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Jon & Kate Plus Different States

6/2/2009 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While America's favorite reverse mullet wearing mother of eight Kate Gosselin ferried around Bald Head Island, North Carolina with her brood ...


... her estranged husband Jon rode around on an ATV at their Pennsylvania home on Monday.

Jon and Kate are separated ... by over 500 miles.


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More picture of the kids who are innocents.

Real classy, Harvey.

1976 days ago


The saddest thing to me is that those ugly kids all look like the ugly dad.

1976 days ago


At first I too thought Kate was the issue in their problems, however, since watching the new season and repeats of past seasons, I believe that John is trying to get back his youth. All he wants to do is hang out with his friends, go snow-boarding, etc. Yes, Kate may be gone at times for work, however, it is mainly for work and not vacation, relaxation time. He on the other hand is supposedly a stay-at-home dad now??!!! Ridiculous! I'm sure there are many people around who help take care of the kids on a daily basis. He is whining too much! Suck it up. If your not happy staying home, get a job and employ a full time nanny!

1976 days ago

Holland Girl    

I like how in the last two weeks of shows, Kate is acting as if she likes her kids. Before, all she did was scream at them and show no emotional ties with them. She didn't even want them to get dirty, Must be she is afraid a judge might give the kids to Jon and make her pay alimony. If I was the judge, I would.

1976 days ago


Kate you need to take these kids home and let them get back to a normal life.

1976 days ago


I believe this is the same woman that I recently read quoted as saying that she feels she owes it to the public to finish watching her kids growi up (or something to that effect). If this is the same woman, I think that it's quite obvious who the biggest problem is, hands down.

1976 days ago


I watch the show last night and everything Kate did or said felt like fingernails on a chalkboard. I can't watch anymore - unless it becomes John plus 8.

Kate needs some intense and long term therapy ASAP. She is going to cause some serious emotional damage to the kids.

1976 days ago

mother jones    

TLC...Two-faced Lying Channel fed the paps these pix! the Sheeple would support this KON even if Khate starred in her own porno with mr.grey and sold each kid on Ebay!!!

1976 days ago


Whoa, so it's ok to cheat on your wife! Why dont some so called (men) just end the relationship legally and then get a new one? What is this crap about seeing another woman while still in the relationship? I know it's fun like that , kind of exciting, until it all comes out. Then you look like an idiot. Maybe you are afraid of paying child support? I will say that of all things Kate is good at organizing her family. And if not for TLC, it would be a constant struggle to pay for them. Say what you will but she is out and not home being depressed, which is far more hurtful to the kids. America always makes people into TV and movie royalty. Lets give her a break for putting up with all of us.

1976 days ago


OK - here is what I think (not that anyone cares, but here goes)...At one time in their lives Jon & Kate really loved each other. Then the children came & because of her upbringing ( bad parent relationships, poor, lived in a trailer park), Kate became greedy & for awhile Jon went along with it (Jon is quite the wuss). Now, Jon is tired of all the stuff, but Kate can't seem to get enough of it. They both say how very much they love their children & are there for them. I applaude that, but words are soooo cheap (just like Kate). If you were really looking out for the best interest of your children, stop the show, get into marriage counceling (family therapy) and work on your marraige in private. BUT WHATEVER YOU DO....DON'T GIVE UP ON EACH OTHER YET!!!!! It is very obvious bu looking at the picture of the children, they do not like being photographed. Not a single child is looking at the camer, only Kate...telling isn't it????

1976 days ago


First for a mom who in her own words "Only takes care of her kids and works" she has a great tan nice nails and blondhighlights in her hair. I live in florida on the water and dont have a "perfect" tan like she has and I can tell you there are only three ways to get a tan like that one is a tanning booth another is airbrush tan and the other is spending a lot of time laying on a lounge chair in the sun none of which you can do while watching 8 kids. The other thing is the hair I have brown hair and highlights but if I was to go that blond there is a lot of upkeep again getting your hair done while watching 8 kids would be tough. Just somethings to think about

1976 days ago

Oh Please    

Kate is truly a monster and is ruining those childrens lives. She is greedy and sooooo evil. Cancel this horrible show and stop pimping out little kids.

1976 days ago

Oh Please    

Only retards or pedaphiles would watch this show. The mother is a real piece of trash and so is tlc for whoring out these kids. Karma is a biotch

1976 days ago


I can't believe some of you saying Kate is unattractive. Has anyone seen Jon-especially of late. TOTAL FAT PIG! YUCK!

1976 days ago


I don't understand why so many of you feel it is ok to cheat. If Jon doesn't want to be in this relationship he should get a divorce. Karma is a bitch people. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Please have a heart!

1976 days ago
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