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Eminem Cracks

Admits Involvement in Taintgate

6/3/2009 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eminem, BrunoIn case you still believe the Eminem/Sacha Baron Cohen incident from the MTV Movie Awards was real... Em just proved you're a gullible Gary by admitting he was knee deep in Sacha's butt stunt.

Em became the 496th person to confirm the whole thing was planned, telling, "Sacha called me when we were in Europe and he had an idea to do something outrageous at the Movie Awards. I'm a big fan of his work so I agreed to get involved with the gag."

It looks as if, unlike some people, Em has emerged from this Bruno encounter unscathed.


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WOW!! What a great idea to boost one's career and image, - just allow yourself to be publicly T-BAGGED on live TV and laughed AT worldwide. He's done and over. All that's left for him is being the first and eternal image that flashes in everyone's brain whenever being the "butt of a joke" comes to mind. All the denial is just a transparent but half-assed try to spin the unspinnable.

1930 days ago


Whomever it is...

that approved this stunt ...

at MTV....

is gonna get theirs.

An eye for an eye.

1930 days ago


Don't really care one way or the other, but if you just happen to really pay attention you'll notice that
1) the camera was focused on Em before the t-bagging
That's the most telling because why would any of the audience need to be strapped with a mic while just supposedly watching the show?????

1930 days ago


Just like Obama media it is all cover up , smoke & mirrors.

1930 days ago


I really don't know what to think about this story. I mean, it's not as though Em is a hilarious guy and loves doing pranks like Will Farrell or anything. And what rapper would really think having a man's bare ass in your face is going to give you more street cred and increase album sales? I mean, is he banking on the .001% of American citizens that are gay all of a sudden buying his albums??

I suspect the stunt was staged but I'm willing to bet the "punchline" was probably just supposed to be Sasha's head between his legs, not his bare ass in his face. I think this is just Em and his camp threating people to do major damage control.

1930 days ago


Is Eminem gay? That's the only way he would let this happen...

1930 days ago


i was the first to think that this was not staged on em's part but now both the mtv writer an em have come out and said it, can we just let it go? i got punked, you guys got punked. eminem is laughing at you super-macho males' reactions all the way to the bank.

1930 days ago


Good Lord I can't believe some people ARE STILL unable to accept this was a hoax even after EVERYBODY UNDER THE FREAKIN' SUN has explained it was.

Some of you people are honestly so stupid it scares the crap outta me. It's called "showbiz" you idiots. It's not real!

1930 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

Feminem loves pee pee so much he rehearsed this many times...
Why would he want to tell people he rehearsed this? Balls and all!
Because he didn't expect balls across the nose and got upset!

1930 days ago


Why would you want another mans ass in your face? Even if it was staged that is GROSS. He must be GAY!

1930 days ago

Kathy B    

I still don't buy that he knew everything that went down.
Em's way too much of a homophobe + he's a rapper so he has an image 2 uphold.
If he did then he needs 2 come out w/ a 2009 version of Cleaning out my closet, cause dude got a few more skeletons.
People forget that Ashton Kutcher tried 2 punk him & he got wind of it & threw a huge temper tantrum threatening 2 kick his butt if he went threw w/ it.

1930 days ago


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1887 days ago


Eminem is the best White "Rap" star, so be good to him. i loved his music when I was a child, he had really good songs...Good work eminem

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1877 days ago

pame stoixhma    

Bruno is nice, but nothing like Borat!!! Borat is classic...

1869 days ago
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