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Jon & Kate Plus Different States

6/2/2009 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While America's favorite reverse mullet wearing mother of eight Kate Gosselin ferried around Bald Head Island, North Carolina with her brood ...


... her estranged husband Jon rode around on an ATV at their Pennsylvania home on Monday.

Jon and Kate are separated ... by over 500 miles.


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First whores!    

1st again sluts

1969 days ago

First whores!    


1969 days ago

First whores!    

Am I first?

1969 days ago


The camera's need to go away. People need to stop watch this slow mo train wreck for whats left of the kids sanity.

1969 days ago

uh duh    

please let's just drop the Gosselin's already. jon and kate aren't jon and kate anymore, so really what's the news? let them move on in privacy and fix whatever needs fixing. and for the kids sake PLEASE quit hunt them down for photos. yes, kate puts them out there, going here and there parading them around and it's poor Kate with all the kids, but it's what she created and obviously she is not thinking of their mental welfare at this time. let's help her out and stop the madness. NO MORE GOSSELING PHOTOS - PLEASE!!

1969 days ago


It's true, Hershey, PA to Bald Head Island, NC is a 523 mile drive that'll take you approximately 9 hours 10 minutes.

1969 days ago


7th lol and really who care

1969 days ago


I guess a working 2 week vacation (filming) is wayyyyyy more important than going to school. Hey Kate, the kids schools are still in session and more important than more $$ in your wallet!!!!!!

1969 days ago


I wish people would stop taking pictures of these people. They are just a family going through difficult times. I can't decide if it's cute or creepy that she dresses the kids the same

1969 days ago

Psyclon Nyne    

Whoa... that Jon needs to lay off the ATV and hit the gym.

1969 days ago


Kate is not to blame. it was a joint descision between her and jon.
shes not parading them anywhere.
jon is lazy and stupid and without kate being controlling, they wouldve lost their kids by now.
leave them alone.

1969 days ago


Well all the children were here first. Let's give them all a hand; clap clap clap. #1,2,3,. Now Kate take the children and go home.

1969 days ago


I am too getting sick of hearing about the Gosselins. Especially, Kates hair! The joke is getting OLD guys. However, I will say that Kate may be this and may be that. But, I would do whatever it took to make sure my family was living comfortable. Especially, having sooo many kids. Why struggle with mounting bills and stuff when you have an opportunity to make money? And give the kids the kinds of things they deserve.
Then, there is her brother and his wife..Child Labor Laws?? Are you two freakin serious?? Where were you guys when the show started, if you were so concerned??? The things so-called "relatives" do to get there 15 minutes, I swear!
I use to feel for Jon. But, now I see that he is just another weak man who became a father. Things get a little tough then its time to bail..on your family. Alot of men want to be a father when its convienent for them. And it seems Jon would rather hangout at the bars, ride four wheelers and soo on. Are you a man or a boy?? What a joke.

1969 days ago


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO MORE OF THESE IDIOTS. I can't believe what a money hungry, exploiter of children, overbearing mother of 8 is so NEWS WORTHY. I don't get it. WE AS THE PUBLIC need to stop feeding into this and stop looking at pictures, news and shows of this B.S. Lets move on and hope that these children can live a normal life, whatever that may be.
Jon and Kate can fall off the end of this plant, alot with Heidi and Spencer, and I would be the happiest person in the world!!!!

1969 days ago


Yeah I agree, Jon & Kate both agreed to do this program BUT it changed Kate - Jon is just wanting to go back to the way it was (between J & K) but Kate is soooo obsessed with money and freebees - yeah at first it was all fun, but as Jon said, "too much of anything is not good." Kate plays the vic. and if you watch episodes, she is a control freak - her little beach outing was just touch the water let the paparazzi take pics of me in my bikini and lets go, these kids look unhappy! Kate listen your children, STOP your madness, go to therapy, and really take a vacation by taking 1 year off from the show.

1969 days ago
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