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Michael Jackson's Word


6/2/2009 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MJ ExclusiveMichael Jackson's word holds about as much weight as his frame -- at least according to the promoter who plans on suing him over the Jackson family concert.

Michael told us yesterday he was gonna do the concert -- the one with Janet and the Jackson 5 in Texas in 2010 -- but the CEO of the company planning to throw the concert thinks Jacko's word is worth nothing.

Patrick Allocco told us his company will sue M.J. unless the singer signs on the dotted line, promising to sing with his sister and his bros.

Jackson has balked at doing the family concert, favoring his London gig ... which could be in jeopardy.

UPDATE: We just received the following comment from Allocco, "Let me say this as clearly and unequivocally as I possibly can ... I have spoken with Michael Jackson and I believe that he is an honorable man. A man of his word. I look forward to working with him and his entire family on the historic show we have been planning for more than a year."


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Watching the Michael Jackson story unfold is some of the best entertainment available. It's sort of a cross between watching a slow-motion train wreck and a classic Greek tragedy wherein the central character's fatal flaw leads him inexorably to his doom despite all efforts to save him.

1936 days ago


I dont' see what the fascination is with this guy. The best album, the Thriller one, was out nearly 30 years ago. Since then...he has had a few hits...but this world wide hysteria. Gag...I just don't get it. Then I remind myself, Germany is enamored with David Hasselhoff...there you go. Also, MJ needs to get over his lost childhood in the same way that Madonna needs to understand we all know she is 50. Ain't no amount of botox covering that up.

1936 days ago


Number 20, yes... you are correct. A power of attorney and sometimes business managers can authorize such contracts for their clients. One small problem... Frank Dileo isn't MJ's manager, power of attorney or anything else. He's a fat guy puffing on a cigar who, because he managed MJ 20 years ago thinks he's still got pull. Not so, apparantly.

There is probably a reason they are issuing press statements practically begging MJ to sign... they have no grounds to sue. They flubbed.

1936 days ago

michael lee    

he's back!!!!ok?i love michael !!!!!!!hey!!!!the king of pop!!!!!

1936 days ago



Everyone can Kiss
Michael Jackson's ROYAL ASS

Cant wait till July when he
knock all you naysayers flat on
your butts - looking up in awe

See You In July :D

1935 days ago


He has not kept his word on anything he has promised in the last 15 years. I know he will not perform in London or anywhere else in the world ever again. And as long as people keep paying him money BEFORE he does anything he can go on living in his fantasy world.,

This man knows nothing of the real world and actually thinks that what he does is normal behaviour. Compared to him Britney Spears is completely lucid en able to conduct her own affairs. When will Michael be put under conservatorship?

1935 days ago


A few curiosities:

1. No denials of the reports the concert will be pre-recorded and lip-synced,
2. According to media reports, he production team has recruited numerous MJ "doubles" supposedly for the production.
3. At the amazingly short press conference announcing the performances, reporters who were present noted that the "gloved one's" mouth was wider, his nose was thicker, his voice was about an octave lower, and he used uncharacteristiclally macho gestures (punching at the air, etc.).

Does the word "ringer" apply?

1935 days ago


For all the people that bought tickets: I really hope hes a man of his word and does all of the scheduled concerts. It sucks when you buy tickets for someone/something u really want to see and then it never happens. I just hope you guys wont be let down.

P.S. Esp cause those tickets you bought were NOT cheap!

1935 days ago

גן ילדים    

i love michael jacksons music and i specially like his song man in the mirror .

1931 days ago


Michael is the KING OF POP. This always happens to him because he is so giving. Yes, there are often some problems because when some people want Michael, then suddenly they all want him. He is wanted in London and in the US. Its all about time management. I am sure Michael will work this out. The London deal is pretty much a wrap. There are too many millions at stake there. However, the dude in Texas must be realistic in that unless the tour he plans is televised, the magic will truly only be in Texas unless he wants to prepare an entire tour for Michael in the States. He could stand to make millions. Why? Truly once Michael generates a buzz overseas, then people in the States want him. The buzz is overwhelming in London right now.

1928 days ago
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