OctoMom -- Sorry Ma, No Home for You

6/1/2009 3:50 AM PDT

OctoMom -- Sorry Ma, No Home for You

OctoMom's new home: $564,900.00
OctoGrandma's house debt: $534,289.54
OctoMom letting OctoGrandma's house be auctioned off today: Not priceless.

We're guessing it was just easier to buy a new house than it was to dig the old house out of the hole, because OctoGrandma's home -- the one OctoMom Nadya Suleman lived in for years -- is being sold this morning to the highest bidder.

Angela Suleman's home goes up for bidding at 11:30 AM -- and the auction will be held on the steps of the Pomona Superior Courts building in, well, Pomona, Cal.

We hear OctoMom's futon is nice this time of year.