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Carrie Prejean's Lawyer -- Fellow H8er

5/31/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanIt would make sense for Carrie Prejean -- the poster child for "traditional marriage" -- to hire a lawyer who shares her beliefs. And wouldn't you know it -- she picked one of the most famous ones of the bunch.

TMZ has learned Prejean has hired Charles Limandri, who acted as as general counsel to the National Organization of Marriage (NOM) when the group spearheaded the California ballot initiative to include the marriage definition in the constitution (aka Proposition 8).

We're told Prejean is trying to use Limandri to help her negotiate her contract with the Miss Universe Organization so she can make unauthorized public appearances with whomever she wants. (*cough cough NOM)

Prejean appears in an ad for NOM that is displayed prominently on their website -- despite the objections of the Miss Universe Organization.


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ahh, the tolerant liberal's only racisim if they say so, lets only swoon over a politicion if they say so, it's only disrcrimination if they say so. it's "hate" if they say so...if ya dont see policy there way,, there's just no empathy.

1937 days ago


When did TMZ stop reporting gossip and turned into a political blog supporting gay rights?

1937 days ago


35. How come TMZ never calls Obama a hater? Does he not believe the exact same thing as Ms California?


No - the entire media is in the tank for the clown in office. I'm absolutely baffled why the media will pay more attention to a runner-up in the Miss USA contestant than they will to the moron in the White House.

I'm almost done with this site. Too much bias. God - does it ever end???????

1937 days ago

Lenn K.    

Now tell me when did Carrie Prejean become a hater? TMZ, you're against people who believe in God does that make you a H8er?

1937 days ago


Let's be real. She's not a real gay-hater. She'd have sex with a female goat if it would advance her career. She's just trying to ride the Christian bandwagon for her advantage. She's as shallow as a $10 swimming pool.

1937 days ago


Free speech under attack by the radical left at TMZ. What is it that they hate about those of us opposing same-sex marriage? I just don't get it.

It is a man's own business if he takes it up his rectal cavity. It is my business when they try to equate civil rights with marriage rights.

1937 days ago


Equal RIGHTS??? Everyone ALREADY DOES have "equal rights". Every man is entitled to marry a woman, and every woman is entitled to marry a man!! What's not EQUAL about that??

The REAL question is where to draw the line? So, by TMZ Definition "opposite" marriage is now what they used to call "traditional marriage"?? Nice twist TMZ,.. OPPOSITE is just what it is.. OPPOSITE.. as in Male and Female? We were all created to "fit" together that way and to "PRO-CREATE"?

So we allow gay people to get married.. what will then be the NEXT march.. Cousins marrying cousins.. how about brothers and sisters, or brothers and brothers?? Maybe uncle Vinnie wants to marry his 14 year old NIECE?? Aunt Sally wants to marry her grandson Robert?

I know sounds GROSS doesn't it?? Maybe this is generally how MOST people see "gay marriage"..? Ya think????

CIVIL RIGHTS are CIVIL RIGHTS after-all, right GAY COMMUNITY??? "fair and equal rights for EVERYBODY!!!?"

Why so many ATHEIST wanna bash Christians is beyond me!!? Athiests have no rights when it comes to Christianity.. you've simply EARNED NONE!! And the christians I see are merely trying to uphold "the book" and what's been WRITTEN since the dawning of TIME!!!? While others want to "re-write" the book. TRULY ...NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

1937 days ago


Seems like there is more "hate" coming from the other side, not Prejean's side.
In fact, its sad how rude media outlets like TMZ are treating her.
She is looking like the class act and people like Perez are really making their argument look pathetic. Good luck getting people to support gay rights while acting like children.

1937 days ago


I think this has gone on for far, far too long, She won in more ways than one weather she keeps her title or not, which I'll doubt she'll lose it, trump is too gah-gah over what the publicity can & will bring him. Being in the lime light means you get hit by all sides, good & bad, & crying about it wont change it. Either give up the title or take what comes with it, I'll keep the rest of my thoughts to myself.

1937 days ago


She can say and believe whatever she wants too. That is her opinion and you get to air your opinion here. I don't agree with her but that's my opinion. See how that works?

1937 days ago


Trump never met a blonde dimbo he didn't wet himself all over for. This one is no exception. He and the dimbo are both major losers. I hope a whole lot of people boycott his pageants in the future. That may make him realize what his actions are costing him. Then again, he's as dim as she is, so maybe not.

1937 days ago


I must laugh to see how Miss Prejean is jerking THE DONALD. I bet he does not have many other employees who consistently choose not to do the work they have agreed to. Where else could a person keep a job when slack off so much and offending the public when it is best to keep quiet for the common good. I think Carrie should keep pushing him. No telling what else he would simply drop in her lap. He has certainly proved himself a fool.

1937 days ago


You liberal hatemongers just can't let it go. Get over it, you lost. As for all of the hateful comments about the "holier than thou Christians", the only holier than thou I see is from you closed minded liberals. You can't stand to see someone actually have their own opinion.

1937 days ago


I just found out that TMZ is actually televised. Is that anything like this site....... I'll never tune in their program and wonder why they are even being carried on public television????

1937 days ago


H8er? ....she believes marriage is between a man and a she's a hater??! sheesh!...get real & grow up!

1937 days ago
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