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Megan Fox Is One Inky Girl

5/30/2009 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Every male photographer in New England hightailed it to JFK in NY last night -- because the one and only Megan Fox decided to come in for a landing.

Megan Fox: Click to watch
The blindingly hot actress, who already has 7 tats, told us she ain't done yet -- she's going for a sleeve! Stay classy.


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#8 and #30..I couldn't agree more.

1975 days ago


Wow, YOU people , atleast most of you are dumb. You are saying tats are trashy and unsexy blahblahblah!???
Why DON'T YOU try to sit at a parlor, get a big tattoo done. See how much you hate the pain. It hurts and most of you are too weak to handle the pain. Megan is a strong girl! I have a tat ..writing on the left side of my ribs and so does thats a painful one! You idiots have no idea about tattoo's so YOU should keep your little fingers away from the keyboard. Tats dont make you trashy! Whats trashy is you jealous morons , you whinny little girls!!!
Seriously, I bet most of you could not handle the pain of getting a tattoo. Her Marilyn Monroe tat, how long do you think she sat in that chair for????? Try atleast 6 hours! Imagine needles nonestop going in and out of your skin...thats just for the outline..then the shading begins....You are idiots. Stop hating, stop being jealous.

1975 days ago


i agree with the chick on tmz with the ugly glasses- and say that she def. rolled her eyes. and you can just tell when someone rolls their eyes,

1975 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

Who cares- sleeves are hot!

1975 days ago


Girls with tats are loser skanks, including Sandy Scott. #37. Talk about an air headed bimbo! You talk like getting a tat makes a tough girl. How old are you? 12? And why would anybody be jealous? We can't get a tramp stamp if we want? Some of us chhoose to have dignity and class. Childish, insecure women like you, Sandy Scott, should stay away from computers. All you do is show the world your extreme lack of intelligence. How embarrassing.

1975 days ago

A Bahamian    

why is she always sticking her tongue out? does she have tourettes?

1975 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

btw- You either like tattoos or you don't.. BUT they do NOT make you "trashy or skanky" I have some that mean very important things to me, and I do not consider myself a skank or trash- you are being prejudice again'st people simply for having ink?? that's insane. Tattoos have been around since the beginning of time!

1975 days ago

scott is yummy.    

I hope she was joking.

If she's not joking, Good luck finding work after this! Small tats are fine, but no one is going to want to put effort into having to cover up an entire sleeve. A lot of people are going to take one look at her and say oh hell no.

1975 days ago


Her 15 minutes are ticking...a talentless actress who's claim to fame is being "hot"...too bad she gets more disgusting by the day. Tick tock...

1975 days ago


Decent women do not get tats. End of story.

1975 days ago


I swear the world is going NUTS... Shes a pretty girl, SO WHAT. What does she do to make this world a better place. Its crazy that people go all ga ga just because someone is pretty. Beauty fades, everyone even Megan Fox will get old.

1975 days ago


I can't understand why everyone thinks this woman is so beautiful-I just don't see it. Is it because she is nasty or what?

1974 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

I'm reading Sandy Scott's post,
And wondering what tat ink does to your brains...

1974 days ago


Could someone please tell me who the heck this chick is? I seriously have no clue. She is a classy one, that's for sure. :/

1974 days ago


Marilyn tat on the forearm? My bets are she has the Willie Nelson tattoo down south incorporating her midget bush into his beard and she certainly doesn't need help recreating his bad breath.
She is simply played out hardcore--tongue out in every picture, regrettable tats, fedora, horrendous taste in clothing and shoes, midget thumbs and a dumpy body.
Next, please. Anybody but this slag.

1974 days ago
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