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Obama's Burger Run

Most Important Bill in DC

6/3/2009 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Change finally did come -- and it was $7.60.

If you feel the need to treat your staff to a lunch-run worthy of the President of the United States, you're gonna need a cool $72.40 -- 'cause that's exactly how much Barack Obama spent during that NBC televised jaunt to Five Guys burger joint.

TMZ locked down the entire order -- down to the toppings -- an order that Obama paid for with cold, hard American cash.

- Cheeseburger with mustard, tomatoes, lettuce, jalapeno (for OBAMA)
- Little cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup
- Bacon cheeseburger with mustard, relish, onion
- Little hamburger with lettuce and tomato
- Grilled cheese with everything
- Cheeseburger with mushroom, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard
- 2 reg cheeseburgers with lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup, pickles
- Cheeseburger with ketchup (for Brian Williams)
- 10 orders of fries

Anyone else hungry?!


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Who cares, you ask? Someone who not only takes the time to read the article, but goes to the trouble of commenting as well. And that's who really cares, boys and girls.

1903 days ago


I just love reading the comments that are posted by the jealous and bitter republicans. The ignorance of these comments gives me comfort, as it is clear that the GOP is not improving one iota. I foresee an even bigger Obama victory in 2012. Perhaps if the GOP spent more time focusing on making America and the world better places, they would be able to make some kind of comeback. Unfortunately for them, their negative politics, and conservative values are no longer relevant to the vast majority of Americans. President Obama is already the most popular and well loved U.S. President in the history of America, and it's driving the Repugs crazy. Hip, hip, HOORAY!!!

1903 days ago


You people are nothing but haters! Leave the man AND TMZ the f*ck alone! SO what if they want to report his ordering lunch for his staff? SO FREAKING WHAT?!?!?!

If you don't like reading it, tear your azz to another website! Idiots!

1902 days ago


I was reading the first 10 comments before I got ticked and just HAD to say something. Look. People like a leader they can relate to. One of the many reasons that some may find Obama appealing is that he's not an elitest prick (well, doesn't act like one) and this was one story that shows that Obama is human. He runs and gets lunch for his staff. Hey, he picks up the tab. People in your office may do the same thing. A human being and the President?!? Heaven forbid.

And whoever comes to TMZ looking for actual news is DELUSIONAL. This is the same website that considers cellulite on Miley Cyrus a breaking story. Give me a break!

1902 days ago


I get a kick out of people who are upset. "How dare the president eat?"

The great thing about him making public shopping trips and reading such and such books is that it gets people interested in those things and possibly going out to shop there/buy that. That helps the economy. Look at all the 5 Guys publicity here. I love them and am hungry, so I'm thinking of going down and ordering the Presidential burger. Jalapenos for the win.

1901 days ago


who cares pres obama and family are like ordinary americans they are human and get hungry,he makes that amount and spends its not a becomes one when u solely depend on american peoples tax credit

1900 days ago


Obama is pointing to his teleprompter, & says : " Damn, now I remember why I am here, & what I want to order.!! "

1900 days ago


claw r z . Obama is an elitist prick.....& so is his mannish looking wife. They are living very high on the hog, while the regular working stiffs are losing their jobs, & can't feed their families. The famous date night is a perfect example. It exemplifies them exactly as scavengers.feeding off the skin & bones of his distressed people. They did not need to go the the Big Apple.for a hot date. They went because they hell with the expense.........It didn't cost them. Who cares about previous hell with them, they no longer exist in this role. Stop using them as a standard to excuse this prime piece of manure. He promised change...............not the 7.60 tip kind of change..............And by the way...........he is cheap. He spends frivolously on himself & She-man, with Your money..............He had a planned look like he relates to the average Joe..................does an an average Joe spend 250,00 a hot date.? He can't afford that extravagance. Kiss my ass..........he pays for his food & other expenses at the Big House. And then there is grandmammy..... It probably costs big bucks for her to pick her nose & wipe her ass.

1900 days ago


Renea you & those others like yourself :Nana Nana Boo Boo. You can't defend your position.......... because you are too ignorant & unknowledgeable about the socio-political -economic climate......that your only resource is to revert to childish namecalling. The hallmark of Stupidity. ' Haters , you are jealous, you are racist, you have no life,you are a loser , your are just jealous because they are rich & you are not ' . Yes.we have heard them reality you make comments which reflect your own life. Bite Me !!!!!!

1900 days ago


I can't breath.... Mr. President you are so so so so so cool

1899 days ago


I can see dashing out for burgers once in a while, but that list is enough to reduce anyones blood flow by 50% right there; grease, fried food, cholesterol, % fat, massive calories. Ouch, I can feel the gut-bomb burger and fries lethargy of it from here. Could it be that the Whitehouse chef is TOO MUCH of a health freak and people want to go out for something other than celery sticks? Oh, there's one for Wolf Blitzer, give that old aardvark something to do, inspect the Whitehouse fridge and tell us all about it.

1887 days ago


I detest the politics (I even hate the NEXT president - they just keep getting worse), but the man has great taste in burgers, gotta admit that!

949 days ago


Poor guy. Still trying to straighten out the mess Bush left behind and what was Bush's excuse for not being there?

576 days ago
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