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Barack Obama -- The Price of Love

5/31/2009 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Want to do "date night" like the Obamas? Just get your hands on an unlimited budget, a private Gulfstream jet, and the United States Secret Service. Dinner and a movie is for suckers.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama
President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle hopped a jet to New York last night to see a Broadway play and then grabbed some dinner at a chic West Village restaurant.

Barack Obama -- launch photosThe only problem, Barack critics say, is that it's the American taxpayers who footed the bill for the private planes that shuttled the Obamas back and forth (Air Force One got the night off). Obama sprung for the theater tix out of his own pocket.

With the economy in the crapper, the Prez can't even enjoy a night on the town without it being a national issue.


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Yeah and bush took like 900 days of paid vacation.

The Obamas deserve a night out. They deserve more than that. Republicans are juts jealous that they are a young vibrant couple in love having great dates and sex.

1935 days ago


They look lovely...everyone deserves a date out with their husbands including Michelle Obama...for all you broke down republicans complaining about not being able to go out with your husband...yell at your's not Obama's fault you have a broke down man....he was broke before Obama was president...KEEP IT REAL!!!

1935 days ago

stephanie s.    

seriously! some of you people out there need to get a life and possibly a J.O.B if you're bitchin about these two going on a date. If you all have a problem with the way he's running the economy maybe you should educate yourself and run for president and see how difficult it is to make everyone happy and how to find a solution. Sometimes there is no good solution and you have to make people believe there is. It's one date. What difference does it make if he's flying the jet for a date or for an actual meeting. It all costs us the same, might as well let someone enjoy the benefits. All the men out there complaining and calling Obama and ass and stuff should take a good look at themselves, if the president can take his wife out for a romantic date why can't you get your act together and plan something romantic huh! what's your excuse!

1935 days ago


If this was just a sweet date between the two of them, why did he bring his aides and the media along with him??? He continues to force himself on us all with all of his photo ops. He is a marketing machine...still campaigning. It's so distasteful.

1935 days ago


When W was flying back and forth to Crawford twice a week in some never heard squat from the majority.Now the shoe is on the other foot.They didn't complain when Cheney and Bush were fleecing the country..go figure whining fools.

1935 days ago

idaho potato    

And we pay for the mother-in-law to live in the White House. Obama's aunt entered the country and is staying here illegally and we pay for her now with public assistance, including food stamps and housing.

They traveled to New York City for no other purpose but to please themselves. Geesh, they could have acted like they traveled to meet with the mayor and then throw in the night out as a matter of course. Nope, let it be known, they wanted a night out and damn it, they took it. He paid for the tickets. HA! That is the best joke of the day.

Maybe the country could pay for me to fly to NYC and see a Broadway play. Nope, can't do it cuz I got to work through the weekend to pay for my son's graduation fees.

I'm waiting for Obama to answer the question of what happened to the billions of U.S. taxpayers' money given to 'save' GM and Chrysler. They're both bankrupt as of Monday morning. No accountability is not acceptable.

Obama fiddles while U.S. economy burns. Wait, did I just hear Michelle say, "Let them eat cake"!?

1935 days ago


How about dividing some of that salary to the rest of us! I can't even afford to go out to dinner or a movie! I have yet to get any benefits at all from the new president! Don't see any changes at all. Still living week to week to survive. Paying only for necessities............

1935 days ago

Donald Ray    

Man, Clinton can get sucked off in the Oval Office and the Bro can't even take his 'ol lady out DAYUUUM

1935 days ago


Yeah, if Bush ever wasted the USA's cash/resources for such nonsense you people would never stop complaining. But when 0bama does it he is just a dreamy husband.

Forget the cost, how much do private jets for "date night for a married couple" add to global warming? I thought 0bama cared about the environment? Remember, the ruling class dictates that YOU have to reduce your carbon footprint.. not THEM. Do as 0bama says, not as he does.

The USA deserves to lose it's superpower status.

1935 days ago


ALL your Republicans need to chill out, Hes a human being too. Go watch Hannity or something. racist bast*ar*s..

1935 days ago


480 of vacation isn't a lot. Put together all your weekend and vacation time for eight years. Most people do have a total of 832 days off. The president is on call even during those days off anyway. They are still making major decision just at the vacation home not the White House. I do think that Presidents do get too much freebies however. They need to reduce mileage on planes and cars to help the global warming crisis. Obama isn't doing anything unusual just that the recession put focus on the millions that the President cost us a year.

1935 days ago

Sue Wong    

Get over it dumb American Republicans. You voted for Bush twice. LOL!!!!!!!!

1935 days ago


Wow I thought he was telling us to cut back and not waste! What a hypocrite. Were there no theaters in D.C.? Thanks for wasting more of my taxpayer money for YOUR PERSONAL USE. Limousine liberal. Do as I say and not as I do. He wants us to drive tin cans but he can fly on a private jet just to see a show. Wow. What a jerk.

1935 days ago


Shame on the Obama's. They should have paid for all of this on their own dime. Our economy is in the crapper and we have huge deficits and they fly to NYC? Get real and find in restaurant in DC. I'm so sick of the Obama's superiority and elitist attitudes. Our country has taken a horrible turn to socialism and beyond with this man as president. What a horrible mistake. We need to take back our country.

1935 days ago


Leave the man & his wife alone! I can't even imagine having the job he does and he deserves a break like the rest of us. He's working hard and doing the best he can. You're going to give him sh*t because he takes his wife on a fancy date? Get a life!

1935 days ago
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