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OctoMom's Show -- Terrifying Reality

5/30/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Finally, a company brave enough to put child slavery where it belongs ... on television.

, a television production company, has just inked a deal with OctoMom Nadya Suleman, finally making her dream a reality -- assuming that her dream was to exploit her children for as much money as humanly possible.

Octo's been trying to get a show going for a while, but now, despite all good sense and decency, it looks like it actually may happen. According to Us Magazine, Suleman is now committed to the show with Eyeworks -- a production company -- and they're currently in talks with networks.

If you count each of her fourteen kids as a large sacks of money, then this show will be six large sacks of money better than Jon and Kate Plus Eight.


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tired of octo-lips    

And an after thought .......I was responding to a blog where the person seemed to think that the only reason we get on here to speak our mind is because we have no life........or that we may be jealous of what the octo has ......or that we are a bunch of losers......or the many other issues this person seems to have.............Can't some people (who seem to think that the octo is the best thing since sliced bread) believe that the only issue we have with this women is that SHE not any one of us has made her the loathsome creature that she is and that anyone with half a brain would see through all her lies and see that she had those children for nothing but personal gain.....That is why I feel as just another mom.....I would not want to use my child as a commodity like this women thinks nothing of doing..........

1940 days ago

sir nigel buttercrumpet    


1940 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

There are people out there who just think they are so smart and know so much more than anyone elice I think the rants of for the love of God make a lot of sense why are we so determined to cut someone to the quick and judge them octomon did not recieve all the freebies that Jon and Kate did and yes they were married and wanted a family and that is ok nothing wrong with that but something went wrong and fame became more inportant I don't know what happened I was not there I just have to go by what I am told as you do as for octomom yes she is singel and she to wanted a family it is not our place to judge her for that. Again all the facts of her we get off TV and we do not know her personally so we have to decide what we believe we are not there so we just half to pray that it all works out and all the kids are pertected and safe.

1940 days ago


Just another Mom, ,,,You are not ' just another mom '. You are a real Mom. I agree with you. There is a definite common denominator amongst Octo-slouch supporters. As a previous poster stated, when there is no viable argument to support their position, they resort to imbecilic vitriole, that has no basis other than their ignorant, amoebic little brains. Let me regurgitate : ," haters, you are just losers, your jealous because she will be rich & you wont, or perhap's, Laurie's famous 'look after your own effin, drug addicted apathetic kids, say hello to your childmolesting piece of garbage husband in prison' ". , It is obvious ........the correllation between that type of mentality, and the mentality that supports Octo. Either way, the sum of the parts equates with Ugliness.

1940 days ago


Kashmirsaphire has resurrected, for the love of God.

1940 days ago


hi there ankaret, jane, my little girls, et al!

its been a long time hasn't it? tmz was doing so well by not posting anything on octoleach, then this tidbit came along and they just couldn't resist, LOL!

at this point i could care less about her and her motives, she really isn't in the news that much anymore and this show is no doubt, a last ditch effort to try to make money. i am sure she has blown through pretty much everything she has extorted from the public and the media outlets so far and she needs to refill her coffers.

i have to believe that her time will come and her perfect little "baby bubble" (her term, used in a radar video) will indeed burst and she will be no more. her kids will either be removed, or she will bankrupt herself and be back to living in squalor, then gloria alred can rip her to shreds in court and the public eye.

i look forward to that day.

btw did anyone ever hear from "angry neighbour" again??? she just vanished on us and left us all wondering.

anyway, hope everyone is enjoying the spring/summer.

chrisa :-D

1940 days ago


So Sad... for the love of God's opening comment to justanothermom was : " justanothermom,you are so dumb ". FortheloveofGod cut to the quick & made a cruel and baseless judgement. You are such a hypocrite, Kashmiresaphire !

1940 days ago

Sean P.    

Maybe the "angry neighbour" went on a relaxing vacation and got away from it all! It remains to be seen if the production company will be able to find a network that wants to air the show, so we don't know if it is a done deal yet.

1940 days ago


You are such a hypocrite, Kashmiresaphire-for the love of God.

1940 days ago


Hello Chrisa, nice to hear from you again. Well, Octo will have her reality show, but I doubt that it will do well., Octo can plasticise her exterior, but she lacks the charm & charisma that will sustain public interest. Unfortunately her children, the older ones, are little harrigans, the result of an inept, barely present egocentric 'mother?" Not their fault........but not endearing. Octo probably has squandered the money, extorted from the taxpayer..& begging from the Public. She has had a taste of notoriety & basically is greedy, & doesn't appear too proud to be on the take. No-one of substance appears interested in her 'portfolio', Ch-ching che-ching ........she can hear the Bell ringing, & those lasciviously, portulent fake lips are anticipation of .....Money. ............The odds of success are not in her favor..............unless the proportion of Archie Bunkers in this country,,,,,,,,,,,,,or overseas, outnumbers intelligence. The Bottom line is that people like to get their money 's worth.........especially Archie Bunker.

1940 days ago


There should be a boycott of this show... And, she should never be allowed to exploit her children again under any curcmstances, unless she is prepared to give them to foster care where they could get some care. The woman is a shopaholic, media whore!

1940 days ago


justanothermom..............Absolutely. While enterprise is wonderful, the voracity with which Society absorbs ' slop ', is incredible. Is America really so simpleminded...? I agree, let us have the "'Quality " crap back..........that made us laugh , cry and feel good. The media is supersaturated with insignificant third raters, egotistical enough to think that their lives are important enough to provide us with viewing pleasure. The reason that they are on Reality shows in the first place, is because they are less than mediocre, hanging on by a thread to celebrity that exists only in their minds. They are Hollywood rejects. They never made the grade. .........never could, never will. Their only recourse A reality show a ............a pimp & humiliate yourself ., any which way............................' just show me the coinage ", is their mantra.

1939 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

I see your point Trinity a judgement was made and that was wrong I don't however think justanouthermom should not be so upset over octomom it is her right to choose and I can respect that I have my opinion and she has hers I do not personally know octomom or justanouthermom or for the love of God but I can respect our right to freedom of speech and we are allowed to have our own opions and ideals my prayer is for the kids I pray they are safe and well taken care of no child should be exploited. But justanouthermom made judgements to on for the love of God but to each there own I just worry about the kids.

1939 days ago



1939 days ago


So Sad you just keep putting your foot in your mouth.there is no "but"............. . for the love of God's nastiness was unwarranted. ' You are so dumb', was her opening line. And now, you state that " you don't think that just another mom should be so upset over octomom " . Who are you to decide what she should think You are not respecting her freedom of speech or opinion. Her feelings are hers, not yours .You just have to have the last word. Your word.

1939 days ago
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