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Cheney -- Shock and In Awe ... of Susan Boyle

6/1/2009 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This morning in D.C., former Vice President Dick Cheney told us two surprising things: He supports Barack Obama's right to a date night on the taxpayers' dime ... and he's a Susan Boyle fan!

Dick Cheney: Click to watch


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Acutally the Obamas are still in Paris shopping with our tax dollars, while the Messiah hurried back here to the states to play golf. You crack me up with all your liberal propaganda and lies. I can only find your "info" on crazy kook sites and quotes from that nut Keith Olbermann. Your slanderous quote for Sarah just further proves how desperate you are and obvious it is you're on the losing end of any direction you try and deflect our conversation :) Sarah Palin is governoring Alaska according to their own state constitution. They have what you call a BUDGET SURPLUS and the money to spend any way they wish according to their own constitution. Obama is spending money he DOESN'T have while we're in a recession and against our NATIONAL CONSTITUTION, all under his watch. Hell, the man even admitted he's spending money that we don't have on camera, LOL!!!

You bring up "spending of flights" without any sources to back it up. You got your granny panties in a wad with my simply pointing out Obama is wasting hard earned tax payers money while we're in a RECESSION!! So please, show me some evidence that the Palins and Bush families abused the tax payers money like the Obamas have done. And no, you can't use a bs anti-American site, so I know that limits your resources. I promise you it doesn't even come close to the abuse that the Obamas have done in their short 5 months in office. So please, your hypocrisy has grown old and boring.

Don't worry, the GOP will right itself just like they did after the complete and utter failure of Carter and kick Obama's worthless ass out of office just like they did Jimmy. For whatever reason this country needs to experiment with Liberalism every 30 or so years as just a reminder of how NOT to do things. As though all the failed Socialist nations in Europe aren't enough evidence to show that radical leftism never works. Be sure to be in front of the White House in '12 to help your Messiah pack his bags and move back into his communities that he didn't organize :)

1857 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Actually, the Obama's flew to London on Monday and had a tour of 10 Downing Street and a lunch of fish and chips yesterday at a restaurant where they were mobbed by the public. Stop lying and believing your own psychoses.
I see Miss Prejean was finally FIRED as Miss California - for not showing up at appearances scheduled by the pagent, and for making appearances at non-pagent sponsered events. I guess her next stop will be Penthouse Magazine.
I don't bother trying to come up with sources for you anymore - I think unless it comes from some far right wing-nut site, you don't believe it anyway. I am sure you are well versed on the site of the guy who shot up the Holocaust Museum today. What a waste of taxpayer money, right?? I am sure to you the Holocaust didn't happen either. When I heard descriptions of the guy' rantings about govt, taxes, race, etc...I thought, "gee where have I heard that before?" Oh, yeah, right here(and Fox News.) I am more worried about your type of close minded, all knowing, intolerant, nuts than anything coming out of a Muslim country right now.
And you can call Sarah Palin's "budget surplus" wahtever you want - it's still SOCIALISM and it's been that way for decades!!! Sarah Plin didn't invent it, but she sure wins over the people there with those SOCIALIST checks she hands out to everyone - men,women, children, taxpayers and NON-TAXPAYERS!! So it's not only Socialism, it's WELFARE too!! Doesn't that make her a Socialist, Welfare enabler?? Classic!!

1857 days ago


Why are you so angry all the time henry? Why don't you sit back, relax and smile once in a while. It'll make you feel so much better. I know liberals aren't happy by nature, it's in your DNA to be miserable, but really, try it out sometime.

I see you still don't understand the difference between state constitutional laws compared to national constitutional laws, and surpluses and deficits. That's a shame. You could probably learn a lot of helpful insight if you'd decide to educate yourself on the subjects and you might start coming across as an informed, competent voter, instead of the boring, clueless MSNBC talking point that you currently are. So still no proof on your lie, I mean "claim" about the Palins or Bush's flying expenses? I didn't think so.

Carrie is now free to make all the money she wants!!! You know that the Donald asked her if she wanted to continue as Miss California, right? She told him she was walking, not the other way around. She was trying to work with intolerant, hateful, liberal Nazi bullies and they made it impossible for her to conduct herself as Miss CA. But she got what she wanted and now she's free to explore any avenues she wants. She'll make a forture while you're still stuck at home waiting for my tax dollars to arrive in your mailbox just so you can put food on your plate. As a liberal woman I can see why you're so jealous of her. Hell, if I was a chick I probably would be to. She's absolutely gorgeous and has the world by the tail, she's really living the dream while you're stuck in your own personal nightmare.

I'm sure you're well versed on the site of the young army private that was shot to death in cold blood at his recruiting center in Arkansas by a Muslim extremist. This same army private who gave up his life to defend your right to curse and hate him, he sacrificed his life for your right to hate your country. Did you thank him for his sacrifice? You probably blame him for his own death since you probably believe the United States deserves to be attacked by Muslims, ehh? You probably think they're just misunderstood and we're really the bad guys. Tell me I'm wrong? When I heard descriptions of the guys rantings about blaming the US for the world's problems, Christians and Israel are the devil, Americans should be forced to believe in what they're told, our government is evil, white people should be destroyed, etc. I thought, "gee where have I heard that before?" Oh, yeah, right here(and CBS, ABC, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, heck, even MTV) I am more worried about your type of close minded, all knowing, intolerant, nuts than anything coming out of Alaska or beauty pageants right now.

Again sweetheart, you really need to read up and educate yourself on the state of Alaska and it's consititution, how it was formed, etc. I'm all for states having the rights to do whatever they please. I'm not for Communist rule like your boy Obama is trying to impement.

And yes, now Michelle is London wasting more of our tax dollars on security, travel and handlers, not to mention on shopping for her own personal reasons. But hey, if it's a liberal going on an undeserved vacation on the tax payers dime, it's all good, right?

1856 days ago



Maybe you should have read up on James Von Brunn, The Holocaust museum gunmen you are alluding to above, before typing out your rant. If you read anything about him, he'd realize he's a huge supporter of leftwing radicalism beliefs. He hates Israel and Jews, just like the Democrat party who supports the Palestine terrorist group Hama and Iran. Liberal hate for Israel goes back decades. He's sympathetic towards the nationalist Socialist of Germany, who's core beliefs go hand-in-hand with the radical left of this country. He believed Bush was responsible for 9/11, a piece of kook liberal propaganda. And he also hates Neo-Cons. A term that was originally created as an insult towards Jews, which the Dems later have brodened to include Conservatives.

So basically, Mr. Von Brunn sounds like someone you'd enjoy having a spot of tea with.

Pay attention,

Great commentary and contrast on the poor army recruiting officer. This young man only wanted to serve and protect his country and he was shot down by a coward that shares many of the same ideals as James Von Brunn. But of course the liberal media isn't even touching that story. Imagine that. Keep up the good work and please try and educate henrythecat. This person is so painfully confused and lost that I can't help but pity them.

1856 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

pay attention/screen door -
You just keep having those conversations with yourself.
Hearing your latest comments convinces me that you are indeed a radical right wing extremist - they are all trying to distance themselves from Mr. Von Brumm...who, by the way, has done nothing but rant against blacks and deny that Obama has a birth certificate. Ironically, on the same day that Rush mentioned the exact same thing!! Go figure...

1856 days ago


henry, I guess you're now accepting defeat since it's pretty clear you can't refute a single one of my facts that I've posted. I figured as much, I was just curious how long you'd attempt to play this deflection game. Why do you support a cult-like party that you know is always in the wrong? Don't you felt guilty? I couldn't sleep at night knowingly supporting something I knew was evil and bad for the country. No one has ever even seen Obama's birth certificate, have they? Why would he not produce it if he had one? It's pretty disgusting you couldn't even bring yourself to thank the 23 year old army private that was murdered defending your right to hate your country my a muslim terrrorist. I, for whatever reason, expected more from you.

@ Screen,

I heard all the radical left bs hate about that nut as well. He sounds like one of the main faces of the liberal movement in Rosie O'Donnell, talking about how Bush planted the bombs in the Twin Towers and all. Did you hear that the FBI found he had the address of the WeeklyStandard magazine on his persons as well? Their headquarters is apparently just a block away from the museum and it's been proven that he wanted to go there as well to kill all the "Neo-Cons" at that Conservative magazine. I'm afraid there's no hope for henry. She knows she's on the wrong side and tries and spin facts to suit her perverted outlook on life but it just doesn't fly when discussing matters with an intelligent, informed citizen like myself. Just chalk her up as yet another radical, leftwing quack that wants the worse for this country just like the museum gunman and muslim terrorist that both share her same views and ideals.

1855 days ago


You just can't win can ya, sweetheart? It appears the new Miss California not only agrees with Carrie's opinion on gay marriage, but she also agrees it should be left up to the voters. OH SNAP!?!?!? When will you begin your Nazi, bullying hate tactics against this poor girl?

1855 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Pay attention - the new Miss California has NOT stated her opinion on whether or no she thinks gays should get married. Do NOT assume what her beliefs are just because she wants it left up to the states. But then again, everything you spout and believe is assumed by you...and I guess that's good enough to be facts in your twisted minds.
And now most of the country once again knows that Sarah Palin will use her kids to push her own agenda. I had forgotten she even HAD a 14 yr old daughter named Willow until she bought her up 25 times in the last two days. Yes, Letterman made a tacky, tasteless joke. AND he apologized and explained himself. Now she looks like the idiot to most of America for going on every show Friday and exploiting her daughters even more. SHE hurts them more than any late night hack ever could. I personally don't like parents who use their kids - the Obama's sure don't. Those kids stayed home and went to school last fall - Palin, who must not think much of education, took her kids out of school and paraded them all over the country. That is why the country feels they are fair game - because THEIR MOTHER put them out there. Shame on her.

1854 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Your racism is shining through - let your flag fly high!! "Typical black family.." I'm pretty sure that Sarah Palin's parents are helping to raise Bristol's illegitimate son...I guess I can then say that they are typical what - - hillbillies?? White trash?? Bristol admitted that her grandparents help out alot to Greta Van Sustren - surely SHE's not lying - not on FOX!!!
Yes the Obama daughter's WERE on jumbotron at the convention - BECAUSE THEY WERE HOME IN CHICAGO!!! GOING TO SCHOOL!!! NOT, I REPEAT, NOT ON THE ROAD!! You said it yourself and exposed your own it.
And what's the bet that Miss Prejean DOES NOT sue??? She won't because she knows that she PUPOSELY got fired because it will fire up her moron supporters for even more sympathy. The book deal is worth more because now she can stomp her feet about being let go beause of her beliefs - even though anyone with a brain knows that she stood up the pagent and appearances in order to puposely get fired,
And finally - I support gay marriage and feel that each individual state and it's VOTERS should decide if they want to legalize it for their own state. Don't think the federal govt should be involved at all...separation of church and state, bottom line. So now you know someone who believes that way. You must not get out much, because there are alot of us out here.
Palin VS Letterman - Palin will lose. She will use her kids and lose.

1853 days ago

Pay attention    

It's cute, and typical, that the very biased TMZ "moderators" would continue banning my factual post, that has ZERO of the "offensive" crap that you listed in your email to me. Especially since it's on a dead thread that's 25 pages back, while allowing anti-Christian/Conservative/America post to continue remaining proudly on their site for all to see. Nice try henry/TMZ, but I wont allow your liberal hate to shutdown my FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! So here is my FACTUAL post, for the 5th freakin' time!!!!! Carrie Prejean OWNS you!!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!!


The venom is really coming out of you now henry, your anger is growing much to my delight!!! Go on youtube and watch Tami's interview with Neil Cavuto on FOX News. He asked her point blank if she agreed with Carrie's stance on gay marriage and she said YES!!! And she also said she believes it's up to the voters, another stance Carrie supported. LOL, there's not ONE single advocate out there that supports gay marriage that wants it left up to the voters!!! Please, find me ONE single person that has ever said that. I'll give you a million dollars, LOL!!!! It must suck being you henry, always in the wrong :)

BAWHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Using her kids??!?!! You are freakin' insane henry, LOL!!! Letterman, in his typical bitter, old man liberal manner, said that A-Rod RAAAAPED her daughter that was with her at the game on the field!!! That daughter was 14 year old Willow. So yes, that's exactly why her name is being brought up because Sarah's DEFENDING her daughter's honor from a nastya$$, perverted, evil liberal hasbeen that's desperate for any sort ot ratings boost. And he did not apologize. He never once said the words "sorry" or "apologize." So please, stop your lying henry. You're looking more and more clueless and your true colors are REALLY starting to show.

And daaaamn right the Obamas "used" their daughters. They missed more school than the Palin's children did. His daughters were everywhere. Heck, they even had them on a jumbo-tron talking with their dad via-satellite at one event. Very Disgusting and they should have been brought up on child neglect charges. Sarah has 5 children and she's rasing them with her husband BY THEMSELVES. The Obama's had Michelle's mother move in the White House to RAISE their two children for them. Typical black family though, the grandparents always get stuck raising the kids. Michelle's not doing jack sh*t but sitting around spending OUR tax dollars on fancy foods, clothes, makeup and vacations, but yet doesn't seem to have the time to raise her OWN TWO daughters? Typical liberal. Her daughters will probably grow up to be as phucted in the head as Cher's, LOL!!! And the "country" doesn't think they're fair game, only the cowardly, disgusting, gutless, moral-less radical left do. Oh wait, that sounds just like you :)

1852 days ago


Gee "henry," it's sooooooo odd my posts keep disappearing on a dead thread that only you and I are still using. Hmm.....are you sure you're not an hourly paid TMZ staffer loon? Don't worry, my other post will be back just to spite you. Since I know how much you hate facts and all :)

1852 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Depends on whose facts you are citing - I am sure your source is some sort of white supremist group. Just as you seem to think that all of my facts are from the liberal" media - you get all of your info from Rush and Hannity - pretty much verbatim too, I would think you were a little more creative.
I hope, but doubt, that Prejean will sue - she knows she is wrong, she knows she purposely got fired to push her book deal. Just like Palin took on Letterman and twisted one of his jokes. She has a book deal too. The more controversy, the more you morons will eat up the crap they feed you and buy their books and sympathize. Palin used her kids again and now I see this morning she was talking about the military when she accepted Letterman's apology. What a fraud. I also watch Geraldo at Largeevery weekend, although I don'tthink he was there last weekend. Never saw Keith Lewis say that she made EVERY appearance. I did see him on Greta though, and he had papers in his hand to explain. Suddenly the segment was over and on to commercial - not surprising. I just saw that she missed or turned down 31 appearances since May 12th.
And stop the paranoia about your posts. Sometimes they show up a few hours later without even having to go into e-mail.
I think the Obama's had grandma move in because she loves those kids, plain and simple. I grew up and my grandma lived with us for 3 years after my grandpa died. And I am A WHITE American, Maybe it just is unusual to you because your family wasn't too close. Too bad, it's nice to have a close family. It happens alot in Italian-American homes and Hispanic American homes as well. Maybe that's why you can be so nasty with the put downs....not enough hugs as a child?? Your paranoia about your posts - interesting to see you get so worked up - just who is the angry one here?? Tee Hee Hee...they all showed up. BOO!!!

1851 days ago


LOL, so you still can't refute a single one of my FACTS, can ya sweetheart? I figured you'd at least give me a copy and paste job from the DNC talking points you probably receive daily in your e-mail box. Unlike you, I get my facts from my own eyes and hears. I don't need the HuffingtonPost and DailyKos to tell me what, and how, to think. So anytime you're ready to man up and prove my FACTS wrong, I'm all hears, or eyes, in this case :)

Henry, will you show me just one, just one little source that says either Carrie or Sarah have a book deal based on their current attacks by Neo-Gay Nazis, or Neo-Comm Nazis like Letterman? Can you provide one link for me? Your lies are growing tiresome and boring. The only thing "twisted" in the Letterman ordeal is his TWISTED idea that Americans would find it funny that he makes a "joke" about a 14 year old child getting raped by a 35 year old man. But I guess in your perverted home, you would find that type of pedophilish humor, amusing.

Used her kids again? Your anger is making you more dense by the minute. One of her kids that "she's using" is currently stationed in Iraq right now defending your right to hate your own country. So if anyone is using children, it's you using Americas children to defend your right to be as anti-American as you want while they die to make sure your right to do so is preserved. So her son is just another child you should thank, like the 23 year old private that was cowardly murdered by one of your "misunderstood" Muslim terrorists. He's still waiting to her your thank you, henry.

Lewis was on At Large and was being interviewed by Kimberly Guilfoyle. That's where he admited that Carrie didn't miss a single appearance. Why don't you find the interview on Youtube? Oh that's right, too much truth for your little angry heart to handle, LOL!!! And where did you see that she's missed 31 appearances? Her own lawyers laugh because the first lie out of Lewis' office, before he accidentially admitted he was lying on FOX, was that she missed 52 appearances. So even after Lewis admits that he lied and she hasn't missed a single appearance, the Neo-Gay Nazi left are still able to get certain morons out there (I won't name names, henry) to believe any nonsense they claim. They know their base is gullible and angry as hell and will latch on to any moronic propaganda.

No paranoia at all henry. I recieved an e-mail from you at your TMZ desk saying it was a "moderator." LOL, can you believe that? A moderator on a hate site such as this, LOL!!! The irony of it was too comical. I tried to e-mail them back to laugh but I got a mailer demon response. Typical liberal. They can dish it out but can't take it :) It only showed up, and stayed, after the 5th time I posted it, fyi.

If that's the case then why wasn't grandma Obama living with them prior to the election? The writing is on the wall that Michelle doesn't want anything to do with her own children and would rather go on lavish vacations, on our dime, and leave her responsiblity with her own mother. Very sad. This is why the black communities and culture are struggling still to this day to simulate in our soceity. Few of them grow up even having a father, while the females start having babies of their own at middle/high school ages. This is why at only 12% of population (which is a lie within itself) they manage to have the most violent criminals locked up in jail, have the most children out of wedlock, have the most people on welfare, lead the nation in dropout rates, etc. All because the parents wouldn't actually be the parents. Very sad state of affairs henry, and it looks like it's only getting worse :(

1850 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

And who has been taking care of little Trig and Piper while Sarah and the "first tool" are gallivanting about? Must be Grandma!! And did Tripp care for himself while Bristol was going to school?? Could be. Everything you said in the last paragraph applies more to the Palins than the Obama's. Pregnant teens?? Check. Even Sarah herself was "knocked up" when she married Todd. You don't get married on Aug 28th 1988 and have a baby on April 8, 1999 unless there was a shotgun in the picture...
I will not even try and argue your points, not worth my time. You have stated that unless it comes from Rush or Fox it is lies. Why argue with that?? To say that you get your facts from your own eyes and ears truly convinces me that you are delusional. own eyes and ears make things up?? People have to get their info from somewhere. Is it the voices in your head?? You may need to see someone about that.
And now we have Sen John Ensign, (R - Nevada). I remember when he came here a few years back and spoke at the "Promise Keepers" convention. I guess he coudn't keep his promise to his wife, now could he. They ALL cheat, on both sides, but at least the lberals don't hide behind the Bible while they are doing it. And with a family friend?? That's really low, the wife of one of his employees and a friend. Can;t wait to see how the right spins that one. Senator John Ensign, one of the biggest mouths screaming for Clinton to resign - so entertaining to watch him fall!!!

1850 days ago


Oh henry, your ingorance just knows no bounds. Sarah was of course taking care of Piper and Bristol was already graduated from high school when she gave birth. Do you ever bother to actually check your facts before posting? So far you're 0-46 on everything you've attempted to discuss with me.

The last paragraph applies to the whole, not the select few. At least Bristol wasn't 12 and having a baby like a lot of young black females. And henry, you really need to stop lying. Your dates regarding Sarah's marriage and the birth of her first child have already been proven lies months ago. Again, I ask you to stop using kook websites as your sources.

You won't "argue" my facts for one reason henry. The FACTS are on my side, not yours. It's as simple as that.

Ha!!! For every Republican that has an affair there's easily 10 times that on the other side doing it, if not more. And you're wrong on another point. Republicans admit it when they're caught. They don't lie and cowardl deny it like liberals do. John Edwards still won't claim his own son that he produced with that whore while his wife was dying from cancer. Sick, sick man.

Ensign did not say anything about Bill Clinton. But speaking of Bill, tell me about how he owned up to his affair? "I, DID NOT, HAVE, RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN!!!!" LOL, he denies it even to this day!!!! In typical liberal fashion.

Have you thanked the soilders yet today that have died defending your right to hate them and your country, henry?

1850 days ago
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