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Cheney -- Shock and In Awe ... of Susan Boyle

6/1/2009 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This morning in D.C., former Vice President Dick Cheney told us two surprising things: He supports Barack Obama's right to a date night on the taxpayers' dime ... and he's a Susan Boyle fan!

Dick Cheney: Click to watch


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Quite possibly the funniest post I've read on this site in months, LOL, i mean....WOW!!!!! There is study after study out there from nonpartisan outlets that PROVE about 88% of journalists/stations/etc are in fact in the tank for Democrats. Your hero Chris Matthews even admitted to it. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize this.

Oh yes, the old "I watch every network and I"m well rounded, blah blah blah" copout. Don't kid yourself or waste your time, we both know you get your info from Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. Olbermann and Matthews are supposed to be "serious" journalists but sadly they're on the same level as the so-called comedians I just listed.

LOL!!! Bullying!?!?!?! Bullying!?!??!!? My eyes are tearing up from laughter!!!! Bullying is what you people did to Carrie Prejean for answering a bs politically driven question honestly in a pageant that had no place for it. Bullying is what people like you did to Bush for eight years. Blaming him for everything from bad weather to attempted rap related drive-by shootings. Calling him and Cheney the devil, evil, wishing they would die, etc, that's BULLYING sweetheart. Ever notice how the only people who protest and cause violence over "issues" are liberals? You never seen Conservatives dressed up like dead soliders and causing fights in the streets to make a point. Mainly because we all have jobs and sense, but also because it's not in our nature to be violent like the Global Warming and Gay Marriage Nazi mafia gangs.

You're so clueless you probably have no idea that Anderson Cooper doesn't even go by his real name. You know he's a Vanderbilt, don't you? Some of the best leaders this nation has ever known didn't attend college, but yes, O'Rielly did attend college, several as a matter of fact. He recieved his bachelors from Marist, and two Master Degrees. One from Boston College and the other from Harvard. LOL, you poor, poor pitiful soul. I feel so sorry for you. You don't know much of anything. And hmm, YES, Wikipedia does lie because anybody can change whatever info they want to on there. Did you really not know this? You're not a very informed person at all, which is what is making this exchange with you very boring. It's like getting in a sword fight with an armless person. Not very fair :)

People like you called Bush and his family every name in the book and you have the nerve to talk about degrading others? Libs like you clearly have no conscience or heart. Take a long look in the mirror hun before you even think about passing judgement onto anyone else. And please, for the love of God, do your own research and stop relying on comedians, actors and MTV to tell you what to think. That's the problem with leftist loons. You people can't think for yourselves and blindly support a party that cares absolutely nothing about you, only your vote.

Next you're going to tell me that you didn't know MLK was a Republican and that you had no clue that Democrats started the KKK and were the ones that fought to keep segregation legal. And that you didn't know that it was Republicans that finally ended slavery, gave blacks and women their rights to vote.

And people like you actually get to vote.....

1904 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Still so riled up I see -
Your rantings are not worth the time to go through each erroneous statement, but one thing I will say is that Anderson Cooper is indeed a Vanderbuilt, ON HIS MOTHER'S SIDE!!!!! His father's name was Wyatt Emory COOPER!! Gee how does it feel to be called STUPID AND WRONG!!!!!!! I have seen him interviewed with his mother many times, he doesn't hide it.
Before you start thinking that you are the be all and end all and that everyone else is wrong and you, the almighty, know everything, you might want to check your facts.
PS Carrie Prejean is another great example of a hypocritical Christian - fake boobs, nudie pics, LYING about nudie pics, and contract breaking. Nothing to do with her stance on gay marriage, she DOES agree with Obama. Most Christians do and that's her right. It's her Christian hypocrisy that we libs don't like, but then again, you believe what you want, you will anyway. You on the other hand, obviously believe that people like me, those who diagree with your views, should not be allowed to vote...HOW VERY AMERICAN OF YOU!!!!!!!!! Gosh, I think that's why our servicemen have died on the battlefield, to insure YOUR right to vote and not mine. I would never assume to take away your right to vote. Just who is the patriot here?? I think it's ME!!!

1904 days ago


LOL!!! It's truly sad that you latch on to the one statement I made that was technically an error. His birth last name is semantics, he's still a Vanderbilt just how every Kennedy that has been spawned by a female family member is still a Kennedy. Cooper is a liberal douche and claims he didn't use his family as a crutch to make it in the business, which has been proven a lie time and time again. So if you feel validated by something as pointless as that, then I really do feel sorry for you. I am amused that you completely ignored all my other FACTS that you know good and well you can't refute.

See, you prove my hypocrisy point to a "T!!!" You did not ONCE say it was ashame how the media, especially the people at TMZ, have BULLIED and ATTACKED Carrie for simply stating her opinion. You people are the bulliers, as well you know. So thank you for yet again proving my point. LOL, BREAKING CONTRACTS?!?!?!!? Liberals lie on a daily basis and you people applaud it!!! Every Lib in Washington has been proven a liar time and time again yet you just shrug it off and don't bat an eye at it, but God forbid a 21 YEAR OLD GIRL takes issue with her contract and BAM!!!! It's all out war. You people are so hyocritical and cowardly that it's beyond laughable.

But to further amuse myself with your sheer ignorance, let's play a game. Please cite for me the passage in the bible that says "thou shall not have comestic surgery." LOL!! When you fide that passage, I'll give you credit. Secondly, it was the Nazi BULLYING mafia running Miss CA that suggested and PAID for her breast enhancements. Secondly, she's a model, models routinely pose nude. Her photos were not taken by some random drunk at a party, these were pictures that she took, and had taken, by what she thought were PROFESSIONAL photographers that she trusted, but little did the poor girl know that they were evil, lying, America hating liberals that would have no problem turning them over to the press in hopes of ruining not just her career, but her life. Again, just MORE liberal BULLYING. And why on earth would anyone in their right mind worry about every single fine line in a contract written with gutless cowards who immediately attacked her within seconds of the pageant ending??? There's a reason Moakler was fired, because she abused what little power she had by using her posistion as her own personal platform to preach and bitch about her Liberal Nazi agenda. The Donald did good in firing that closed minded, bigotted bioootch.

No, I think ignorant people that know absolutely nothing about this nation's history, or the candidates/parties that they're voting for shouldn't be allowed to vote. If there was some sort of IQ test that was required the Democrats would never win another election at any level.

Still peeved that you had no clue that MLK was a Republican and your sweet, loving Democrat party started the Klan and loved them some slavery, ehh little guy? :)

1903 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Your quote was "Anderson Cooper doesn't even go by his real name." It's a quote, you said it. It was WRONG!!! It was not a "technicality." Although it IS typically Republican for you to deny your words, even ones IN PRINT!! Are you not even "mistaken??" The almighty is always right, by God, and no one can tell you different. It's YOU and FOX News against the world, the rest of us are all ignorant fools who don't even derserve to vote. How very dictatorial of you.
I am sure that Meghan McCain, Liz Cheney, and Michael Reagan are exactly where they are because they have NO connections, right??
And as far as your rantings about black people and the Republican party?? Yes it is true that most blacks were Republican's before the 1960's. Without getting into too much detail, becaue you won't believe it anyway, most white southern, pro-slavery Democrats(and their ancestors) joined the Republican party after the 1964 Civil Rights Bill, signed by LBJ, a Democrat. The pro slavery whites were attracted to Republican, pro seperatist, Barry Goldwater. So the southern whites became Republicans and the blacks joined the Democrats. The Republicans, in the following decades, never did alot to woo back the black population, and the Democrats focused on keeping the black vote with them. It's all in the history books, but I'm sure they are liberally biased, right?? If you notice the elections following 1964, the Democrats, which had always been strong in the south, were now losing to the Republicans. LBJ even said, as he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, "The Democrats have lost the South." You seem to want to focus on the blacks leaving the party, and not WHY they left. Maybe you have some bitterness there which you now want to take out on Obama.
And as far as Miss Prejean?? Gee I am surpirised she has not sued someone for holding her down, gassing her and forcing those implants into her body. Very laughable that you imply she was forced into implants and nude pictures. And if she (and you) are so proud of the fact that they were "professional" then why did she lie and say that they didn't exist when she signed up?? Wht not publish them for all the world to see if they are just fine?? There are very admirable Christians out there, who are selfless, giving, honest, kind, and tolerant. They are TRUE Christians. I don't claim to be one of them and neither should she...or you.

1903 days ago


Sweetheart, you're so unbelieavably slow, LOL!!! I didn't say it was a "technicality." I said it was amusing that you latched on to the only statement I made that was TECHNICALLY an error. Do you not know the difference between the two words? LOL!!! Again, still waiting for you prove my other FACTS are wrong. Oh that's right, you can't because you know i"m 100% correct :)

What do Meghan, Liz and Michael have to do anything? What do they do that relates to Anderson Vanderbilt? They don't deny their "connections" or family. Anderson is the butt of every joke because he tries and convince people he did it on his own without anyone knowing who he really was. Which is typical for a lying liberal.

Lying again henry!!!! The Civil Rights Bill of '64 only made it through Congress thanks to REPUBLICANS. Racist Democrats like KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd (who still serves) fought against it and threaten to fillibuster the legislation. It was written in hopes of the Democrats correcting some of their racist past like their Jim Crow Laws. It still has nothing on the orginal Civl Rights Bill of 1866 which was written and passed by REPUBLICANS to give further rights to freed slaves. The same slaves that Democrats used to own. Your ridiculous BS about Goldwater and racist whites couldn't be wrong if you tried. Goldwater was more libertarian, you goon. He supported pro-choice and gay marriage for crying out loud!!! LOL!!! Are you just making this up as you go or what? Blacks have tradiionally prospered far better under Republican rule than Democrat. There are more of them employed, more of them in college, less dropping out of school, more homeowners, etc. LOL, yes sweetheart, history books are biased. Do you think there is some sort of authority on which books are published from the ones that aren't? Most history books in schools are liberally biased. One author usually writes the book, so they can have whatever spin he/she wish to include. If you bothered to educate yourself on recent events you'd find numerous stories about text books having liberal bias and outright lies in them. MLK died a Republican. He was killed by a racist Democrat. After his death the DNC started paying sellout frauds like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton to preach their lies and propaganda on their behalf. How on earth do you think both of these racist criminals are rich when they've never had a real job in their life?

Why won't you apologize for the bullying of Carrie or even Sarah Palin? I've yet to find one statement from you saying that you disapproved of their treatment. No worries, I exposed your hypocrisy many posts ago :) So still no proof that it says in the bible not to have cosmetic surgery? LOL, didn't think so. Once again, since you're obviously not very bright, there's a difference between taking nude photos for what you THINK is a professional photographer with morals, and being on Girls Gone Wild or all over the internet as some drunk, flashing slut. If she ever had a breast exam and the doctor took pictures should she have said yes to that? LOL!!!! You're so desperate and pathetic, I love it!!!!

You and I both know you are no Christian. You're a typical looney Liberal that probably hates religion and only brings it up when trying to degrade a Conservative. You're probably as much an expert on Christanity as I am on rocket science. You can't handle the facts, so you reach for something as desperate as religion to try and hold over someone's head. Btw, in the good book it says Christians are not perfect and will sin. So looks like Carrie has ya beat on those "points" as well :)

1903 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Can't admit it. can you Fonzie. Take a deep breath and say "I WAS WRRRRRRRRRRRRRRONG..."
So now you will call him Anderson Vanderbuilt and compartmentalize in your brain that that IS the name on his birth, that's amazing how you do that - is that the side effects of too much FIXED News??
And the black Democrat thing is the fault of your Republican friend, Barry Goldwater. But, as stated before, most of the racist white KKK member Democrats of the 50's and 60's are now Republicans (does the name Strom Thurmond ring a bell?), so as far as I'm concerned you can have them. The Democrats went on to rebuild their party, include minoritys and compete. It is pretty much the EXACT position you guys find yourselves in today, only instrad of doing what the Dems did after 1964, you all choose to go the way of the Whigs, and start booting out anyone who does not share your now narrow, neo con beliefs. Good luck with that - We all know what happened to the Whigs...
And good luck with the religion that is you and Carrie Prejean. Hateful names, lies, intolerance, hypocrisy and all that. Hope it goes well for you on judgement day. Yes, it is true that no one is perfect, even Christians. But the trick is to learn from mistakes and do better next time. Not use the mistakes and hate and hide behind the Bible's assertion that no one is perfect...that's just plain ignorance. Life is short - it's how you treat people that counts, not how right you are...

1903 days ago


henry, still waiting for you to challenge a single fact of mine that I've stated. You can't, can you little fella? All you can do is latch on to something so pointless as my comment about Cooper's last name, when in all intents and purposes I was still correct. He is a Vanderbilt and lied to everyone when he says he "did it on his own." Yet another fact you can't handle. My error was just that, a minor, insignificant error, while your outlie LIE of Bill O'Rielly not being educated was 100 times more important to the discussion, but yet you never said "SORRY, YOU CAUGHT ME IN YET ANOTHER LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...." LOL!!!!!!

Speaking of birth certificates, why is the Dumbo earred, purple lipped Socialist currently in the White House so afraid to show us his? Hmmm.....

I disproved your Goldwater lie as being just that, a LIE. He was a libertarian and supported gay marriage, pro-choice and was basically anti-religion. So you need to come with something a little better than that propaganda. Does the name Robert Byrd ring a bell sweetheart? He was a KKK grand wizard and lynched many a black folk in his day. He still currently respresents the fine state of W. Va. as a D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T. I'm just destroying you with facts much to my delight, LOL!!!! Again, all the DNC became was the lying, fear mongering party that they are today. You can't disprove my facts on Jackson and Sharpton because they are, well, FACTS. So please sweetheart, you gotta come at me with something better than that. Your liberal propaganda is so easy for me to prove false, which I've done in every post.

So you still can't bring yourself to apologize for all the Neo-Comm hate from your people that openly cursed, slandered, threated, and wish DEATH to our previous President and VP, Karl Rove, Sarah Palin and even someone as innocent as Carrie Prejean?!?!?? Yes, you and your kind will be judged alright hun on Judgement Day, and I'm sure there's a bed of hot coals with your name on it just waiting for you down below :) You're a nasty, disgusting coward that is the very definition of a hypocrite, but a fine representative of the Nazi, bullying, anti-American left.

Man - You couldn't be more correct with your comments. America haters, like henrythecat above, probably blame us for 9/11 while giving a complete pass to the terrorists all together. If you take a hard look at what the "radical" Muslims and liberals want, their platforms are practically identical. Both groups hate America, blame America for the worlds problems, both think Totalitarism is the way to go instead of a free, capitalist society. Both hate Christians and Jews. The list of comparisons goes on and on. We're not only fighting foreign terrorists from overseas, but we're dealing with like-minded domestic terrorists here on our own soil with liberals like henrythecat.

1902 days ago


I've been reading this back and forth banter for the past few days and have been very entertained. henrythecat, I'm sorry to break it to you, but you are getting your ass handed to you girl. I suggest you stop while you are so far behind. Pay attention, you are my hero!! Keep it up if she wishes to keep getting slapped around with realities and facts.

1902 days ago


Screen door,

henrythecat was attempting to fight a lose/lose battle. She knew she wasn't on the side of facts and reality, therefore, this is why she ended her pathetic attempt to skew the truth and gave up. I wIn, she loses, NEXT!!!!

1900 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Oh pay attention, just so happens I have a life outside in the real world...actually was out of town with the family over the weekend. If you weren't so smarmy and obnoxious, you might have one of your own someday, God pity them...
Poor Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean got treated meanly...Boo Fu*#ing Hoo. But then YOU would know what it's like to be mean and belitlle others to make yourself seems smarter and more important. Is that what gives YOU the right to spew hate at me in your posts?? POT MEET KETTLE!! (I actually quoted them back to you a few comments ago.) Don't complain about it if you are guity of it yourself.
Hillary Clinton is to be admired for taking the crap and not calling herself a victim. Seems the far right likes to protect their women and sees any criticism as victimization. How silly, this from a group who liked to yell "Kill Him" about Obama at Palin rallies. Seems they can sure dish it out, but can't take it. Michelle Obama has taken more crap than Palin and she lets it slide right off. Seems Palin maybe likes to create the drama and then complain about it.
Obsma is president, you have to deal with that. THAT and the fact that you have some strange personality disorder you might want to look into. Could be narcissism or maybe one of those manic illnesses. You seem to be so upset at times and then write of laughing hysterically...something's not right there.

1900 days ago


LOL!!! Back for some more!??! Sweetheart, the only "family" you have is babysitting your brother's kids when he decides to go out of town without you. Trust me, I know full well you're still an old maid and will always be. Nice try though at pretending to have a life, LOL!!!

See, you prove my point yet again. You try and lie and talk about how "nasty" the right is, when you know good and well your leftists brethren are 100 times worst with their comments and actions. Your hypocrisy is astounding. I'm not spewing "hate" you, I just detest those that lie constantly, that hate MY country and wish it the worst. So while you try and consider that "hate," I see it as calling those out that are dangerous to Patriotic Americans that love freedom and free-market Capitolism.

BAWHAHAHHA!!! I"m starting to think you're really a Conservative just messing with me. No way you can be this clueless and factually inaccurate by mistake! Hillary has been given a pass her entire LIFE, but as soon as the liberal media started jumping off her ship and onto Obama's she did in fact call herself a victim. Publicly omplaining about the "difficult" questions she receives in debates while they lobbed Obama softballs. Hell, she even cried about it on top of that for cryin' out loud. And your ridiculous lie about the First Ho is even more absurd. What on earth has that bitch "had to endure?" She's written papers in college, just like her fellow racist husband, filled with racist hate against whites. Hell, she even said on tv she had NEVER been proud of her country before. Any Republican running for office saying that, spouse or not, would have had to pack and leave the country that same night. Neither one of those women has had to endure even a fraction of the over-the-top hate and slanderous lies that Sarah Palin, and heck, even Carrie Prejean, have had to deal with.

If you were intelligent and followed current events, then you'd know that over the weekend all across Europe the people have overwhelming voted out the Liberal politicans that have ruined their nations and elected Conservatives across the board. This is a huge power shift to the global landscape. They have spent decades experimenting with the failure of Liberalism and have finally had enough. This same reality and wakeup call will happen here as well, and sooner than you think anti-American kooks like Obama, the First Ho and yourself, will be back hiding under your rocks trying to create the next attempt to destroy this country.

1899 days ago


Almost forgot, your LIE about the "kill 'em" bs at the Palin rallies was written by a LIBERAL "journalist" and he didn't have a single witness or piece of evidence to back it up. And actually at some other Palin rallies there were small groups of liberals with anti-McCain/Palin signs that were caught yelling "kill him" in hopes of tricking the media into thinking it was Conservatives. Just yet another example of how dishonest, disgusting and vile your kind truly is. Somehow I bet you had no problem with all the Black Panthers that were standing in front of polling locations on election day with their night sticks threating all the white voters that were entering that they had better vote for Obama or else. You probably applauded that sort of fear mongering, bullying.

1899 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Wow - now you know all about my family...what is it you don't know?? Maybe how to not be condescending and manic - the "sweetheart" and "dear" thing is getting really old and sexist. But, then again that's why you defend Palin and Prejean so strongly. You see, the Republicans are now trying themselves to purge Sarah Palin from the spotlight...she's really not being invited to speak at any "official GOP" functions - they are finally figuring out that only about 25% of the population can stomach her, so out she goes. And especially after all of the plagerizing she did while introducing Michael Reagan over the weekend. Who will you blame for her downfall then?? It won't be the media, it will be the Republican Party...can't wait to watch.

1899 days ago


Hunny, you really need to start telling me where you get your "info" from, I have to read this site for entertainment purposes. It sounds hilarious!!! LOL!!!! The moderate/liberal Republicans do hate Sarah Palin because they fear her, just like the liberal media does. They fear her for being honest, blunt and straight to the point with the American people. You have it backwards, those so-called Conservatives that are more moderate/liberal and are bitching about her are the ones that are being purged. Just like how Europe is purging their liberals that have destroyed their countries, the US, along with the GOP, will purge their liberals as well. Palin is 10 times more popular than Nancy "I love me some water torture" Pelosi. Why do you defend a woman that lied to you and said she opposed water torture when she in fact signed off on it? Hmm....

Speaking of wasting tax payers money, how sweet was it of the President to fly his family into Paris on a SEPARATE flight with ALL their security detail and handlers, so they can sight see and stroll the country side? All on our dime of course. Hell, Michelle and her daughters are still in Paris now shopping. And Air Force II will bring them, and ALL their security and handlers, back on a SEPARATE flight, all thanks to tax payers.

Gotta love that liberal hypocrisy!! LOL!!!!

1898 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Actually the Obama's are now in London. And if we want to talk hypocrisy, how much was it that Sarah Palin had to admit that she spent (of Alaskan Taxpayers money) to fly her kids around from 2006-2008? Trips that were NOT official business. Trips where her kids flew first class and stayed in suites overlooking Central Park?? And those oil checks she gives out every year?? SOCIALISM in it's purest form!! What a joke that "socialism" is what scares her when she has been quoted as
saying that "Alaska is basically America's only socialistic state because of our oil profit rebates to our citizen's."
And that's right...Laura Bush and her daughter paid for THEIR trips to China, England, Austrailia, and Africa (twice) all by themselves. No taxpayer money was spent. Put down the pipe and wake up.
That's right, buddy, you just keep on purging out those moderates. And good luck in 2010 and 2012 - you guys are really going to need it. By then it will be you, Rush, Cheney and a couple of Fox Anchors. Oh, and the scary radical right wing Christians. That's about 22% - not enough, sorry.

1898 days ago
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