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Obama's Burger Run

Most Important Bill in DC

6/3/2009 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Change finally did come -- and it was $7.60.

If you feel the need to treat your staff to a lunch-run worthy of the President of the United States, you're gonna need a cool $72.40 -- 'cause that's exactly how much Barack Obama spent during that NBC televised jaunt to Five Guys burger joint.

TMZ locked down the entire order -- down to the toppings -- an order that Obama paid for with cold, hard American cash.

- Cheeseburger with mustard, tomatoes, lettuce, jalapeno (for OBAMA)
- Little cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup
- Bacon cheeseburger with mustard, relish, onion
- Little hamburger with lettuce and tomato
- Grilled cheese with everything
- Cheeseburger with mushroom, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard
- 2 reg cheeseburgers with lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup, pickles
- Cheeseburger with ketchup (for Brian Williams)
- 10 orders of fries

Anyone else hungry?!


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Whah Whah im an Obama hater im so mad a black man has been elected to president. I was among the 46% that voted for the other guy....
Look get over it Obama is in the HNIC. And making things happen. Were nationalizing companies, were going to fill the courts with our people, were going to have universal health care. Where going to control which dealerships get closed.And in the future we are going amnesty for immigrants. So the Obama way is going to be around long after he leaves office 2016.
Yes We Can
Obama 08

1967 days ago


Doesn't he know that meat is murder???

BTW Nuts like the ACLU, etc., are starting to get snippish with him. He must be doing something right.

1967 days ago


I just can't believe the morons that voted for this inexperienced buffoon are still defending his actions. Actions which undoubtedly will destroy this country. It is truly sad that someone like obama was elected to the presidency simply because he is black. At least half of him anyway. When you lose your job, your car and /or your home, who will you blame then? Can't blame voted for obama.

1967 days ago


Yeah, $72.40 for burgers and fries and thousands of dollars for security. Next time let a staff member run out. Strictly a publicity stunt.

1967 days ago



1967 days ago

She is hot    


You make the PERFECT point! It is liberals who are racist! I do not give a DAMN that he is black! He is socializing this country! Obama now owns and runs GM then he says he is not going to tell them how to run GM and in the same breath saying what kind of cars they will produce and that GM can NOT import from its dealerships overseas where those kind of cars are already made. How funny is that that people buy into this moron!

1967 days ago


#47- "gag" that was my first thought too... (well after "SO?!")... an entire camera & sound entourage just *happened* to be in the burger joint or allowed access with all the Secret Service protection. uh-huh. If he really just wanted to buy lunch for his staff, he could have sent the lino driver and one staffer to pick it up- without the at least $1grand an hour security detail.

I used to love NBC. Now~ with GE in such sorry shape, and GE has TONS to gain w/ O's plans (healthcare records automation; med imaging digitizing; green technology conversion). It does seem just a *little* suspicious that a media outlet they own gets such easy access (burger runs; Lauer landing the first presidential sit down for SuperBowl interview) I know this will sound like right-wing paranoia, but it was actually a colleague of mine that is a former journalist at the Times (way LEFT) that pointed out to me it is a very slippery "quid pro quo" media use.

1967 days ago


he should get back to work on getting us out of this mess were in and stop making appearances at fast food joints and baseball and basketball games. If hes hungry he should send one of the many people he has working for him.

1967 days ago


I want a medium-well burger with onions, lettuce, tomato, mustard and mayo...oh yeah, with fries and a coke.

Thanks,'re the man!

1967 days ago


Ok people, why do yo guys always ask 'Why is this news?' THIS IS TMZ WEBSITE!!! This is not a NEWS WEBSITE you ASSES!! This website is for entertainment only and Pres Obama purchasing burgers is entertainment! So when you think about it, this does belong here.

1967 days ago

Dr. DMgemini63    

commrade 324

Hey! move your stuuuuuupid ignorant ass to Russia.

1967 days ago


Well #118 thats really mature of you....everybody on here just calling names dame shame .people need to grow up stop all the name calling.

1967 days ago


I don't have a problem with him eating lunch. But here's the deal...The man isn't like the rest of us!!! He's our president which in reality also makes him a target by some. It isn't smart to just walk into a fast food shop like that...Some people carry guns. He doesn't act very smart and i think this kinda behavior will get him into trouble. He's all wanting to appear like a normal person and get on our extra good side. Well that's fine...but do it in a smarter manner. Don't you think that all the terrorist out there are watching Obamas behavior? They see him wanting to be so friendly and down to earth as a weakness. Not that being friendly is bad...but we live in times where people are always makes threats towards us. I'm sorry you just can't be that way when you're the president of the united states. It's sad...but very true. I wanted change...not stupidity.

1967 days ago

Dr. DMgemini63    


There is no petty cash in the white house or any other federal agency, all transactions are done by government credit cards from Citi bank and each employee submits individual expense reports online down to ATM charges.

1967 days ago


oh great how much of our money has this guy spent now? whats 12.8 TRILLION plus $72.40?

1967 days ago
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