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911 Call -- Billy Bob's Daughter Tries to Save Child

6/3/2009 8:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Biily Bob Thorntan's  daughter Click to listen!TMZ has obtained the 911 call made the night a 1-year-old child being watched by Billy Bob Thornton's daughter suffered injuries that later took the child's life.

Amanda Brumfield can be heard trying to administer CPR and saying, "[She's] not moving, not reacting to anything" -- as her husband receives instructions from the dispatcher.

Brumfield was charged last week with child neglect.


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I know this woman personally and for all of you that think she's a crackhead...Kiss off

it's a mug shot!...DUH!

Amanda is a wonderful person kindhearted and giving.

she Loves children and would never hurt a child intentionally. so for those of you that think she did... think again!

She loved Olivia like she was one of her own.


Soon you will all see how horrible all of this is.

a child dies accidentally and this is what comes of it.

a good mother seperated from her family and the media painting her as a murderer.

I just want you to know that those of us who know her are praying every day for her.

and soon the truth will be known.

It sure does suck to be run throught the ringer for who your daddy is.... especially when you don't have any contact with him.

You think he's gonna come save her.... blog about that airheads!

1880 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

I think it is a crying shame its not illegal to sell 911 calls to low lifes and or worse the low lifes are allowed to post them all over the internet. Especially when a criminal trial my be pending. Did you learn nothing when you single handedly got Chriss Brown aquitted.

1913 days ago

Apple Juice    

This is why I wouldn't trust anyone with my future kids. At least she tried to save her. I wonder what all happened. I never knew he had a daughter. It's still messed up how he left his adopted kid, with Angelina.

1913 days ago


His ex-wife said there is no animosity between daughter & father & they have seldom spoke to each other. He also doesn't send her money either. This is weird, how can you have a kid & cut her off. He's rich & hasn't bothered sending her any money. Not that he has too but most parent with money would probably share some of their money with their kids unless you have a rotten kid. Maybe she was but he doesn't seem to be the type to be a great father anyway. It's a shame all around especially we have a dead baby who was allegedly murdered.

1913 days ago


This story has nothing NOTHING to do with Angelina. A child died while being cared for by her God mother. Remember he left Angelina once she adopted Maddox because he wasn't any longer the center of attention. His loss. Maddox is better off with Brad and Angelina.

1913 days ago

too many stupid ppl    

dis is so graphic, i can only imagine how the mother of the baby gurl must feel, this is the worst pain for a mother!
**rest in peace baby gurl**

1913 days ago


They seem so calm during the call for the child to be unresponsive. It also was weird when the dispatcher said again that the paramedics was on their way and the caller response was "Yeah, we know" towards the end of the tape. It sounded almost sarcastic.

1913 days ago


to #11..Sometimes when your in that kind of situation..were you are supposed to be in a state of panic but trying not to because you want to keep your head and do something e.g like trying to save someone's life..all you can do is keep calm..i can only imagine what she was feeling: angry at herself, helpless, scared, guilty etc..OMG accidents happen ...I just hope the parents will get through this and also the godmother of the child..

1913 days ago


They said the baby fell from a playpen, that would NOT cause injuries that would lead to death, whether or not there is carpet or wood floors. And playpen is shorter than a has to be about 3 feet off the ground....

Somehow she hurt that baby.

1913 days ago


Oh you idiots, 911 calls are PUBLIC RECORD! No one sold this to TMZ! Damn ya'll are stupid.

1913 days ago


14. They said the baby fell from a playpen, that would NOT cause injuries that would lead to death, whether or not there is carpet or wood floors. And playpen is shorter than a has to be about 3 feet off the ground....

Somehow she hurt that baby.

Posted at 2:07PM on Jun 3rd 2009 by squattmunki

Dont make assumptions. Makes you look like the 1st 3 letters of that word.
No one thought a fall on snow could kill someone but Natashia Richardson is dead. You have no clue what that little baby hit her head on. I will not listen to the tape because frankly I think its disgusting they released this considering a little baby is dead.
Rest in peace little one

1913 days ago


I loved going on but think that they are horrible people to put this on here.I will not listen to it at all!!!! I was friends with the Mother of that beautiful little girl and have reconnected with her, to be there for her in this very sad time. There are stupid people leaving comments all over the internet and they have no idea what happened. Nothing is important except the fact that a baby girl's life ended way too soon. I am a Mother too and I could not imagine going through this. Anyone who has negitive comments should just keep it to themselves!!!!! It's very sad that a website would do this when it has to do with a child and it's only because it's BBT's daughter.WHO GIVES A SH*T??????????

1913 days ago


why the hell do the dregs of the world all end up in Florida?
Dept of children and family services -> nothing has changed since bradley macgees death.
children are still dying --- children are still being misplaced by your inept agency.
gov charlie crist -> another one of your failures & u want to be our senator? HA think again

1913 days ago


Leave her alone.

1912 days ago


this is a comment for everyone who says "oh they were too calm when they called 911" trying to make it seem like this woman didnt care about this baby. did u ever think that maybe she was trying to stay calm cuz that would be better than freakin out and not be able to perform cpr? and u people shouldnt be judging what kind of person she is just cuz of her looks. i bet half of u are 300+ lbs and just sit in front of the computer all day!

1912 days ago
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