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Cracks Up,

Eminem Walks Out

6/1/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was shades of Shaq last night at the MTV Movie Awards, when Sacha Baron Cohen gave Eminem a taste of "Bruno." The question -- was Eminem genuinely pissed or was it choreographed like a Britney concert?

Check out the vid -- then vote.


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Doesn't matter, either way it was hilarious.

1949 days ago

pink floyd    

that is so fake it's not even funny

1949 days ago


Sad and lame. No amount of boredom at MTV elevates this to anything but marginal.

1949 days ago


Totally fake. Em just happened to have a mic wirede to him out of everyone in that venue so we can hear him say Are you Serious as Sascha landed on him? Staged, total PR for both parties.

1949 days ago


Tell Slim Shady to write a smart ass song about that one!

1949 days ago


there's nooo way someone can just sit in a seat with their head up as a man plunges from the ceiling above them. just thinkin in terms of reflexes, if something is falling above you, one would duck/cover their head/move...not jus sit there wait for a sac to fall perfectly beneath their chin. STAGED. nice acting though.

1949 days ago

Gina Cortese    

Emimem should have done a Danny Bonaduce on him!

1949 days ago


100% FAKE

Wow,...what are the chances that he landed on Eminem who just so happens to have an album dropping pretty soon? I mean honestly...could he have landed any more perfectly for this to NOT have been staged? Of course not...

1949 days ago

Have no shame    

ALL THESE COMMENTS FROM PEOPLE WHO "FEEL" FOR EMINEM...LET IT GO!! The man is (as was stated before) a bully. If this was in fact real, why didn't he "get all gangsta" with SBC? Because he can only say or do anything on an album right? I bet his defenders commenting here thought he was OK to go after a married woman that he once dated? Calling out Nick Cannon to inform him that his wife is a slut. Now that's class!!!!

1949 days ago


He had every right to get mad, Cohen reminds me of that moron Tom Green a few years ago, who would do anything to make people like him. I don't even like Mashalls music but he should be able to go to an awards shows without getting jumped on by some two bit hack, who no one will remember in 5 years.

1949 days ago


Sacha should have sang {or said}

My bum is on your lips
My bum is on your lips
And if I'm lucky you might just give it a little kiss

And it was preplanned to land on Em for sure, but he definitely was not in on it

1949 days ago


As many have stated here, I'm sure it was partly staged as the landing was too perfect....ALSO, how many stars go to the awards show with bodyguards flanking them?? Does Eminem not have any date or friends that he has to take two big bodyguards to sit with him?? haha..come on! They were there for a reason. (No other star came with their daddy or bodyguard). But I think Eminem was maybe insulted as Sacha stuck his butt in his face a bit too long...and as we all know, Eminem is a very sensitive guy. As others pointed out here, he can't take a joke when people laugh at him because people with inferiority complexes cannot laugh at themselves.

1949 days ago

Donny Maxwell    

Fake....You actually think MTV would plan this out without letting Eminem in on it? (which they obviously did, Bruno's overhead wires led directly to Em's seat)
I doubt MTV would want to alienate Em/50/G-Unit/Dre/Interscope in favor of Sasah Baron Cohen......makes zero sense!

MTV would not itencially do anything to piss off or disrespect a invited guest, espcially someone as powerfull as Eminem......The backlash that would happen if this was real from Interscope would be damaging to MTV.....If it was real, Em would boycott MTV, and so would the current and future acts on his label.

Em boycotted the Sources Magazine way back, and when 50 Cent started blowing up, Interscope would not let the Source interview or cover 50......This really hurt the Source, and led to the uprising of XXL, which now has replaced the Source as the number 1 Hip-Hop mag in the country........I doubt MTV would even risk a backlash like this.

The question you got to ask yourself is, "who is more important to MTV? Eminem or Sasah Baron Cohen"........If you can honestly answer that question, then you too will conclude that this must have been fake.

1949 days ago


I'd be pissed too. That's disgusting.

1949 days ago


i think eminem loved it! he was craving man's ass all along! i bet he went back to his hotel and jacked off wishing he could have licked and pumped bruno's tight ass all night long! maybe it was a way for eminem to officially "come out of the closet." we all know eminem is closeted gay.

1949 days ago
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