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Heidi and Spencer -- Quitters

6/2/2009 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi and SpencerHeidi and Spencer have followed through on their threat -- they have quit the NBC reality show "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!"

A source close to production tells TMZ the "Hills" duo walked off the set for good after the live portion of last night's show. It is unclear how the show will handle their leaving on tonight's episode.

Guess they weren't faking ... for a change.

UPDATE -- We're told the Red Cross, the charity Spencer was playing for on the show, now wants nothing to do with the program. It's unclear whether they would have received anything anyway -- but regardless, the Spencer experience left a bad taste in their mouth.


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shawn olsen    

What do you expect from to more moronic republican right wingers.

1879 days ago

teen queen    

I cannot stand them. They are two of the most immature, self-absorbed people I've ever seen. Spencer is evil and Heidi is just plain stupid.

1879 days ago


First of all... Who the hell are these two idiots! Spoiled Rotten Fly by Night so called Celebrities!!! OMG... I am actually glad they came on the show... because for those people the DID know who the hell they were and liked them... they have just been given a Reality Check on there choices!! These two kids are embarrasing!! "To Rich.. to famous" learn how to wipe your ass first then grab what the good LORD gave you and be a freaking MAN! as for the girl... what was her name? put your Big Girl Panties on and deal with the FACT that you will be forgotten as quickly as you came!! BABY GIRL... LITTLE BOY hold on to your Lime Light now! AND if I were you two... as far as being "New Christians" your nothing but pathetic!! Fans MAKE YOU and the lack of FANS will MAKE you disappear!! Poof your gone!!!

1879 days ago


I don't feel so bad now that my HD was out and my TiVo didn't record it.

1879 days ago


Spencer is living in his own sad and demented world. In his words he is to rich and famous to be with these people. Famous? right? eventually reality is going to bite him in the butt and he will realize he is nothing more then a forgetable reality star---seriously how many reality stars do you remember after there shows are over?

1879 days ago


is it me or does anyone else think spencer looks like charles mansion

1879 days ago

steve o rino    

This Spencer guy and his wife said they were the most famous celebs in the world I have only one question. WHO THE HELL ARE THEY. I have never seen or heard of them before ever.

1879 days ago


I hate to share Spencer's name. But I got a new show idea, it's called kick the crap out of your favorite hated celebrity. I get first dibbs on kicking the crap out of Spencer. He is immature, rude disrespectful to women and elders. He's no celebrity, he needs his ass kicked. Someone buy Heidi and Spencer a brick of cheese to go with their idiotic whining.

1879 days ago


Great job, Ben Silverman! (NOT!) That stupid, worthless piece of sh*t head of NBC just LOVES trying to cancel great shows like Friday Night LIghts, and trying to replace them with worthless fare like Quarterlife (which got canceled after one episode), and now...this???!!! Somebody needs to kick that sonofabitch out of there, because he's turning the house that Cheers built into the the network that's getting its ass whipped by the CW Network! If I wanted to see those two lame f*cks, I'll watch them on that low-rent NMTV (No-Music Television).

Just say "NO!" to "reality" tv and "HELL, YEAH!!! to original programming! REALITY TV SUCKS!!!!

1879 days ago


Spencer is a certified genius– all you haters sitting on your lazy hinies hating while my boy is out there entertaining the TV world. Y’all living day to day not knowing what living in the Hills is all about. I admire his bravery and patience for dealing with the common folk – five n’dime – ex-hollywooder’s. He’s from the Hills not Harlem.

1879 days ago


Why do you keep writibng about these two no talent losers? neither one has ever contributed anything worthwhile to society and this show is just another example of the dumbing down of America.

1878 days ago

j smith    

The Red Cross was smart. MTV should drop them too. I have no respect for the at all now, still no change from before but they completely proved me right. Losers. Quitters. Great hires MTV, shame on you. You too have become worthless paparazzi slime giving useless trash a voice.

1878 days ago


you know what i never liked them but i dont care for the hills cuz it sounds stupid and they aint that famous to begin with they couldnt even last in the jungle what does that say they are weak

1878 days ago


C'mon're playing into their Publicity hands.................give them the ULTIMATE put down..............REFUSE to cover them in ANY and EVERYWAY possible!!!

The Ultimate put down for them is to IGNORE THEM!!!

1878 days ago


Spencer who? Don't even know who this loser is? I guess the blond was his intelligent better half. That sure says a lot.

1878 days ago
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