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Lambert Out with Guy, Still Not OUT with Him

6/3/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After his hand-holding photo-op, we thought Adam Lambert was finally going public with his sexuality -- but when he was asked what the deal was between him and this Shia LaBeouf-alike, he closed that closet door again, refusing to say they're together.

Adam Lambert: Click to watch
The "American Idol" wannabeen and his guy Drake were in Venice yesterday, playing cute by pretending they didn't even know each other.

And they say true love is dead.


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hillary clinton    

why the mystery? i thought it was now cool to be a queer?? isnt that what its all gonna come down to?? gay gay gay fun fun fun?? someone send adam the memo

1931 days ago


I think Adam is trying to tell everyone to lighten up and have a sense of humor. Even his fans get so bent out of shape. Adam would have killed for this media attention last year. He obviously is under contract and can't talk about a few things. He's said gay by his actions so many times, does anyone really need him to voice it?

1931 days ago


Although i'm a huge fan of Adam during American Idol, i've downloaded all his idol and studio performances. He's an amazing singer, the best!! All the media is speculating if he's gay or not. If he is,great! so be it, he's a hot gay dude!
there was a story not so long ago about a child committing suicide after being bullying at school, the kids at the school called him gay. If adam is gay, will he be a role model to this kids and let them know its not right to be doing that. Given his status now from American Idol, should he not speaking out? Even if he isn't gay, he's still a figure a lot of kids look up to

1931 days ago


Why are gay people expected to announce it to the world their gay. Straight people don't announce it to the workd they are straight. Adam was holding the guys hand. He has said before everything was out there for anyone to know. He dosen't try to hide his life. Why should he have to say, YES I"M GAY. You media people need to get a life.

1931 days ago


as a straight woman, adam can bring his hot gay ass over my house anytime he'd like! ;-)

1931 days ago


Adam has always been gracious and continues to be so even when the paps are acting like morons! "How about a smooch" for crying out loud. Is this what journalism has come to or should I say respectable news reporting. If this is the case we are all in serious trouble. Adam and Drake have known each other since before idol and whatever the relationship let them enjoy. Life is to short!
#14 I agree with you totally. Everyone could learn from Adam and Kris. True gentlemen with class and graciousness.


1931 days ago


Umm...OK so I though I so loved Adam until I saw this video. He should expain to his public about this, he had said he was going to try to change the world on his part anyways. I thought he was to be a role model to everyone, but after seeing this video I cant believe that he wouldn't explain as to why he is not driving his hybrid that he got on American Idol...all jokes aside I think Adam is totally awesome just like me:)

1931 days ago


Anyone who gives a damn about Adam's sex life needs to get a life of their own. If it wasn't for you pathetic losers, TMZ wouldn't have an audience to pander to.

1931 days ago


#81 SallyTuna you need to have your ears checked. Allison is good yes, but Adam is phenomenal! He is also the only real star American Idol has ever had to grace its stage. As far as being a fame whore, have you ever considered the fact that because he is under contract he cannot say one way or another. Even his mother is not allowed to give out any information because she is bound by contract. He is not asking to be followed and asked stupid idiotic questions. If you don't like Adam, then don't read about him. Bashing gets you nowhere and makes you look small.

Why not ask Allison if she is a virgin, or any other contestant what their preferences are. Do they like kinky sex or what. What I am trying to point out is that it's no ones business and who cares. The man is Gorgeous and talented and will become a Mega Star. He already has worldwide popularity. He is gracious and polite etc... and is a great role model for many many people, not just kids.

So grow up and go enjoy Allison at one of the AI concerts.


1931 days ago


'Still a Lambert fan, but the coy act is getting old.'

Geeze 47, guess you'll only be happy if TMZ gets its way and they make out in public. What's that matter witth you people, ANYWAY? Stop feeding the F-ing Monster. TMZ grow up.

1931 days ago

Adam fan    

Who cares??????????? I don't care if he's into animals. Adam can sing like there's no tomorow!!!!!

1931 days ago


Your show is a joke. You were described on another website called "bullies in the lunchroom". I can see why stars would stay away from you guys. You are dirt bags. You have no class and I've watched your show while passing by channels and you guys are stupid enough to ask the stupidest questions, and then expect an answer. You guys need to get real jobs. I thought you were being taken off the air last year. You need to be. You guys suck at interviewing. You have no class!!! Adam is a classy guy and doesn't need to answer your questions. I'll bet he'd talk to alot of interviewers, but you guys are a joke and treat stars quite badly.

1931 days ago


HASN"T ANYONE HEARD OF CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS?!! Adam is saying READ BETWEEN THE LINES YOU DUMBASSES!! 19 owns rights as would Rolling Stone for the "COMING OUT" story. He's done all he can to say "I'm not hiding anything but I've signed away some rights to free speech". TMZ you'd just have to wait like the rest of us so go bother someone else.

1931 days ago


Adam looks hot. Seriously hot. Whoever this Drake dude is, he's lucky.

1931 days ago


I can only assume that Harvey Levin can't get a job as a lawyer, so he is reduced to perpetrating this kind of idiocy. From "legal analyst" for the O.J. Simpson trial to buffoon in only a few short years.

1931 days ago
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