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OctoMom -- Babies Got Bank

6/2/2009 2:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctomomOctoMom may be protecting her OctoATMs after all -- by making sure the kiddies get their proper cut of the profits when it's time to start filming her reality show.

Nadya Suleman's lawyer told us she has already set up "Coogan Accounts" for the OctoATMS -- which are required for any child actors (aka her kids) under contract. The accounts tuck away 15% of the kids' gross earnings, which can't be touched until they turn the ripe age of 18.

At least they'll have something to show for it.


No Avatar

Fan Since 2007!!!    

I can imagine the fight she put up against it...
Until someone convinced her of the PR beneits...

Smart Lawyer...

1971 days ago


shame on anyone that watches her ~~~~~~

1971 days ago

Noah Lieske    

I wonder how many people are going to watch her show? Noah Lieske

1971 days ago


Let me see, "Nadya Suleman's lawyer says". Oh yes, and he ALWAYS tells the truth. I don't for a second believe anything that comes out of Camp OctoScam.

1971 days ago


I thought the law was 15% per kid. Let's see @ 14 kids. Sorry, but the math doesn't add up.

1971 days ago


Shouldn't she have to pay back the tax payers of California for the welfare she received over the years?
And who ended up paying the million dollar hospital bill? Her or the tax payers?

1971 days ago

tired of octo-lips    

You know I just have to laugh everytime I read about another reality show . How real is it when these people do nothing but go on day trips and vacations? How many vacations does the average family get to go on? You know that the producers are sending these people all over the place. Because who would want to watch what happens in real life? Yea lets watch Joe Smoe go off to work, watch mamma smoe do some house work, then watch her watching the soaps. Then the highlight of the night! papa smoe comes home pops open a beer and stares at the tube for the rest of the night (while hollering Where's my dinner?) Get the picture? When is enough going to be enough and there is a backlash against the reality show? I can't wait for it!!!!!!!!!

1971 days ago


She is NOT protecting her kids. The state of California is protecting her kids; she is just complying with the law established by the state to protect child actors. No congratulations deserved here.

1971 days ago


Remember when those sweet babies were born and she didn't want the publicity? Now look at her ... duck lips and power shopping & Angelina Jolie identity crisis ! Has this woman EVER had a REAL JOB?! And will she get off welfare when the taping begins? Look at the money California will save in welfare benefit$ ! I know this is California, but what about child Labor Laws?

1971 days ago


Let's just hope she doesn't don an orange bikini and strut around Bald Head Island, NC.

1971 days ago


BTW...'toofastforyou' ... get a freakin' life will ya?!

1971 days ago


Macaroni and cheese looks gross when you throw it back up!

1971 days ago

Jesus juice    

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! #21!!! (trainwreck) THAT'S FUNNY AND TRUE!!! What I want to know is this the PIGSLUT series???? You know, getting up late every am, dropping the kids off late to school after the nannies get them ready....stopping at Starbucks, shopping, going home to take a nap, primping, and then grabbing a baby for a moment to film a radaronline episode, leaving for more shopping, telling the nannies what OnCor package to heat up for the other kids, and then going out for the evening.

1971 days ago


#19, I'll explain the math for you. Each kid is contracted for 100% of what he earns, because there is a separate agreement for each kid. They are not all lumped together into one agreement. Each kid, under Coogan, has an account set up to save 15% of his 100%. As far as the other 85% that each kids earns, well, I guess you know where that is going.

1971 days ago


I say good for her. Do you know how much it will cost to raise all those kids? At least she won't be living off the Welfare system. It's not like she can run out and get a job. She can't afford the daycare. let alone diapers, food, clothes, housing, and so on. So the kids will have cameras in their faces for a couple of years. It will all go away when someone else delivers 9 kids.

1971 days ago
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