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Cheney -- Shock and In Awe ... of Susan Boyle

6/1/2009 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This morning in D.C., former Vice President Dick Cheney told us two surprising things: He supports Barack Obama's right to a date night on the taxpayers' dime ... and he's a Susan Boyle fan!

Dick Cheney: Click to watch


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who has the facts? ME    

I recently got my People magazine with Bristol IN HER GRADUATION GOWN on the front cover. She talked about her family helping out while she went to school. And she was paid for the article and pictures, so it is not made up. The baby was born IN DECEMBER, she was NOT, I repeat, NOT done with school. Show me the proof that she had completed all coursework and graduated before December 2008. Another lie - and an obvious one, just like the "Anderson Cooper is not his real name" debauchle you tried to make up.
BTW - there were ALOT of babies murdered during the Nixon, Ford, Reagan Bush 41 and Bush 43 administrations also. Who will take responsibility for that?? I didn't see them working too hard to overturn Roe V Wade - just alot of lip service. Even when they had control of Congress, nothing was done. They just pander to the Pro-life crowd with words, no action.
And please give me the site where I can see that Larry Craig has admitted to the gay sex he was trying to get in the men's room at the Mpls airport?? Must have missed that one. He was proven guilty, but won't fess up. And BTW, the Edward's mistress had a DAUGHTER, not a son. Geez, if you can't even get something as obvious as that right, what does that say about YOUR facts?? Pretty flimsy. The only reason Ensign fessed up was because a reporter for a Reno newspaper was about to break the story. And if we want to discuss affairs and cancer, how about good old Newtie. Serving DIVORCE papers to his 2nd wife while she was recuperating from cancer that's class. At least the Dems have washed their hands of Edwards - seems the Repubs want that beacon of morality, Gingrich, to run in 2012 - would YOU support him? He is currently married to his previous mistress, as is Rudy Guliani. Nice family values there. Hypocrisy at it's finest.
Oh, and wasn't your last candidate, McCain also a philanderer who cheated on his CRIPPLED wife who waited for him to come back from Vietnam?? Yes, I believe it was with a string of women, the last being HIS CURRENT WIFE!! Gotta love that conservative family values crowd. They are always good for a few laughs.

And I e-mail my nephew, who is with the Natl Guard, over in Basra, Iraq at least twice a week. And we have sent care packages twice since he left in February. It is a community effort to support the 9 kids from our community over there. What the hell have you done?? You can't scare me with the accusations of hating our troops...I sleep just fine.

1953 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

What happened to your last post?? Thought I read it, now it's gone...
According to the STATE OF ARIZONA - who I am sure you think are all liberal liars, John McCain got a marriage license to wed Cindy on March 6, 1980. His divorce was final on April 2nd, 1980. He married Cindy on May 17th, 1980. How are you going to refute that one?? The state of Arizona is lying?? McCain HIMSELF has admitted that he cheated on his first wife, Carol. But I guess McCain is lying too.
It is also a well known FACT that Nancy Reagan wanted nothing to do with McCain after the shoddy way he treated his first wife.
At least I know that I wouldn't support Edwards if he tried to run for dog catcher. But, your silence on the matter tells me that you would have no trouble supporting cheaters and philanderers like Gingrich, Guiliani, and McCain.
And I haven't even gotten started on Tom Foley or Robert Packwood yet...
Family values...gotta love it!!

1952 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Seriously, are you delusional?? Do you read your posts?? You said "Bristol was already graduated from high school when she gave birth." It's right there - post #118. So I said - No, she wasn't. AND I AM RIGHT AGAIN!!!
I was wrong on the Palin wedding date and birth of the first son, Track. According to Alaska state records, which I am sure lie, as well as Arizona...the Palin's married, in a hurry, as they were suppose to meet Sarah's sister at the Alaska State Fair that day and didn't show because they went to the courthouse and got married. That source is FOX NEWS. It was on a special on Palin by Greta Van Sustren. The date was August 29th, 1988 and Track was born April 20, 1989 weighing 8 lb, 4 oz - doesn't sound 6 weeks premature to me!! She was knocked up, just admit it.
Completely laughable that you seem to equate Michelle Obama with a lazy welfare mother. I think we should compare her work record with say, Laura and Barbara Bush. I will do a little research and we will see. Do you honestly expect a first lady to have an outside job?? Tell me which other first ladies worked outside of the White House and you may have an arguement - otherwise you really sound completely foolish. And I think you know it, you are starting to get desperate.
Yes, Larry Craig entered a guilty plea, and then he tried to take it back, twice. I live in Minnesota where the incident took place and the story is VERY well known here, so don't try that one. He had lawyers here for MONTHS trying to take that initial guilty plea back, but it didn't work. And HE NEVER DID FESS UP in public. I know I am right on that one. YOU are the moron here.
Abortion?? You called it murder, I was just repeating it back to you. I personally don't like abortion, wish it didn't have to exist, would never choose it for myself. But I also would never have the nerve to tell a woman what to do with her own body. There are laws that protect a fetus after a certain age, unless the fetus is not viable or the mother's life is in danger. The pro-life crowd can be as bad as PETA in their extremism. I would like to see a society where it wouldn't have to exist, but that's not possible right now. Are YOU going to take in those babies? Are YOU for more welfare for the babies that would have to be born into poverty and stupidity?? Sometimes maybe it's better for the baby not to be born, then to be born into a horrible life where maybe there is abuse, drug addiction and ignorance.
And please fill me in where I am wrong about McCain's first marriage - the dates from the state of Arizona and McCain's admission of fault. Do YOU know more about McCain's personal life that HE does?? Wow...
Have to get to the news - waiting to hear when Al Franken will be officially declared the winner - another loser, Norm Coleman, will never have a chance in politics here again, because the national Republicans made a fool out of him by making him keep fighting. It was over a long time ago, he just wouldn't admit it - GO AL!!!

1951 days ago

you must stupid    

Here it is again Henry. For the FIFTH f'n time!!! I won't let your bullying friends at TMZ suppress my freedom of speech!!!! Have no fear!!! I can only assume the poor smuck that's stuck moderating these blogs doesn't like my truth and honesty. Too much of a reality check for his little black liberal heart to handle. :)

To the cowardly, hypocritical mod that can't get a real job and is reduced policing these blogs like a Nazi. Why don't you just e-mail me SPECIFIC examples of my "vulgarity" and "off-topic remarks." Please, humor me. This site is one huge VULGARITY that is constantly OFF-TOPIC. How exactly is henrythecat ON TOPIC since we're both talking about the same things? Hmmm....gee....I wonder. The filth and lies you allow to stand on these boards, yet you delete my FACTUAL posts, says all I need to know. This is a dead thread that I'm posting on with one other person, and judging from how painfully wrong she is on every subject, I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of you staffers. You kooks can't handle honesty and reality. Deal with it, douche :)

As for you henry, can't wait to get your response!!!!!!! Especially to my factual list of PERVERTED, DEMOCRAT CHILD RAPISTS THAT KEPT THEIR SEATS!!!!!!


Ever heard of online classes henry? I know you're old and senile, but it's a neat little concept that schools have come up with. What does Bristol's graduating hs with a 3.5 GPA have to do with the fact that Michelle Obama, who doesn't go to school, nor works, refuses to raise her own children? Why does this make you so angry henry? Cooper lie? I proved he was the liar by saying he "made it" on his own, when everyone knew he was a Vanderbilt. You were trying to argue he wasn't
a Vanderbilt and I gave you examples of Kennedy family members who aren't Kennedy by name sake, but are by blood and have prosperred from their family connections. Why is this so cofusing for you sweetheart?

At least you admit that abortion is now "MURDER" henry. Why are you so ok with that? How many babies have you murdered over the years? Nixon? LOL, he was only in office for a year after Roe vs. Wade was decided. Yet another henry lie. Also, Ford, Reagan, and neither Bush had enough sane, Conservative justices on the Supreme Court to overturn it. Do you know anything about the government and how it works Henry? Roe is now a Pro-Life supporter and wishes to overturn
her own court case. Why didn't JFK, Carter or Bill Clinton do anything for the gay communites? Hell, they all opposed homo marriage more so than most Conservatives do. Even Obama supports Clinton's Defense of Marriage Act. But yet, like rank and file sheep, gays continue to vote for the anti-gay Democrats. Funny, wouldn't you say?

Larry Craig entered a GUILTY PLEA, genius, LOL!!! Good grief henry, really, where do you get your information?? When you enter a GUILTY PLEA, that means you're admitting GUILT. Yet another henry lie, EXPOSED!!! Oh right Henry, the sex of Edwards' out-of-wedlock child that he stil DOESN'T claim is really that important to the fact that he's a nasty, typical liberal pervert, who not only cheats on his dying wife, but produces a kid during the affair. Hell, you can almost accuse him of paying her as a hooker. Everyone reported her grossly exaggerated salary for her "job" was nowhere near what it would be for anyone else. Bill Clinton had everything on him but a video tape and he still denies it!!! At least Newt's wife was
recovering nicely and was in stable condition, unlike Mrs. Edwards who life was still up in the air!!!

There's plenty of nasty, disgusting, perverted examples of Democrats behaving in criminal behavior, yet all their supporters continue to vote for them. Former Rep. Fred Richmond, remember him? He was a New York Democrat that was arrested in 1978 for soliciting sex from a 16 YEAR OLD. He remained in Congress and WON re-election!! Another Dem pedophile that was loved by freaks like you was Rep. Gerry Studds. He was censured for sexual relationship with an UNDERAGED male page in 1983. Massachusetts voters RETURNED him to office for SIX more terms. How freakin' phucted in the head are you
people?!?!? Former Rep. Mel Reynolds. He was an Illinois Democrat that was convicted of 12 counts of sexual assault with a 16 YEAR OLD. But of course, fellow pervert Billy boy Clinton pardoned him before leaving office. My personal favorite has to be Barney Frank, the official face, and speech impediment, of the Democrats. His sick ass hired a male prostitute who ran a PROSTITUION SERVICE, using underaged boys, out of Frank’s own f'n residence in the 1980s!!!!! Only TWO Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to censure him in 1990. I can go on and on owning you with facts henry, on just how SICK y

1948 days ago

you must stupid    


Think what you're experiencing is the liberals "Fairness Doctrine" in action. By fairness they mean anything you post that is accurate and makes the crazy liberal agenda look bad will be deleted :)

Just sayin.....

1948 days ago

you must stupid    

@ henrythecat,

I am most interested in how you can say you support the troops but not the war, since that is entirely impossible. Will you please explain?


1947 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

This is getting really tiring - especially when I am asked "how many babies I have murdered..." then it's time for me to realize that I am not dealing with someone who is playing with a full deck. When someone starts accusing people of personally murdering someone because they are pro-choice, then it means that Pay Attention has crossed a line and that I won't play anymore. You, sir, are very insulting and demeaning. I feel for your spouse and children, if you have any. You must be very critical and hard to live with. Someone who demands answers and yet will not answer my questions...I am done. Go back and see how many questions I asked that you ignored, then you can get on your high horse, you big hypocrite.
To screendoor - aka pay attention. It is very easy to support the troops and not the war - if my son wanted to play hockey, a sport I dislike, I would support him all the way, even if I didn't like it - get it?? Those troops didn't choose to be there, many, like my nephew, get paid VERY well to do a job. They are there because of the lies of Bush And Cheney. They are there because of big oil. I don't blame the troops one bit, it is Cheney's fault.
I am done - the conversation is not productive, the debate is not fun - pay attention has crossed a line into psychotic paranoia...accusing TMZ of blocking posts, for God sakes it happens to everyone - alot. Get some help before you hurt someone or yourself.
Life is short - don't spend it being hateful.

1947 days ago

you must stupid    

Oh poor, pitiful henry,

You are the last person that post on this site that can accuse anyone of not playing with a full deck. Do you not even know what abortion is? Obama not only supports partial birth abortion, but State Senator Obama supported legislation that would allow doctors to MURDER babies that survived the abortion process but yet were delivered FULL TERM. How on earth you do not consider that murder is crazy to me. I gave you a list of child molesting Democrats that were not just caught, but were REELECTED by people like you to keep their seats!!! You support these people, but yet, you refused to comment on that, as usual. So until you ansewr my questions, that keep mysteriously disappearing on here, I won't humor your typical liberal talking points.

You can't handle me because you can't handle FACTS. I'm actually informed and can see a liberal, propaganda lie coming at me from a mile away. You on the other hand are not informed, and all you have is your anger and talking points.

HAHHAA!!! Now I'm screen door? You really are missing some screws hunny. But your anology, just like your logic in general, is one huge contradiction and is very inaccurate. A parent can let a kid play a sport that they don't like, but surely that parent wants their kid to win at it. By allowing your kid to play that sports means you are supporting that sport. The nonsense of "I support the troops but not the war" is absolutely hilarious. That means you don't want the US to win the war. Do you know how the US loses that war? By the troops getting killed!!! Therefore, you are lying. You either want us to win the war, or you want your nephew to get killed. So which is it? Btw, excellent question screen door!!! Henry is busted, as usual.

Anyone that signed up after 9/11 knew exactly what they were getting into. If not, then they shouldn't have passed the intelligence testing. Yeah, big oil that we've never seen and the same lies that both Clintons, Kerry, Gore, Kennedy, Edwards, Pelosi, etc, ALL told us as well. Another egg laid by henry!!!

Wow henry, you yourself posted several times that my posts disappeared, but now you're pretending as though it never happened? You are one very lonely, strange lady. For the sake of your community, I pray you do not have a drivers' license. You are probably just as dangerous behind a wheel as you are in the political realm.

That murdered 23 year old army private is still waiting to hear your apology henry. But since you live in the most Muslim state in the country, you probably side with the terrorist. Not surprising.

1947 days ago

you must stupid    

Didn't think so.

henry loses, I win. :)

1945 days ago
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