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Kate Gosselin's Kids Punch Out

5/31/2009 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As reward for all their hard work and dedication, the stars of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" -- and their mother -- treated themselves to a vacation in Bald Head Island, NC.


Jon & Kate -- launch photosThe Pennsylvania Department of Labor would approve.


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Life is good! Living off of your kids. Come on people Jon and Kate do not need this show to raise their kids. My grandmother raised 9 kids after my grandfather died without a tv show. They all turned out fine. She worked hard, that is how it is done in the real world! Jon and Kate love the perks. Well enjoy it while you can because the gravy train is about to come to a halt. The public is getting sick of the both of you. These kids deserve a stable home life. They did not ask to be on a tv show to make their parents a living. The whole thing is just sad.

1979 days ago

The Sniper    

I can't wait until TLC'S new show "Jon LEFT Kate Plus Eight"

1979 days ago

kill the queen    

Stop saying "Jon and Kate"- JON wanted out of the TV show. JON said it was enough already. Its KATE that insisted upon continuing on. They didnt even know for sure there would be another season, because Jon was not willing. I would BET she "let" him buy a car, as a bribe to go on with the show. Then turns around and bad mouths him to any media that will listen. And all the while, he is too respectful to say anything about her, saying it is between them, no one else. WOW. He could do so much better than her dumb @--. poor guy.

1978 days ago


John and Kate Plus HATE!!

1978 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Jon's just as guilty for the downfall of his family as Kate. So tired of Jon and Kate whining about how this effects them, HOW DOES IT EFFECT THEIR CHILDREN? Never see anyone asking them! Jon needs to grow up and not abandon his family, Kate needs help period. Their both guilty of child endangerment IMO!

1978 days ago


Why are they calling in the Child Labor Department? If they do this to Jon & Kate then they will have to do it to all the reailty shows that stars kids. Jon & Kate are not the only ones who as a reaitly show on their multiples. Their just the only one with their marriage breaking up in the public eye. Its really sad. The public is not only hurting Jon & Kate but they are hurting the kids. These kids are not neglected or deprived of anything! They are just gulity of being a spoild and that is no need for DSS (Department of Social Services) or Department of Child Labor to be involved with this family. I know they put themselves in this situation but we the public also asked for this type of show or we wouldn't be watching it. I hope the producers do the best thing for the kids. I would say the parents but the producers control more than the public knows about. Put yourselves in their position. One minute loved the next hated and the kids are in the middle of all this chaos. Just go easy for the kids sake. All kids are our future and turning them into paranoid, bipolar freaks is not helping. Its sad anybody would hurt the innocent to make a buck. Doesn't anyone believe in Carma? What you do to poeple, whether it's good or bad, will come back to you 3 folds. It just shows how crazy and backstabbing we really are, I'm ashame of us all!

1978 days ago


I wonder why they need to go on vacation since they just bought the "mansion" on several acres. If they wanted privacy, you'd think they'd stay home and actually spend time with their childern. Kate seems to be enjoying the perks that money and fame can buy. I guess it's not about the kids, but about her.
It's amazing that there's no longer any family or friends involved in the kids' lives (my guess would be that anyone that questions or challenges Kate gets the boot). Apparently the only people who can stand to be around Kate are the ones who are PAID TO be around her. Kate: maybe you need a reality check!

1978 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

watch on their shows how they put down their own kids, shame them, (showers on tv, toilet training, outbursts, crying, tantrums) and then they verbally make fun of their kids too, when old enough those children will view those episodes differently and be hurt and scarred.

There needs to be new legislative laws for all reality shows (which aren't really reality anyway.) It's getting out of control and next Octomom's kids will be in the public eye, and the kids, neither Jon or Kate's or Octo's signed up for it or had a choice. Where are the rights of the child to have a normal upbringing? Who would want to be raised with a camera and put on TV during important child development? If Jon wanted to, he could take this to court and have them removed from TV against Kate's wishes to continue to use them as cash cows. The more people advocate for these children, the better chance they will have to reclaim part of their childhood and do so in private.

Psychological abuse, also known as emotional abuse, which can involve belittling or shaming a child.

1978 days ago


Barf & Barf Plus 8

Kate Plus 8 and Pensylvannia State

Kate Plus 8
Kate to Jail, Late

Kate, What goes around, comes around. You are a nurse, you should be able to heal the wounds YOU created with the viewers and the press.

Your patients are better off without a nurse with your DEFECTS!

1978 days ago


I wonder how much of all of this is a publicity stunt. But I really am over it already! I think my new favorite family is gonna be Tori and Dean! At least they seem to love each other, and their hilarious! Please leave the Gosselins alone. Now that would be a dose of reality...being ignored!

1978 days ago


Precious Cargo -- I AGREE. Children should not be forced to have their lives exposed on Reality TV. It is not natural, nor normal. Kate, Jon and Octomom should be kicked. There should be a firm LAW against exploitation of children on Reality TV.

What your children do while going up is not for public view -- no one should have to put thier lives on display at tender young ages for public view.


1978 days ago



1978 days ago


Jon and Kate: Irate
Jon and Kate: Took the Bait
Jon and Kate: Now the Fate
Jon and Kate: WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!
Jon and Kate: USED to be Eight...

1978 days ago


Photogs or not, these children do not look happy at all. Hope for the best with these kids. Horrbile parents to do this to them. I'd rather be poor, still married, and have happy kids. Enough already with these people.......

1978 days ago


Kate has turned into a money hungry monster. I feel sorry for the kids. And the contract she has so he can see other girls as long as he does the show. wow!! No wonder none of her family members are around.

1978 days ago
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