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Sacha's Alleged Victim Goes Downhill

6/3/2009 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've been checking all day on the story we broke about Sacha Baron Cohen being sued for allegedly attacking a woman at a bingo game -- and we've learned the woman who's suing is in really bad shape.

As we reported, Richelle Olson is suing Cohen, NBC Universal and others over an incident in 2007, when she was emceeing a charity bingo match for the elderly. Olson says she was told a celebrity would come to call numbers, and none other than Bruno appeared. She claims she tried grabbing the mic back after he was "vulgar and offensive," and he allegedly attacked her. Olson says she suffered brain bleeds and is confined to a wheelchair.

Now we're told that since the incident, people who play bingo with Olson say they have watched her deteriorate before their eyes. She's lost "drastic amounts of weight" and is extremely frail. In fact, we're told just last Saturday Olson fell during a bingo game, hit her head and bled. An ambulance came ... she eventually went to the ER where she was treated.

One bingo player says Olson looks like she has aged 20 years in the last year-and-a-half.


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Mr. Balls    

And I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that she is probably pushing 80. Nobody under 70 plays bingo.

1970 days ago


This dude is the lowest life form, bent only on demeaning others for his enjoyment. Hope he goes up in flames for this one. Cannot stomach his lowlife beahvior!

1970 days ago

steve allen    

I'm with you # 2...he has almost worn out his welcome...if this woman dies...he'll have to deal with it for the rest of his "low" life...anyways, back to drinking scotch in Malibu...SALUD!!!

1970 days ago


What a scam. Obviously this lady has a legitimate problem but I don't think it was caused by Cohen.

If you read to hear what happened, she was crying. This is a human emotion that she was experiencing AWAY FROM COHEN and was fine at the time. She cried so hard that she fell to the ground. This is NOT his fault. If this were someone else and they didn't cry from a JOKE, she wouldn't have had this problem. Obviously the series of events which Cohen was involved in had to do with this injury, but it wasn't his fault that she fell.

If I was the judge, I would say good luck with your injuries and sorry they took place but you're not owed anything. This is just an unfortunate incident.

1970 days ago


I remember this footage. Was it in one of his lame axx movies? Where can we see the footage of the incident? Jesus- poor woman. I agree with you guys----can't stand him. Freaking self lover..............he has a young daughter, poor little girl.

1970 days ago

dr fred    

he is Disgusting!!!!!!! did Madonna Discover him & doesn't that decent cute redhead"isla" have a child w/ him YUCK

1970 days ago


Hmmm, PaulBoston that was my first thought. She does sound like a habitual "faller".........still can't stand him-he is the only one that thinks he's hilarious

1970 days ago


A group full of people who can't see have watched her deteriotate.

1970 days ago


she is a thief they steal from there charities and the bingo players!!!

1970 days ago


If Cohen were actually funny, I might find it in my heart to forgive him. Since he isn't funny, she can ruin him for all I care.

1970 days ago

let it go    

Sweet smell of lawsuit

1970 days ago


His characters are disgraceful. I'm glad she's hitting Cohen where it hurts him the most - his wallet. That's the only way to receive any remorse from his kind.

1970 days ago


I call B.S. on Cohen actually causing this.

1970 days ago


You guys are all losers!! He's gonna make millions of dollars from this film. Ya'll can go back to flippin fries!! Ha!!
It's obvious that this old hag is just being set up by some lawyer. She's gonna get some money from Cohen, Cohen is still a millionaire, and you guys are still losers!! Sad when a comedian can expose the racism and predudice of redneck Americans!!

1970 days ago


This guy has a bad case of "the world revolves around me". His bad comedy finally came back to bit him in the ass. Poor woman, it's beyond me why he's not in jail.

1970 days ago
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