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Lambert Out with Guy, Still Not OUT with Him

6/3/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After his hand-holding photo-op, we thought Adam Lambert was finally going public with his sexuality -- but when he was asked what the deal was between him and this Shia LaBeouf-alike, he closed that closet door again, refusing to say they're together.

Adam Lambert: Click to watch
The "American Idol" wannabeen and his guy Drake were in Venice yesterday, playing cute by pretending they didn't even know each other.

And they say true love is dead.


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Which one's the pillow biter?

1967 days ago


This guy has a lot of stage presence and a good voice for singing other people's songs. But if he doesn't write or get his hands on some original hits, he is toast. People will get bored with this super-hype real quick. He did alright signing Whole Lotta Love, but Zeppelin also had about 40 mega big rock-n-roll hits. That's why they are still popular today, 35 years later. Unless he has a heluva lot of talent and/or great people backing him, I predict he will fizzle out within a year.

1967 days ago


Wow Adam is hot. I'd do him in a heartbeat. And I wouldn't be opposed to Drake making it a threesome.

The invasion of his privacy is disgusting, sure, but I must be a hypocrite because I watch ever single posted vid.

Oh, and Adam, green is definitely your color! Sorry jealous haters! What a beautiful man.

1967 days ago


To Cari. Deep south? Didn't the VERY BLUE, and VERY WESTCOAST state of California say "hell no" to gay marriage? So nice try to stereotype, you just show your ignorance and true "one mindedness" about yourself. Which "legit" news companies are you referring to? Every interview I've seen him do has been a puff piece on some liberal show.

Somehow I doubt you were as defensive for Carrie Prejean and her privacy as you are for this "guy." Am I right? Your hypocrisy couldn't be more obvious. Continue to live in your little liberal lala land bubble. And btw, "my opinions that won't affect anyone" are obviously shared by the LARGE majority of blue state voters like in California, and clearly I affected you enough to prompt you to post a response. Pot, meet my friend Mr. Kettle :)

1967 days ago


Why is everyone so into this Drake guy. He looks so wimpy to me. At least he is wearing something else than a tank top. Did Adam buy him that shirt too. Liked Adams shirt though. Adam is loving the spotlight. I hope he smartens up though. Not to be a nerd, but this is the second time I have seen him drive off without a seatbelt.

1967 days ago


I love the way homophobes (and please don't tell me that anyone who ends their post with saying that they think that a person who has done nothing to them is "disgusting" is anything else) live in their own little world where they bet that 90% of people think the same way as them.

I also absolutely adore the way that fans of the ignored "winner" try to use this as another opportunity to knock Adam. Kris has been lovely, has he? How much interest has their been in Kris except for that which is already pre-contracted? Zilch.

Sad twonks.

1967 days ago


If this guy is "so talented" and the best thing since sliced breed, then why was he the backup to the backup in the VERY off broadway verision of Wicked in LA? It's not as though he hasn't been trying to get noticed for singing. He's spent years in LA trying to make it in either the recording industry or theater, and failed at both. So obviously there's something that the executives know he clearly lacks since he's been in the game for a while in possibly the best city in the world to get noticed. I suspect Kris will have a long, promising career and Adam will drift back to obscurity as a backup's backup in lame theater productions.

Just sayin....

1967 days ago


Why is it that sexual preference must be worn on the sleeve? Straight, gay or bi only means something during a sexual why must it define a person in other aspects of life? I am a very tolerant person, but it really bothers me when adult men prance around like little school girls. What happened to "self pride"? When did it become mandatory to have to have sexual pride? Sex is something that should be kept in private...regardless if it's with a woman or a man. Homosexuals who can't act like grown men and women are the very reason why there will always be discrimination towards all gays. Have you ever seen a gay pride parade? Some of those people act like complete perverted idiots and then want to whine and cry because straight people find them disgusting. People need to take responsibility for their actions and grow the F up!

1967 days ago


to #25, just as nowadays it's "OK" to be gay, it's STILL also "OK" to still have an opinion AGAINST being gay. I for one think it's disgusting, wrong and morally reprehensible. People have, FOR CENTURIES, kept their homosexuality in the closet and hidden it from the world. Why is that? I for one am getting sick to death of people telling me what to think and what I'm SUPPOSED to think. Here's what I think, I think homosexuality is disgusting, and none of you PC IDIOTS are going to change my mind. I don't want to see this tool with his tongue crammed down another guy's throat, or the video of him pretending to hump that guy who was bent over, it makes me sick. So, call me a homophobe and tell me I live in the "dark ages", I could honestly CARE LESS, it's FREAKING WRONG to be gay. Take it back to the closet.

1967 days ago

Real American    

Still a Lambert fan, but the coy act is getting old.

1967 days ago


They are so cute! Adam is under contract so he can't say much right now, but he's trying to have a sense of humor about it. Adam is so talented and fascinating. Kris is about as exciting as a log and he's a fundamental christian who thinks he's better than everyone else. Perfect Fox Right Wing Winner! Adorable couple. Thanks.

1967 days ago


He is not now or ever an American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1967 days ago


No MAN looks Straight in a Pink Shirt!

1967 days ago


Candy - Hate to break it to ya, but snoozer right below you is exactly right. You're a poor loser and it shows. Everyone is interested in Adam and no one is interested in Kris, except those that are binded to contracts??? Are you really that stupid or just that mad that he lost? Look at all "the interest" you see in Spencer and Heidi, Paris and the Kardashian girls. Paps like freakshows, so yeah, in that regard Adam will get that same type attention as the other "winners" I just mentioned.

Snoozer you're 110% correct. I wouldn't be surprised to see Adam working in the drive-thru of a Taco Bell within the next year. Kris is the real deal and the true artist. Adam has been trying to get big for years in LA and has failed at every corner.

1967 days ago



1967 days ago
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