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Lambert Out with Guy, Still Not OUT with Him

6/3/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After his hand-holding photo-op, we thought Adam Lambert was finally going public with his sexuality -- but when he was asked what the deal was between him and this Shia LaBeouf-alike, he closed that closet door again, refusing to say they're together.

Adam Lambert: Click to watch
The "American Idol" wannabeen and his guy Drake were in Venice yesterday, playing cute by pretending they didn't even know each other.

And they say true love is dead.


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Pls don't make me feel sorry for Ryan!    

sooo funny, platonic!
Drake seems to share Adam's very cool sense of humor. I like Drake now!
Adam is sooooo comfortable with the pappers, and that's great if he's going to be living in Hollywood.
I just love how they don't take the whole thing so seriously. It's all in fun dealing with the pappers, unless you're Britney Spears. I suppose Adam will become as famous very soon. But for now, you can tell he's just soaking it all in and not taking himself too seriously. I guess as a gay man in a very homophobic country, you have to learn to relax about issues and make the best of a very CRUEL and MAD WORLD.

1976 days ago

Patty Pecora    

Why are all the cute men - GAY! I can't have initimate thoughts now about SEXY ADAM - WHAA!

1976 days ago

Pls don't make me feel sorry for Ryan!    

I think Drake sort of looks a bit like Kris Allen ... or he has the same small built.
Maybe that's why Kris and Adam got on so well (ohhhh ... maybe, they GOT IT ON TOO!)
Wouldn't it just kill the stupid beer belly Christian hicks in the MidWest if Adam and Kris had SEX when they were roommates!
Hope Kris doesn't leave his pretty little wife for Adam ... I know if I was guy, I would!

1976 days ago


so...there's no chance he's bisexual right?...ohhh im so sad he was so cute with he's green t-shirt and he's hair back, the guy had really showed no interest in gurls. : (

1976 days ago


I think he handled this great Adam. Let him be, he looks happy! I love this guy and he is always classy, never a rude comment to the media even TMZ. I give him credit. Good for him!

1976 days ago


The only thing disgusting here is the hack (the supposed reporter), and you moralistic idiots. What gives you the right to judge anyone??? The guys deserve to live their lives the way they choose..... has absolutely NOTHING to do with you. If you don't like it, don't look for it. Last time I checked you had to google Adam's name to get to these sites. I think you doth protest too much!!! Perhaps, some closeted issues yourselves??

1976 days ago


I know what I know and why should I care? love Adam so much

1976 days ago

Ms. X    

His friend said he was "Going South" hahahaha...I bet he is. And the crappy $$$ yet for Gaykin II

1976 days ago

Pls don't make me feel sorry for Ryan!    

I sort of like the fact that Adam is not openly admitting to being gay and they are making a game out of it.
It keeps him in the limelight ... it keeps everyone talking about him. He's exciting, not boring.
Did you notice Kris's thread. ... 14 comments! HA! Meanwhile Adam's getting all the attention.

1976 days ago


My God Adam is a god! Loved his hair in this video. I'm a true believer that what goes around comes around. TMZ thinks they're punking everyone and making them look bad. But let me tell you - Adam is a bright, savvy, interesting, sexy, well-spoken and lively person. He's an amazing role model. He shook the American Idol world just by being himself - and America lapped it up! The flattering thing is TMZ wouldn't be hounding him with cameras if Adam wasn't so desirable and popular. Adam is so smart and good at manipulating you guys! ADAM: If you ever want to get away from it all, come to Toronto. I'll be happy to show you TO! We're much kinder here in Canada! Love you Adam and wait until those rag journalists starting eating their cameras!

1976 days ago

Adam Is Aawesome    

Oh, the ignorance that is always present in the comment section of TMZ is both hilarious and creepy. Why do some of you idiots even care who is gay and who isn't? And for the douche who said all gays should stay in the closet, how about all the women dress as men and all the people who aren't white wear makeup and pretend to be? Then we could be a nation of all white males with no difference between anyone. Would that make you happy? Because, once again, there's a huge number of morons on the wrong side of history. First it was black people, then women, now the gay community. How any woman or member of a minority group can condone oppression is beyond me. Once we were the hated the groups and now we have to join the bigots in the new game of persecution? That's just wrong, wrong, wrong.

And why does he even have to come out scream it from the rooftops? The guy is gay. He's not hiding anything. He's got pics of him kissing his old boyfriend all over the web, he's being seen in public with his new boyfriend. What more do you want? What he's doing is a lot more effective than grinning at the masses from the glossy cover of a magazine with the words "I'm GAY!" splashed across his head. Society isn't going to move forward one step until we understand that it doesn't matter who is gay, who is straight, who is bi . . . whatever.

Why does the world have to come to a complete stop every time a gay person hits the radar so the hoi polloi can stop and gawk? That isn't promoting equality. That's turning something that is completely natural into a dog and pony show. As of today we have one more state that's stepped into 2009 and said that everyone deserves equal rights. Those of us who truly want equality admire Adam for just being who he is. We need more Adams in this world and fewer Clay Aikens. Someone who is just living his life and being who he is rather than someone who lied for years and then had to have the attention of every man, woman and child before he finally told the truth. Never mind that he was fooling no one and only making himself look like a bigger idiot with every passing day.

Adam's gay. So what. So are millions of others. Why isn't Kriss Allen being pestered to confess his heterosexuality if this is so damn important?

1976 days ago


Why does he have to say "I'm gay". Can't you people take a clue. Or a million clues. Gawd, get a life people.

1976 days ago


Whatever folks the guy is still on contract and can't say anything yet. Once AI says it is okay maybe then he will "come out" as you all say. But give it a rest why is it such a big deal? Here you have people stalking Adam and Drake to the car so Adam can take his friend to the airport. That is kinda crazy don't you think? A bit awkward? I would have been yelling obscenities at the cameramen! Can you say you would have been that nice to them? Adam thanks them in the end! I don't know how he can be so nice when folks are in his business so much.

The real story is his music it isn't his sexuality. Concentrate on that please.

1976 days ago


Adam is hot!!! I'd do him.

1976 days ago


nasty you are a stupid zygote and it if it were up to you we would still be living in a cave, go crawl back into yours before you hurt yourself.

1976 days ago
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