working mom of 9, should be her new show name.

1936 days ago


This right wing religious hypocrite and adulterer whined about being "in prison". His "prison" includes the worlds most exclusive stores. Dont' the parishoner suckers that gave him and his wife money feel stupid?

1935 days ago


This is stupid... Does no one else notice the obvious photoshopping in this picture? The bags he are holding don't fit the rest of the picture, they are at a totally awkward angle. I'm embarrassed that someone is trying to pass this off as a real picture. Actually, I'm embarrassed that those at TMZ have nothing better to do than invent a story and photoshop (BADLY) a photo to make it seem try. PATHETIC!!!

1935 days ago


Ok, remember, SHUT OFF TLC'S Jon & Kate Plus 8 on Monday night. Show your power by lowering the ratings and make the money bags shrink for TLC and Jon and Kate.

TLC and Jon & Kate understand words related to MONEY. So let's lower ourselves to speak their language.

The previews showed Kate being "surprised" that a bus is in her driveway. Do you morons REALLY believe that power hungry controlling KATE GOSSELIN wouldn't know where SHE was going? ALL STAGED for the delight of her Moron Viewers. Turn your backs on TLC and Jon & Kate. Let her insult you no more! She is smart enough to know the smart viewers will leave, but she is smart enough to know the Morons will follow her into the depths of hell, if she wants you to go there. Viewers, grow a backbone. Hug your own families and let the State of Pennsylvania investigate the Gosselins.

Will Kate change her name after she divorces Jon?

Will Kate see Jon's reflection in all 8 of her children?

Will she punished them consciously or unconsciously because they all look like Jon?

Children services should follow this family every 6 months or so for the next 5 years at a minimum.

1935 days ago


these girls could be his cousin's for all we know.As far as him wanting some alone time doesnt everybody deserve some time to them selves?I know i need it and I only have one kid.You never see him go balistic on Kate when she is treating him like one of the kids or just being her bitchy self.TLC came to them and asked if they wanted the show if i had 8 kids i would at least consider doing a show like this they have to support those childern somehow cause if they don't guess whose pocket it would be coming from then yours and mine.I think we should give the man a break.Kate's the one who wanted more kids to begin with!It says alot to me when somebodys own family doesnt have any thing to do with them! Wish she'd cut that hair it's ugly.

1935 days ago


#41- I agree!!!!

TEAM JON!!!!!!!!!!!

1935 days ago


She's lucky he stayed there as long as he did. It’s those poor kids we should be worried about as any “real” parent can see. Those kids will need TONS of therapy later in life for being raised as money attracting magnets, but I'm yet to see anything that portrays either of them as UNSUITABLE parents. Take away discussion about the kids and then listen to how she talks about Jon, herself, people around her, etc. She has NO respect for anyone anymore and a little surgery to increase her cup size, her tummy flatness and a fancy hair do will NOT change that. If you watched the other night even the so called "friends", the ones invited to the big phony birthday event stood back and were afraid of her. Jon is just sick of being treated like a door mat and Kate's personal whipping boy. Oh and the picture of Jon having a beer at the bar...what's he supposed to do on a long weekend when he's separated? Sit at home and watch TV? What did YOU do on Memorial day? Hung with friends, had a beer & a BBQ. Kate will loose huge because she's NOT the domestic goddess she thinks she is, and Jon will loose big time because he lacks the knackers to end it all. No matter, it's all a Schmoz and until they get OFF TV, it WON’T get better.

1935 days ago


Gosselinswithoutpity/blogspot writers and especially Julie,Jodi and Kevin....shame on you guys- now we know where the exploitation crap came from..nothing like posting the address of where you guys went to complain about Jon and Kate- if family is like this who in the h!ll need enemies?!?!?!?!?

1935 days ago


Golly gee shi+ , Could this pic BE any more photoshopped? Get real. The truth is bad enough. When pics like these are put out there it is literally treating us like idiots. My three year old niece could have added the package strings and packages and had them look more natural. GEESH!!

1935 days ago


That picture is so Fake,if you believe the picture and story,YOU ARE A MORON !!

1935 days ago


Ok TMZ - this is the same photo you showed online the other day - except now you obviously added the bags. Personally I would fire whoever did the photo shop on this one.

Get a life TMZ report truth.

1935 days ago
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