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Jodie Sweetin

-- Full Blouse

6/2/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jodie Sweetin was having a good time in Hollywood on a night away from her baby -- but the "Full House" star's top half made it very hard to concentrate on anything she was actually saying.



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Apple Juice    

She knows black people?jk

1971 days ago

Diane F.    

I don't know what's more appalling the really disturbing thing with those grotesque sideburns, her huge arms, that disgusting dress, or her very desolate, unfortunate, and unbelievably talentless career. I'm with you Jon, that poor child, her and the babies daddy will be in my prayers. Mrs. Sweetin, you are a mom now and you choose to put people like this into your child's life, this is very disturbing I will boycott your book along with a few other woman I know from m.a.d.d. and make sure your march of dimes career is defunct, I have already been in contact with them. I hope the her baby dosn't have to ride in that truck with all the trash on the front seat that really is disturbing.

1971 days ago

snowboarder girly    

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth, m....... ok...... A LOT! He is turbo fugly x 10 and lady, nice back fat! Holly ford ranger batman this girl has class written all over her. A hint, look in the plus sizes momma, that dress is made for someone my size not yours. One more suggestion, if you don't want to be in front of the cameras, turn around and walk out the other door. But you know that already, so you do want the press with your handsome beau LOL! TMZ I love you guys why waste your film on this loser, Tanners step in and beat some sense into this poor child, even kimmy gibbler gets taken more serious then her.

1971 days ago


4. She walks like a guy! At least her boobs ar REAL. Hard to find those these days..

Are you stupid? She admitted to getting a boob job. in those trashy pictures of her straddling her tattooed douchebag husband, you could see the scars on her arm pits.

1971 days ago

obama 4 life    

What's the deal here? Her first husband is hot in a goody goody, boy next door kind of way. Her second husband is hot in a cool, bad boy kind of way. What is with this guy???????? Wowsers! The truck is really killing me, cant pull it together LMAO......... with the mess.... ... LOL......At least she knows, look how embarrassed she looks.

1971 days ago

obama 4 life    

I have to admit I thought her and her ex looked hot in those trashy lap dance pics, I wanted them to both be at my house doing that. Were they at a strip club? Those scars are hyaenas, is that spelled right?

1971 days ago


Wow, I didn't realize there were nothing but supermodels commenting here. Back fat?? Huge arms?? She looks a thousand times better than most women I see out there lately. Just walk into any Walmart.

1971 days ago

back fat is too funny    

Sam must have back fat too. Supermodels not even close but women not in the public eye and not trying to be, walking around the block a few times at least taking care of ourselves, yes! This girl is grotesque! I can't believe this the same girl that was just on chelsey lately, praising her husband and their life together. Look at her now, barely six months later, with some very poor dressed erkle looking fellow, riding around in a ford ranger with trash on the seat, HOW EMBARRASSING! Everyone say it with me...............,KARMA! yes KARMA! Women let this be a lesson to us, let yourself go, dress like a badly paid prostitute, do a ton of drugs, lie all the time and we too can end up with this guy! Lol...... I'm going to the gym NOW!

1971 days ago


Hey 'back fat is too funny' - come on, you KNOW you're just ugly & jealous of her; she's a beautiful girl and nothing you can say will change that. I feel sorry for you Stupid losers talking about huge arms & back fat. Do yourself a favor and just go look in the mirror.

1971 days ago


Looks like Jodie has really fallen off the wagon. I bet her people are really proud of her. Maybe she just wants his satin , Pointer Sisters jacket!! She looks wasted and of course she boutght her boobs!!! .

1971 days ago

back fat is too funny    

So mimi, jodie, one of jodies friends, she's also a very talented actress, a great mom, a loving wife, very honest, a great person to be around and sober blah blah blah...... lol!! Sorry she's an ugly has been, I don't think anyone is jealous of the cards she's dealt herself. I see this girl all the time, she started coming into the place I work at with her very frightening looking friends, if you think she's homely, EEKS, usually she's with this really ugly old man, pretty sad. She's probably sober now because she is getting to be quite the big girl!

1970 days ago


You think that's bad, one of her friends says she's also dating a 40 some year old minnie me

1970 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

She turned out better looking than the Lemur twins!!!

1970 days ago

back fat is too funny    

LMAO!! the creepy old guy he looks like he's 45, he's pathetic, he's a midget and works as a sound guy or something lame like that. He came in to my work and was bragging to my coworker and I about how he plays guitar and works in movies. We laughed and laughed at him then he said he was dating this chick , at that point we laughed at him and her. blahhhhhhhhhhh (me gagging) Oh Lordy this girl is a mess! Well he got him self some young drug addict ho, but from what I've heard who hasn't! Sorry ex hubbies you both are cute forget about this horrible part of your lives. Cop and bad boy come to my work anytime, drinks on me!

1970 days ago


hey cute face lovely smile and a nice body and breast to boot....why bother with the real of not she is a cutie and who wouldnt love to spend some time (days and nights) with her???? i know i would for sure didnt know she had turned out to be such a sexy one. thanks for the piece on her tmz keep it up

1970 days ago
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