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Sacha's Alleged Victim Goes Downhill

6/3/2009 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've been checking all day on the story we broke about Sacha Baron Cohen being sued for allegedly attacking a woman at a bingo game -- and we've learned the woman who's suing is in really bad shape.

As we reported, Richelle Olson is suing Cohen, NBC Universal and others over an incident in 2007, when she was emceeing a charity bingo match for the elderly. Olson says she was told a celebrity would come to call numbers, and none other than Bruno appeared. She claims she tried grabbing the mic back after he was "vulgar and offensive," and he allegedly attacked her. Olson says she suffered brain bleeds and is confined to a wheelchair.

Now we're told that since the incident, people who play bingo with Olson say they have watched her deteriorate before their eyes. She's lost "drastic amounts of weight" and is extremely frail. In fact, we're told just last Saturday Olson fell during a bingo game, hit her head and bled. An ambulance came ... she eventually went to the ER where she was treated.

One bingo player says Olson looks like she has aged 20 years in the last year-and-a-half.


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His humor is the kind of 'shock humor' that he and people like Howard Stern stop to because they have no natural comedic talent.

Personally, I thought Borat was STUPID.


1936 days ago


Wow she fell, hit her head and bleed, How infrequent is that. Better get her history before you go makin' assupmtions!

1936 days ago


You people would let a celebrity get away with anything, if this was any other person, pushing an elderly person down causing TWO brain bleeds you would be outraged but a media person and you trip over each other to make excuses. Sickens me, and it is pathetic how this lame actor has to do these stupid "comedy media ploys" to get attention before his crap movie comes out. I feel terrilbe for this poor woman and I wonder if this was YOUR family member would you be so quick to ignore it? IT IS TERRIBLE HOW THE ELDERLY ARE TREATED IN THIS COUNTRY.

1936 days ago


Has anyone considered the possibility that this woman filed her lawsuit now because the statute for doing so may be up if she doesn't? It's generally two years, and for all you know, she may have been working with his representatives to resolve this issue peaceably, but to no avail (let's face it - no lawsuit, no publicity, right?).

And, btw, his "comedy" is inane; don't understand why he's making the kinds of money he continues to make - and no, I'm not anywhere close to being a senior citizen; apparently just have a more evolved sense of humor!

1936 days ago


He hurt her so much, she waited 2 years to sue. Likely story. Also, I'm going to go ahead and guess the bleeding in her brain is from, I don't know, falling and hitting her head? How old is she anyway?

1936 days ago

Mary Worth    

Smells like EXTORTION to me!

Remnds of that 80yr plus woman who put a hot cup of coffee between her legs; the inevitable happened and she collected a substantial amount from McDonalds.

1936 days ago


American youth is sick! sick!! SICK!!! Unless you have experienced the frailities of aging, you need to keep your skewed up opinions of whether or whether not this elder female has grounds for her lawsuit. In my humble opnion, I trust her credibility before most of your snarky comments. Get A Life!

1936 days ago

die bs oldhad    

I hope the old bitch loses her case and dies the next day just for trying to sue for something so stupid

1936 days ago


Is this guy trying to be a comedian because if he is, it isn't working. He's ugly, vulgar and just nothing about his conduct is
comedic. He seems like he should be in a mental institution. I hope this woman sues him for every dollar he has made and will make in the future - drain him dry.

1936 days ago

juan locdog    

I hate this guy i hope he dies in a fiery car wreck,.

1936 days ago


Since when is this so-called edgy behavior appropriate? Why do people think that we want to see his radical and obscene garbage? This and the MTV awards stuff really is not want most people find as entertainment. Who makes these decisions? Do they think that public is made up of stupid sheep who think that gross and violent behavior is fun?

1936 days ago


i dont like this guy. he thinks he can do whatever he wants to get a laugh for himself.

#2 i dont know how old she was but all the more reason for him not to give her a hard time. he is an idiot

1936 days ago


Man... Why not ask for a lot of money she's elderly and is really beaten up according to witnesses. this sort of doesnt look good for Bruno(Sacha).

1936 days ago


This old hag went after the microphone and then fell after she left the area where Bruno was. Unless her fellow degenerates in the bingo hall comprise the jury, this scam artist will get nothing.

1936 days ago

Highrise Michael J.    

I agree as well that this c ohen is a p.o.s. and hope he is held responsible! He in my opinion is truely a p.o.s. to the max.

1936 days ago
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